........I believe I've gotten used to the unmappable controls of DMC3.


Just for the record, I know most of you guys out there are probably getting uber-swanky jobs or something. And....no. I don't think I'll be getting one. Haha. Reason being: a) I can't drive myself to my job, b) I'm going to KL to begin tertiary education immediately next year and not to Form 6 and whatnot, c) I feel as if I haven't played enough DMC yet.

...Scratch that last one; I've only got 2 more days with DMC anyway before my sister leaves for KL. Again.

So. I've decided that unlike my many hardworking chums out there, I shall stay and work in the comforts of my own home. By that I mean working online. Selling random stuff on eBay and shits. Yeah. Let's see how well I fare eh? It's either I earn mega-millions, or I end up being a pauper. Lol.

One more day of 2009 left, ladies and gentlemen. The end is near.



...TO ME!!! =D =D =D

Haha, yeah. Today's mah birthday!! After long long last! XD. I got a lot of really wonderful wishes from so many people I never knew would bother to remember. Thank you all so much for sparing me a thought!!! I really really appreciate it X3. Also got masses of awesome awesome pressies from family and friends- including the much-anticipated DMC4 concept book (thanks parents :D). It was a pretty awesome birthday. I'll put pictures up soon enough; just let me get through my sister's 21st Birthday Parteh of The Year (tomorrow) and then my mum's birthday (day after). It's these last days of the year that really get my head spinning. Haha.

So, anyway, I hope that all of you are having/had a really good Christmas! I know I did! XD Merry Christmas everyone!


Christmas Eve

Good lordy I got up to stage 83/84 on DMC4 Bloody Palace when the bloody program stopped working.

80k+ worth of red orbs and 2 hours+ of gaming down the drain just like that. And I even defeated Credo. Wth.

Anyway, Christmas Eve is here at last! Tomorrow is the day of revelations. Of presents. Of turning a year older. Am I ready to face it? Gawd knows. I'm half-asleep right now.

Merry Christmas in advance friends and family. Here's hoping you get to spend the magical day with your loved ones. I know I will be. Thank God. Amitabbha. Lol.



Dang, I said I'd returned to old skool journalling, but right now I'm updating this even more than my pretty book. Gah.

Anyways, life in Joanne's shoes have been turned happily inside out and upside down and shaken very thoroughly. Let's just say I'm going through quarter-life crisis, and I'm not even 24 yet. Lol. But, yeah. The many twisted turns of events that have occurred in my life has broken up and reinforced ties between, well, many people which I shall not name but are very much loved. So. Woohoo. Though I must say, it's pretty fucked up but I'm too busy trying to handle it all so I haven't quite given it much thought myself. Didn't realise that tis the season to be supremely emo (not me, of course, but those around me), but oh well. When shit happens, it happens.

So what else have I to say? Not much, really. Holy Akito-sama one more week to my birthday! Everyone, standby the presents and confetti, for the big biig day is finally arriving! And then, following that up will be my sister's uber-awesome-spinny-fnatastic 21st birthday. Much plans have been made and even more preparations have been done, so it's hopefully going to be a super-amazing birthday bash, regardless of the plentiful shit that got in the way.

And dang, do I hate holidays. I can literally feel my brain disintergrating at the edges. I have GOT to put down the keyboard (trying to complete Bloody Palace mode in DMC. Or at least all levels of DMD mode. Gah, the pain of pleasure XD) and pick up my many art materials. Gotta enjoy the holidays before it ends...all to soon.

Hope that you guys out there are engaged in more useful activities than I am during this hols. Haha. Farewell for now~



Shits have been happening, so I find little time and meaning to go online these days.

But Gackt-sama's new PV- Stay The Ride Alive is an effing awesome welcome when I go online =).

Song's not written by him though; as is the previous Kamen Rider songs he has performed (if I'm not mistaken). However, I'm quite attracted to the electric guitar-orchestrated theme this new song has. That and Gackt totally 101% pwning it to hell [insert fangirl squeal].

Oh, and being the closet fan of Dracula (though I curse modern-day vampires to complete and utter hell *coughhackcoughedwardfaggompirepattinsoncoughhackcough*) that I am, I finished reading Dracula: The Un-Dead. The official sequel to the original classic, it's written by the great grandnephew of Bram Stoker, Dacre Stoker and a Dracula historian, Ian Holt. On the whole, the book was pretty alright, though somewhat draggy and a bit too 'modern'. It's set in Victorian England times, when technology just went centre-stage, but the writing style is very modern Hollywood-action. However, that just makes for an interesting read; particularly if you've read and enjoyed the original Dracula novel- which I know I did. In its sequel, though, Prince Dracula becomes somewhat of an...antihero? The villian of the story is now Countess Elizabeth Bathory, which, I'm sure most of you blood-and-gore fanatics are familiar with. Not going to give away any plots, so go read it for yourself and be amazed. I'm re-reading the original novel now. I gather that I've missed out the finer points of the story when I read it 2 years back.

Christmas in 10 days. Woohoo. Glad to see the tree twinkling in full splendour this year. I shall put pictures up soon. When time permits me to. For now, I bid you farewell.


[Please hit RETURN key]


I've got good news and bad news, and as I'm pretty short of time right now, I shall make a pretty list:

1. I've returned to old skool journalling so this blog might not be updated as often~

2. Parents have bought me the Devil May Cry 4 Devil's Material Collection for my birthday/Christmas pressie.

3. THE HOLY ONE AND ONLY CHRISTMAS TREE IS ALIIVEEEE!!!!! (will put up pictures later).

4. I'm submitting the TOA Storm Warriors design thingy NAO (deadline: 5pm TODAY).

5. Still loving Gackt like never before <3. His new single is effing awesome.

6. I think I did pretty okay for SPM ^^.

7. I'm currently super busy with last-minute Christmas joys~

8. The weather is effing hot.

9. I got accepted into Limkokwing on full scholarship *dances*.


And that's all for now. Will return later with a better post.

Gackt's Jesus is THE best Christmas song ever. Lol. Don't ask me why, but I get all seasonal whenever I hear the song XD.




This shall be the first and last post of November =D =D =D. At least, it will be unless I have some super amazing news to spill (e.g: I get married to Gackt/ I got the questions and answers to SPM papers/ Dec 21st 2012 just got pushed forward to 21st Nov 2009 *touches wood*/etc) so...yeah.

I still want to play DMC4 though. But at least I'm thinking about it less these days. Lol.

2009 FORM FIVESSS LET US ALL DO WELL AND SUCCEED IN GETTING WHATEVER RESULTS WE HAVE WORKED FOR, EH?! XD. We shall prove to the rest of the world that Malaysians don't live in coconut trees, and that our futures are as bright as anyone else's.

(Of course, the question of our mentality shall be put aside. For now.)



Ignore previous post

Nero and Yamato(e) would like to say Happy Halloween~

Happy Halloween family and friends!!!

SPaM is coming along faster than anyone can think. Hence the reason why I should disappear off the face of the Internet for a while. Not like I've anything better to do online than watch in-game videos of DMC4 and gape at how effortlessly these effing gamers defeat the effing enemies.

Dood. 24 secs on Blitz?! Fucking awesome maaan XD.

Life is pretty, well, so-so. It's okay. Some things have had to change, some new things have to shoved into the picture, some old ones have to be shoved out. Getting pretty used to it. LOL.



List of Things To Do After SPaM:

1. Play Devil May Cry 3/4

2. Register for driving

3. Go on a book-reading spree

4. Get Lit class over to trade books

5. Draw

6. Make Christmas cards and send them out

7. Learn Japanese and/or Chinese with Sha-chan as promised

8. Dance

9. Go on beer-drinking spree with Aunt Sam and Unc. Frits as promised (yay!)

10. Get a job

11. Sell stuff on eBay.

12. Earn/save enough money to buy Devil May Cry Devil's Complete Material Collection

13. Go to KL and buy Devil May Cry Devil's Complete Material Collection

14. Go Christmas shopping for Christmas presents (duh)

15. Pull out Christmas tree and burn it as promised last year

16. Meet up with Unc. Chong Wah to discuss art-related $#!tz

17. Spend the last two weeks of 2009 wisely (LOL)

And many, many more....

This list is long and eventful. Lol.

*Returns to studying History*



Perhaps it is about time I did this anyway.


An odd thought.

Dante and Nero look good together ;D

I haven't actually liked pixels so much since Gaia XD XD XD.

....My last buncha-animated-pixel crush was....Iori Yagami? @@ Good lord, I honestly can't remember at all which anime/cartoon character I really went nuts over. All that comes to mind is Gackt, Gackt, and.......tkcaG. Gackt. Yeah. Haha.

But anyways I'm getting pretty hyped over Dante and Nero now so Gackt should fear the dumps a bit now ;D.

Nero's just hawt for his aloof, can't-touch-this aura...hm. Doesn't that just ring a Gackt bell?! XD. But he ain't the strong, silent type. He's kinda like the smart-talk wiseass that can definitely beat the hell outta you if he wants to. But under all that he's just a little bit of a considerate softie. Proof from him leaving a present in Kyrie's seat then pretending he'd no idea where it came from XD. Oh wait. He's taken. Oh dang. Haha.

I prefer Dante's look in DMC3 though. Maybe it's because he's younger in DMC3 than in DMC4 (for those who don't know, the DMC series is not in chronological order). Though the rugged, older him in the latest installation still looks hawt, I like his floppy hair in the 3rd one XD. And besides, he shows a lot more skin then. Haha.

And then there's them looking really good together...okay, I should stop right there XD. I'll leave the rest to your happy imaginations.

This post is really quite pointless, therefore it should be avoided if you'd rather not waste your time =D.



Today shall go down in history.

Today, for the first time in the whole of my 16+ years of living, I finally got onto a town bus- and made it to my final destination alive! =D =D =D.

Biggie thanks to Bao Bao and Soo for making sure I made it there in one piece XD.

Further explanation: It's not as if I've never been in a bus; I've been on buses for school field trips, CAT (Central Area Transit) buses in Perth, buses in Hong Kong, buses in Singapore, but never a town bus in Malaysia. And never ever by myself. Never. Not until... today. Haha.

I actually got into a Panorama, went to Melaka Sentral, then hopped into a town bus that took me to Jusco where my dad came to take me back the last quarter of the journey home. It was really really fun XD. Yeah, yeah, probably a couple of you reading will roll your eyes and think me a complete jakun, but, hey. I think these kinda experiences as memorable events worth remembering. It's all these little things that make life fun. So get that stick outta your behind and live it up a little, eh? 8D.

That's all for now =D <3.



Scratch that about the previous post being my might be last post for a while.

Devil May Cry Devil's Material Collection book!!! Right about now I'm wishing I never spent that much Ks on Copics and saved the lot (but that is pretty superficial- I know deep down I'd never trade my markers for anything, and besides they help me get cash along the way XD). But seeing as my markers aren't going to go poof and turn back into shiny bank notes, I shall just have to contemplate on ways to earn RM120 so as to be able to get my hands on this book- without the help of the imaginary Devil Bringer of course =D.

Oh, and Devil May Cry 4 is out in a 2- volume manga!!! Woohooooo~~~~<3

And now I shall leave.

Christmas is coming *hinthint* XD XD XD XD

Shall Never Surrender


I should be studying. Hahaha.

After SPaM, I shall grab hold of a (most probably cetak rompak version *coughcough*) copy of Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition with my imaginary, nonexistent Devil Bringer. Lol.

Life is pretty depressing if you happen to be going through Pre-MS. Haha. But I guess I'll live. Nagging doubt and broken feelings tend to catch up with the best of us at times like these. Anyhow what's on my mind now is studying and not phailing like I'd never phailed before. That and happy graphics and the battle song of DMC4. If my sister brings her laptop back this weekend I think I'll die. Haha. Resist temptaion Joanne! For you have but a weeks left to get your ass up and studying to not phail. Muahahaha.

This might- or might not- be the last post for quite a long while, so just in case I do not show my squashy nose round here, I shall take this golden opportunity to wish all devotees a Happy Deepavali! May the lights be bright and sparkly and meaningful (and probably burn a few schools here and there while they're lighted) =D. Farewell for now!


Ever reminded yourself to stay sane?


Goddamn, three-odd weeks more the SPaM!!! Holy cows!!! I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm sure as hell not ready to face the music D=. The end of the world is rapidly approaching, I can just feel it.

Dammit, German Shepherd puppies are supersonically adorable XD XD XD. I never realised that they were so fluffy and their ears are turned down when they're a couple of weeks old. Haha.

It's October. Two more months to the end of 2009. Gosh, looking back on the year, I just realised how much more shit I have had to go through. Then again, I'm sure all of you did as well. And I'm sure we all had just as much of good times. Or at least, I hope we all did. Fun and laughter shared with loved ones- friends, family, classmates, relatives, whatnot. Ah. The sweet joys of life. Makes the less-equipped slightly envious.

Then again, I remember the previous Octobers were preludes to the cooler months of the end year. Hah. Right now it's almost as if the sun has gotten over its solar minimum and is burning as if it'd never burnt before. Dang. The sun can be pretty pitiless to the low-spirited. Haha.

Loneliness should be more fun than it sounds.

Nothing much to rant about for now. Byebye for now~



I'm back. For the time being =D.

Going to KL for the weekend. I've been frequenting KL so much these past few months honestly I'm starting to get the heebie-jeebies thinking about the journey there and back @@. I think I'll end up disliking KL as much as Port Dickson soon. Haha. Damn Port Dickson. I can still vividly remember the toilet of Guoman Resort (which I never stayed in) with it's canvas print that you see straight after you open the toilet door. It's a print of a cloudy sky, with water droplet stains at the bottom where countless useless toilet-visitors wash their hands- and having nothing else better to do- shake the water off them. Haha. If I went there any longer I'd have counted the droplets on said canvas. Lol. Moving on, the reason for the weekend trip this time is to attend some relative's wedding. Dress code= Traditional. I'm going in a cheongsam. Yeah. Shocking isn't it? I can actually fit into one =D. It's disturbing how I counted up the number of dresses I owned and it came up to...*counts* 6. Or 7. And I wear them....only when the need arises. Hahaha. Man, what a retard.

Anyways, I'll be happily off gallivanting around the capital city on Sat and Sun knowing all too well that I'll be having PD 2 on Monday. How amazingly wonderful.

Oh shit. Speaking of which I am suppose to call Sha-chan for the timetable. Oh, the joys of being absolutely useless.

Happy Mooncake Festival everyone (it's tomorrow by the way)!! May you be able to spend the day with all your loved ones- I know I won't be. Except with my parents, of course. Haha.




Sitting back, watching. All this people all round. They come, stay, laugh a bit, then move on with their lives. They go on achieving all sorts, building their futures brick by brick, doing things, making a difference for their own lives. They join things, win things, go all awesome, and they continue moving forward. Constantly, determinedly. Though the determination tend to dwindle away now and then, they have supportive members from all angles of their lives giving them the cheering and clapping, the 'you-can-do-it's and 'good luck's. They have amazingly hectic social lives, meeting up and chatting, hanging out, all the things that make life somewhat less of a stinkpot and more like a bed of roses. Sure, they do get into various scrapes here and there. Perhaps a fight here, a battle there, but nontheless they come out of each skirmish a bolder, braver individual, with just that one more bit of experience under their belt, with just one more piece to fit into the puzzle of their own lives. Connected, unconnected, soon-to-be connected. All awaiting them, and it's only a matter of time before it becomes one amazingly huge, well-coloured picture, ready to be framed up and hung up on the walls among other just as stupendous works of art.

And here I am sitting in my own bubble doing absolutely nothing to achieve anything in my own life.

Man, that was emo =D.

[Insert Random Title Here]

Hello hello.

Weekday blues. Haha. I've been getting my trials' results back. Uhm, I'd be lying if I said that I've got flampastically squeaky awesome results, so I'll just shut up XD. I want Pn. N back. I don't care if she's on maternity leave or if the aliens have abducted her, I want her back. NAO. My effing BM paper was pure effing hell DX. Up to the point that I barely knew what I did wrong. Apparently all that I thought I knew was a buncha lies so...yeah.

Haha, I'm crapping the hell outta myself.

Oh, and right at this very point of my miserably grim prospect-void life, I'd be willing to sell my soul to anyone or anything who/that is capable of presenting me a computer that is lag-free and won't go 'POOF' every now and then. Goddamnit BOTH the computer and laptop are pissing me off big time now ><.

Uhm, nothing much else to say for now. I wrote effing pants for English, tomorrow is the day where I shall see if non-emo-corny-love-shtuff will reap me as much marks as emo-corny-love-shtuff that I managed to spew out in the past did. Haha. May the week be great for all of us~



It's the end of the Raya holidays D=.

And I'll be slaving away at PD tomorrow. Goddamn. Haha.

Here's one of the latest fads of my family members:

It's jelly. Just in case you didn't know it.

This was the last batch of konnyaku my parents made. Four (4) different flavours XD: Orange, pineapple, lemon and passionfruit. The lemon one is blissfully sour =D. There were a couple of others as well, including a ridiculously dark purplish-red dragonfruit one, but they all got eaten up XD. My parents and sister got around experimenting with making jelly mooncakes and those turned out far better than anyone expected. I didn't help at all with any of the jellies...I was sleeping. Berwawasaning. Whatever you want to call it. Haha.

I'm going to hafta study. Now. Later. Soon. Once I play DMC 4...for the last time XD XD XD.

Have a good Sunday everybody~



I'm alive and kicking =D.

Just want to post up pretty piccies so that my blog will not be so boring and so that the world can take a little peek into the life of Joanne =D.

Right, so we shall begin with the ginger beer I made:

Doesn't look too bad does it? I think it's pretty! Only the taste-part is just...haha. You get the picture.

Last week Shane (sister's bf) came over for dinner. Everyone in the family came up with some dish. My parents made chicken and salad, I made the happy ol' bangers and mash cause my sister wanted to try it, and my sister helped me cook the onions for the onion gravy, then made some cheesy garlic bread.
Shane just helped eat. Good enough for all of us XD.

My plate: (L to R); Baked beans, mash, salad, bangers and gravy and a buffalo wing =D

Them cheesy garlic bread. Yum~

And now we shall fast forward to Blueworm's operation! Haha. Uhm, it was done outside in the garden...because....just because XD. Nah, just didn't want the cotton stuffing to go fhwee-ing round the house, cause I'll be the sorry fool that will have to clean it all up in the end =_=.

That's me sewing up the heart after stuffing it. Wrapped in red is Blueworm (anaesthised- or at least, we pretended he was. Oh the joys of imagination XD)

The heart~

Then yesterday night my sister was in a frenzy to complete her assignments for college. I wanted to help her, and so she entrusted me to draw her diagrams for her. Damn. Haha. It was more complicated than I realised. I kept peering at the diagrams and going "holy shit why is this connected to that?!". In the end I gave up drawing the nodes and left it to my sister to suffer with. Haha.

L to R: Mouth/tongue, bladder and lung.

I did better than I thought I would, though. Tho I missed out a couple of lines that were apparently important. Haha. Oh well.

That's about it for now. Off I go...to do...stuff. Haha. Farewell everybody~


Commercial break over

...Apparently it was rather a long commercial break, because the stupid laptop died on me. A few times. So I gave up and am now using my sister's laptop.

So...yeah. Raya holidays in progress- and I've been spending most of my waking hours happily playing DMC4 on my sister's aforementioned laptop. I'm scaring myself. Haha. I watched G Force yesterday...oh, I was simply fated to not be in my house yesterday XD. Woke up really early to go to MP/DP with sister, then went back after movie for a brief half-hour/45 mins to bathe and then go for Maths tuition, came back from that, leapt into a Punjabi suit, then zipped off to my sister's friend's house for a wedding. Her sister was getting married, not the friend. Haha.

Today...I was late for Lit class. Lol. Don't get me wrong, I was genuinely pissed off at myself and the world when I realised that class was at 10.30 and not 11.30. Yeah, yeah, I have the memory of a goldfish, remember? Go to hell. Haha. I made it anyway, so, yeah. Go me.

I was suppose to be emo-ish and rant my head off, but blogging about doa just made me give it up. Oh forget the emoness already. Think positive, right? Though sometimes I can get a twee bit overly frustrated over certain things and certain someones, but I'll shut up and leave you all to dwindle in the darkness XD.

Oh, and my baby bolster Blueworm finally went through his operation today! He's nice and plump now. Not sure how long that'll last, but there's still plenty of cotton left over for another operation. Haha. With that, I shall leave you all now. Farewell~


Though I may be a super super SUPAAAA big fan of heavy rock and the God that is Gackt (XD), I am also a just as big fan of doa.

Weird, I know. But then that's just me XD.

doa used to be a Jrock band, back in the times when they sang Aoi Kajitsu and Eiyuu for Ultraman Nexus and Shiro No Jumon for Saiyuki Reload. The latter being where and when I first heard of the trio. Nowadays they're more really happy-pop-country, and man do I love them XD. Their latest album, Frontier, came out in August, but I only downloaded it a couple of days ago. Goddamn, it's probably doa at their poppiest and most country, but all (yes, all) of the tracks in the album are AWESOME! =D. I don't know why their songs so appeal to me, but they do. I just love them. I especially loooooveeee Akihito Tokunaga's voice (he plays the bass as well =3). You can hear him singing most of the time- which is rather odd because he ain't the main vocalist (the main vocals, Daiki Yoshimoto, just happens to be a race-car driver as well. The world is indeed odd). But seriously speaking, his voice is just, whooooo~~ *melts* XD. It isn't all low and dangerously sexy like Gackt-sama's, but there's just this speshal something about his voice that gets me on high XD XD XD. Anyway, Frontier's an awesome album to get if you're looking for some really light songs to chill out to. It's mostly guitars and awesome vocals with just as awesome melodies. Uhm....hahaha. No seriously. It's so awesome I'm at a loss on describing the awesomeness of the album. All I'm saying is: GO LISTEN TO IT!!!! =D =D =D. I think all the songs are my favourites for now. Haha. So, yeap. Go right ahead and make yourself a fan of doa. Whee!

My rants and rambles shall move along to the next post. After the commercial break, people! =D



October's coming faster than I thought possbile @.@.

Good news everyone! Apparently Miss Pang won't have the chance to eat my brains because FRIDAY'S A HOLIDAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!

I'm actually really pissed off. I wanted to finish the whole dang thing and then enjoy what little bit of holiday I had. Now I have to moulder away at home hunched over my commerce books T.T

I went to Jusco again today =D. Bought...uhm...ribbons...and...wrapping paper. The latter for my stock account in dA as well as for my personal use. It was really pretty!!! DX. I get attracted to pwetty things more often than I care to be. Haha. It's a great shame that most of the pretty things are really really expensive (or just expensive to someone who is damn-well-near-broke like I am D=). But sometimes, if you know how and where to look, you can find some really inexpensive pretty thingies =3. But anyways, this whole loadda stuff's boring the crap outta the dear (probably nonexistent) readers so yeah. What the heck. Haha.

I had cold soba for lunch today! Yum yum. Nah, don't worry, I'm not gonna attempt to make my own buckwheat noodles (XD XD XD), though I am pretty tempted to try making Peach Melba...or Turkish Delight. Oh lols. Unfortunately the former requires fresh peaches and raspberries that Malaysia is sure as hell never stocked up on, and the latter I have no idea how to make. Haha.

Speaking of which, I totally forgot to ramble on about the ginger beer I attempted to make!!! Haha. Well, for starters, it was a complete waste of money because of all the work involved. And that the price of the different ingredients just add up to a ridiculous amount when you can get yourself an honest can of ginger beer for RM1.20 in Jusco =_=. But it was a fun experience, so yeah. Taste-wise, however. Lol. Have any of you actually tried ginger beer? It's a really enjoyable drink. Fizzy and peachy-coloured, with a faint, prickly sensation down your throat. For my home-made ginger beer, haha. I got the fizzy and peachy-coloured part right, but the liquid literally BURNED the throat XD XD XD. Too much ginger, I suppose. It tastes alright, really. Just the aftertaste/sensation when the heat of the ginger very appropriately heated your throat to unbelievable proportions. I'm quite surprised nothing unfortunate happened to me. But one thing's for sure, my ginger beer did NOT agree with my mother XD XD XD.

Nothing else to say now. I'll update some other time! Goodbye for now~~



First set of 25 ACEOs, #2-#26

...Miss Pang's gonna eat my brains if I phail Friday's paper (though that's not very possible as commerce is probably one of my stronger subjects lol)

Anyway, hello everybody! Watermark done after a fiddle here and a muddle there in Photoshop. It was pretty simple after a few helpful tips from a couple of online tutorials I found. Haha. So, yeah, I've decided to hang all the doubt and just put up my happy set of 25 ACEOs up for the world to see and admire XD XD XD.

I'm sure plenty of you are going about wondering "What the hell is this ACEO shit?". Well, it ain't shit. Lol. It all started off as ATC, the acronym for Artist Trading Cards. Like baseball cards (or them Digimon/Pokemon cards that kids love flinging into other people's faces and screaming "I CHOOSE YOU PIKACHUUU" and expecting the real yellow puffball to poke its head outta the card...I'm digressing. Haha.), ATCs were created by artists, then traded and collected. When non-artists came to know about this, they were interested to begin their own collection of ATCs, but haven't their own cards to start with. So a couple of artists got round to making ACEOs (short for Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) to be sold to the non-artists. Yeap. It's a really fun way to explore your creative imagination and at the same time, collect inspirational cards from other artists and make new friends.

Each card measures 2.5"x3.5". That's about all the rules there is to this. The medium, material of card, anything else is entirely up to the artist. I've seen cards made out of glass, wood, and felt to name a few out of the ordinary materials, besides the popular paper/cardstock ones. The difference between ATCs and ACEOs is that ATCs are meant to be traded, whereelse ACEOs are meant to be sold.

So...about my very own set of ACEOs! Haha. I made the first five back in January, then busied myself with all sorts of other shit and forgot all about it. Then, during trials, inspiration came to me and I started making cards close-to-daily, sometimes 2 or 3 cards a day during study breaks XD. It's a fun and addictive process once you get into it, seriously. I wanted to make 25 to display on an empty canvas I had, but I have yet to stick them on with blutack. Haha.

Most of my ACEOs are made with markers as the primary medium, but there are also a lot of collage involved, like #17, #19, #21, #23-#27. Used my secret stash of pretty wrapping paper for most, as well as other random materials like gel pens, paper flowers, lace, ribbons, plastic gems and spangles. Oh, oh, and let's not forget #24!!! I used glass paper for the background. I remember playing with lots of that colourful translucent paper when I was a kid XD. I don't really see many people using it anymore...it's like...the forgotten paper. Lol. Whatever it is, you can achieve some pretty vivid effects with it, and I'm glad I had the chance to be re-acquainted with it =3.

I do intend to sell these off, but that'll be somewhere in the future (probably after the gawd-forsaken SPaM), when I've made a PayPal account or something. And got to grips with shipping prices. And further develop my artistic $k!lLz. So, for now, you may look at them pretty cards and smile at 'em XD.

Oh, and now for a brief update on today's Art paper. Haha. It was pretty enjoyable, I must say. I'm glad to announce that I managed to complete my artwork within the given 3 hours =D =D =D. I had to paint a seaside scene with kids making a sandcastle, giving attention to the children and the design of the sandcastle. For starters, the sandcastle could most definitely not be made by children (unless they were Japanese kid-inventors...or something XD), but it's pretty okay, I suppose. I painted most of it with happy old watercolours, then minor details I used my magical **COPICs**. It's probably...80% watercolours 20% Copics? Yeah, around there. Heck, they said 'media bebas' so I should not have marks deducted from it. I should only have marks deducted from shitty drawing/neatness (probably)/ dll. But I had fun, so yeah. Lol. Theory was okay as well. Finished it in...15 minutes? Round there. The questions were pretty straightforward- and thank Akito-sama what I actually bothered to read came out. I did tembak a couple of questions that I seriously had no idea about. Haha. Yeah XD. Overall...uhm, I don't know about getting A1, because now that I think about it my drawing was quite simple, so maybe...a B? XD. Let's just wait and see, yeah? X)

That's all for now. Peace out =D



Due to the fact that I was/am not in school today, I had plenty of time to upload my ACEOs into the computer. I spent the morning happily scanning as if I'd never scanned before XD. Just completed editing them and trying to get them to look as close to the original as possible, and now I'm stuck for whether I should upload them now or later. For one thing I haven't a watermark on any of them, so that's rather difficult. I can throw one on easy but I'm too lazy to do it now =P. So..yeah. Maybe I'll go ahead and do them later, so you can maybe expect another post later.

Seeing as I'm not going to post up my ACEOs just yet, I'll do a happy happy album review!

I'm an indestructible master of war~

I watched the music video of the song Indestructible on Hitz.tv, and wow, was I impressed. For once I actually came across an American rock band that actually came somewhere close to d'espairsray/Girugamesh/similar JRock bands. Disturbed's awesome!!! 8D. I love David's voice. He can't scream too much (due to some throat surgery I believe), but he can certainly belt out very interesting tunes. The songs are really catchy, with very abstract, surreal lyrics. Though I personally found it rather difficult to decipher much of what David was singing before I read the lyrics, I think that overall the album's great. I love songs like Indestructible, Divide, Enough, Inside The Fire, and The Night Without. The song Inside the Fire is particularly interesting, the lyrics as well as the tune. David wrote it from his previous experience of a suicide of a girlfriend, if I'm not wrong. The lyrics paint out the scene of hell pretty well, I must say. Think in terms of Dante's Inferno and you'll get what I mean. General rock fans, this should be an excellent album for you =D.

For lunch today I came up trumps with another platter of bangers and mash XD. It was pretty swell, if I must say! Not quite as good as the first time (I always do better at first-shots than the subsequent tries. Not sure why. Beginner's luck I suppose =P) but it was entirely edible and it still tasted great. My eyes absolutely stung when I had sliced the onions. Damn, it smarted like hell. Anyone that walked in on me at that moment would've thought that Gackt just died and that I was sobbing in grief. LOL. *Touches wood*. The mash was still incredibly yummeh; nice and soft and buttery smooth. Delish. I saved half of it (I only used two teeny potatoes, but they sure made a lot of mash =_=;;;) for tomorrow. Perhaps I shall bring it to school and get fat-ter. Haha. Waiting for my parents to come back from their mini-grocery shopping at Jusco. They're suppose to get me ginger because I want to try making ginger beer XD XD XD. Is there anything else I could possibly not want to do? XD. I watched it on The Naked Chef a couple of days ago and being the huuuge ginger beer fan that I am, it really tempted me to try it out for myself. It looked simple enough. Hopefully I'll remember how to do it. Maybe I should go Google the recipe just to make sure I don't screw up. Hahaha.

Hmm...so I might not want to put up my ACEOs just yet, but I suppose I'll settle for a little sneaky peek:

On display: #1, #2, #8, #21, #22, #24, and #26 =D

Have a great day everyone =D.


Art-related Ramble~

Thought I forgot all about him, dincha? 8D

Some random thoughts led me to wonder about the entire philosophy she-whizz-bang-thing about art.

Just what the hell is art?

Indeed, art is in everything and anything one can think of. In maths, science, nature, politics, cognition, history, just about everything is artistic to a certain extent.

Visual arts make up simply a fraction of all these wondrous things that make up the world we know and live in.

So what makes a good artwork, well, good? Colours? Perspective? The Golden Ratio (which, if you simply must know is equivalent to 1.618)? It's so subjective that really, when it comes to judging a piece of artwork, beauty really does lie in the eyes of the beholder.

But, no matter how organic and abstract art is, I honestly think that there are still rules to the game that one should know of. The rules I mean are not the concrete laws of sorts, but really skills and things that an artist should master before and artist can be called an artist.

Not fancy degrees or lengthy courses (though of course that helps to further develop your $k!lLz), but rather simple little things that an artist should master, either through coaching, observation, or just bucketloads of practice. Things like colour-coordination and combination, perspective, light and shadow, anatomy, followed by mastering the different mediums- watercolours, oils, colour pencils, pastels, markers. By mastering all of these, or the ones that relate to you most, you as an artist will be able to do the most important thing, probably the reason for your imaginative creation- to express yourself, your personal ideas, inspirations, thoughts and feelings.

Think about it, as a kid, your mind is filled with all sorts of imaginative ideas and thoughts. You'd like to express them through an outlet, but without the skill, the idea you have in your head is unable to appear just as you want it to in reality. It can be frustrating, even if you do have the skills, when at times your hand just won't connect with the idea, and poof.

So, no matter what people say, I believe that it is a neccessity to master all the different skills in order to really release the pent-up idea from within.

And, most importantly, you've got to know the rules before you can break them. That's the whole difference between a complete amatuer and a professional. It's no excuse to draw stick-men (no offense meant- stick-men should be worshipped as they are inevitably the basic foundation of all things artistic) and call it art simply because you have not one atom of idea about anatomy. I know plenty out there would disagree with me on this, but like I said. Art is subjective. And this is what I think. Don't hide behind your weaknesses and give use this whole 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' as a pathetic excuse.

So, yeah. My view on the subject. Deal with it.


Hello again everybodeh ^^

Routine life can be pretty boring sometimes. It suppresses your imagination, paring it to the barest minimum.

Anyways, no paper tomorrow (GOOD LUCK TO YOU PHYSIC-PAPER-TAKERS!!! 8D) but I'll be having Art on Wednesday. The questions are as suppressing as routine life, if not worse. I mean, everything is dictated to you, even the number of buckets you're suppose to put into your drawing. It's somewhat irritating. Though I believe that, in a good way, it forces you to use your imagination and twist it however way you want. To those who'd like to twist it that is. To those who find that they work best with a very specific question, then joy. They're being dictated to, even to the last detail of how many buckets you're suppose to put into the drawing.

On the bright side, they very well said that the medium is free, so, yeah. COPICS TO THE RESCUEEE~~~ 8D 8D 8D. No doubt I'd be using watercolours for the larger areas (no way can I afford to use Copics on large areas now anyway- I'm so stinking poor I can't see myself being able to purchase much needed refills anytime soon XP), I'll probably be using my beloved Copics for smaller areas and detail work. I'll definitely have to ask the teachers beforehand, but I doubt they'd mind much. So long that watercolours take up probably 80% and that the finished outcome doesn't look shitteh. And to be frank I can't quite care about what everyone else wants to think or say. If Copics can help me achieve the desired effect and make my completed artwork a success, hell, I'm willing to take any risk, small or insanely huge =D.

So...what else have I to say? Raya holidays are coming!!! If it wasn't for the fact that most of my friends will be balik-kampung-ing, I'd have happily hopped from one house to the other. Unfortunately the truth prevents me from doing so, therefore I shall content myself by perhaps considering to set up a PayPal account of sorts and begin sales on my ACEOs. The first 25 of them, that is. I'm really really really happy with every one of the ACEO, because...why, exactly? XD. I'm not sure, but it's just that I've really got the chance to go absolutely crazy with them and experimenting with all sorts of different materials. There's still plenty of ways to try out to come up with different effects, and I think I'll be happily amusing myself with this during the holidays. Haha.

Hm, I think that's about all there is to ramble about for now. I'll attempt to upload the completed ACEOs onto my dA account by this weekend. Farewell everybody! ^^


Hello everybody ^^


Hello again~

Just wanted to say that Accounts is up tomorrow and I'm going to effing DIE because it's Accounts tomorrow X.X.

Pray that I don't forget all the formats and screw up big time.

Though I have a sinking feeling that it just might be so.

The Internet's boring as hell nowadays, isn't it? There doesn't seem to be anything interesting to do. How funny- just a couple of months ago I'd have been able to spend effing hours playing trying to earn pixels to spend on other larger chunks of pixels and shit. Right now I can hardly last 10 minutes in front of the com without wanting to turn it off and go do something else.

If only *some* people felt the same way =_=.

I'm somewhat addicted to making ACEOs though =D. They're a fun, relaxing way to kick out the exam stress, though I don't think I'd be able to make any today due to tomorrow's papers. Gah. Then again, inspiration kicks in at the worst time possible, so yeah. Self-discipline, Joanne! That is most important if you don't intend to phail like you've never phailed before tomorrow! Haha. I had all the time in the world to make one during English yesterday. Was cutting up bits of paper while everyone around me scratched their heads and stared at their papers.

Don't even get me started on the essay paper. I did alright, I suppose, but as usual shit ideas just pop out of my head. At least I didn't have one of those soppy androgynous manuscripts I seem to be able to pen down only during exams XD.

I'll post up pictures of my completed ACEO collection sometime soon. This weekend, hopefully. I've got...*counts* 18 now! I intend to make 25 then display them on a canvas. Yes.

Well, rambling over for now. Back to accounting. Farewell, everybody~

P.S: To Cletie and your other friend=> Yeah, I'll list you guys down later. When I've got more
time on my hands =D.



Hello friends and family!

Yeah, I'm pretty much alive and kicking. First week of trials' over! It was pretty alright, I must say. I know I could've probably done a lot better if I studied harder, but unfortunately what's done's done so I can't do much about it except to focus on the next paper (Accounts! Accounts! *dies*) and propel ahead.

Didn't quite do that today though, cause I went to Jusco XD. It's the first time in two weeks since I'd last left my house. Most of the time I was too busy 'berwawasan'-ing XD. I played the DDR in Jusco! They have a new machine so I tried it out. It was pretty spiffy, but the second round my sister chose a crazy-fast track in the first dance and I phailed. Haha. I shall try it again. Soon. Muahaha.

Anyways, this post is simply to put up some long-awaited (and probably forgotten) Gakuen Convention pics! Yeah, I found the pics mouldering in my dad's Olympus. I'd totally forgotten that I'd taken that camera along that day. Haha. There aren't many piccies cause I was too busy running round doing gawd-noes-what, but...yeah. Enjoy it anyways~

So here we have one of the many Victorian-princessy
people that were bobbing round that day...

Serene and Amanda in their spiffy Oriental get-up

Butler Wen Yu, Viccy Princess Rosalyn and Jap-girl Amanda

At one point she started running in that gown...
it was pretty scary. Lol.

Me looking absolutely retarded in cat ears and tail.

Me and cat-ear-tail maker, Kay Ai!

Group photo~

Assassin/ninja/sexy girl in black, Shevonne, with her (I think it is)
white Power Rangers katana thing.

Why is it that most of the pictures of Rachel I have are just
her looking plain retarded??!! XD

Mieko-chan as Kaito

Kay Li as gawd-noes-who (sorry man, you gotta enlighten me again DX)

The Raveena busily sketching during the drawing competition. Unfortunately...

...inspiration wasn't on her side.

Hm, so, yes. That's about all I managed to come up with.

So, what have I been doing if I haven't been wasting my life away in front of the computer like *some* people, eh? Uhm, well...haha. Nothing particularly interesting. Studying is for one. Messing around with anything and everything I can get my hands on is another. In the span of 4 days I've already made myself 6 ACEOs for the sake of using my brand new Prismacolors. I got them from the art shop near The One Academy when I was there. They didn't have a few of the colors I'd wanted, but at least I managed to get a couple of the Deco colours. The shades are love. Haha. I've also been wasting my time honing my photography $k!lLz for the sake of it. Not really. I just wanted to get the sharp focus on the object and leaving everything else blurred out. With some words of enlightenment from my self-taught-pro dad and a photography magazine he bought me a couple of weeks back, I found out that it was the aperture that played a big role in achieving that effect. Dad's spiffy Canon digital couldn't seem to switch to manual mode (or maybe we just couldn't work it), but the Olympus did the job quite well. Did a few practice shots and I'm quite happy with what turned out =D.

Copics. Naturally the first thing I'd point a camera to.

Took the camera out into the garden for the heck of
it. This one's taken at the pond (waterfall in the background)


That's all for now everybody. Tune in to the next post for more completely random rants and rambles.