Quest for A Rest

If you're in a need for a Sunday work break, why not play this short game: The Quest For The Rest?

amanita design
Many of you are probably familiar with Amanita's full length puzzle game Machinarium, and Botanicula as well. The Quest for The Rest is a mini point-and-click game they created for a rock-pop band, the Polyphonic Spree. Their music is featured in-game as well. I love the woodsy forest scene from the screenshot; it looks so fairytale like and pretty.

Rest well, and work hard everybody! Happy Sunday! :)


In a fit of boredom I played around in Illustrator and finally got the grips of creating a proper seamless pattern :D. It's wonky and 'hand-made', but hey, it's fun and pretty for a summer desktop wallpaper! Oddly enough, I was inspired by my own set of fine gnashers and my weeny, pointy tooth. Dear Nayla affectionately named said pointy tooth Vampy, and the name stuck. 

Feel free to download and use them as you wish! It's my first time making wallpapers so hopefully the sizes are alright. I enjoy dabbling in pattern-making; be prepared to see more (complicated) pattern attempts in the future! Happy Sunday! 8) 

(because I have a Lumia, that's why! :D)


Today's the day to...

"Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment" 

Happy Wesak Day everybody! I don't think it's too far from the truth to wish Buddha a Happy Birthday, seeing as Wesak is a commemoration of His birth, enlightenment, and death. However one wishes to call the day, let us all take a moment or two to reflect and make a prayer for inner peace and a calm mind for all our undertakings :).

In last year's Wesak post, I made a somewhat crude comment that Lord Buddha is somewhat akin to a lovingly naggy mother (here it is again, sorry Buddha), but I still think the relation stands true. And on this day again, I am reminded of things that hold most importance to me. Heaven knows we all need reminders now and again. What is important is that we take heed of these reminders, and not push them away and think 'I'll do something about it later'. 

I received one such reminder the other day (not from Buddha though, but maybe divine intervention helped a bit), and as hard as the feelings came to me, I am glad for it. I am glad I could feel the stab of guilt, knowing that I am not doing much to propel myself forward to work for my future. Because with that feeling of utter uselessness I am motivated to work harder and not take things -too- easily. I was reminded that it's not all just fun and games, at this point of life it's also about pushing oneself; taking and making opportunities to go ahead from the rest, and not just go with the flow. I hope I can continue to hold on to these feelings of mine, as they are the very reason why I am determined to move forward.

Self motivation is a lot easier than it sounds, and though a lot of us think ourselves as 'self-motivators', there are times in our lives when we lose our drive. That's when you need someone or something to come along and smack you across the face and say 'hey, hey, wake up. Don't forget about working for your dreams.'

I hope this post can help some of you that are feeling a bit down and unmotivated, the way I was! Don't feel lazy, don't procrastinate. Make something happen- today! TGIF everybody! :)


Porcelain Flowers

Loving this bomber jacket from Zara's spring/summer collection. It looks like a china vase, and the colours are so delicate and light. A bunch of flowers that won't wilt in this horrible heat even if you wear it all day long! Awfully expensive though, don't see myself getting my hands on this anytime soon. Hehe.

What's your favorite Internet find? Found anything you're currently head over heels in love with? 


Birthday Corgi

Photo credit to Esmond

I painted this little fella for Esmond's 21st birthday card! Isn't he cute? I'm so happy with how he turned out; it feels almost as if I gave birth to him myself :D. I bought a set of cheap watercolour pans last month and so far I am enjoying painting more than I have since I was a child. I never liked messing around squeezing tubes and mixing colours because it's so cumbersome. It's so much easier and hassle-free with pans! Unfortunately they aren't too popular round here so I don't think I can get my hands on a more decent set anytime soon. 

The little Corgi's name is Gherkin by the way. He is a fictional pet-to-be, if all goes well in the future! If you haven't seen pictures of Corgis, Google them now and your day will be perceptibly brighter! :D


Flowers and Whales

A long long time ago, I drew a whale floating through a field of flowers... subconsciously I repeated this theme when I was doodle-painting today. I was thinking about a Jacqueline Wilson book I'd read, The Longest Whale Song. It's about a mother who falls into a coma after giving birth to her son, and her daughter struggles to get along with her stepdad. Of course, I've no experience whatsoever in the step-parent department (neither the comatose mother's, either), but I can relate to that feeling of helplessness and sorrow when your whole life turns upside down, when the woman you thought was superwoman suddenly shows you just how human she really is.

Anyway, it's been a long while since that day, and I dedicate this wee doodle to my dear mother, and to all mothers out there! Some of us may not have them close, but we will have them always in our hearts, and hopefully a bit of them will show through us, and in our children (if any). Happy Mother's Day momma! May you live long and healthy for many more mother's days to come!