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Nero and Yamato(e) would like to say Happy Halloween~

Happy Halloween family and friends!!!

SPaM is coming along faster than anyone can think. Hence the reason why I should disappear off the face of the Internet for a while. Not like I've anything better to do online than watch in-game videos of DMC4 and gape at how effortlessly these effing gamers defeat the effing enemies.

Dood. 24 secs on Blitz?! Fucking awesome maaan XD.

Life is pretty, well, so-so. It's okay. Some things have had to change, some new things have to shoved into the picture, some old ones have to be shoved out. Getting pretty used to it. LOL.



List of Things To Do After SPaM:

1. Play Devil May Cry 3/4

2. Register for driving

3. Go on a book-reading spree

4. Get Lit class over to trade books

5. Draw

6. Make Christmas cards and send them out

7. Learn Japanese and/or Chinese with Sha-chan as promised

8. Dance

9. Go on beer-drinking spree with Aunt Sam and Unc. Frits as promised (yay!)

10. Get a job

11. Sell stuff on eBay.

12. Earn/save enough money to buy Devil May Cry Devil's Complete Material Collection

13. Go to KL and buy Devil May Cry Devil's Complete Material Collection

14. Go Christmas shopping for Christmas presents (duh)

15. Pull out Christmas tree and burn it as promised last year

16. Meet up with Unc. Chong Wah to discuss art-related $#!tz

17. Spend the last two weeks of 2009 wisely (LOL)

And many, many more....

This list is long and eventful. Lol.

*Returns to studying History*



Perhaps it is about time I did this anyway.


An odd thought.

Dante and Nero look good together ;D

I haven't actually liked pixels so much since Gaia XD XD XD.

....My last buncha-animated-pixel crush was....Iori Yagami? @@ Good lord, I honestly can't remember at all which anime/cartoon character I really went nuts over. All that comes to mind is Gackt, Gackt, and.......tkcaG. Gackt. Yeah. Haha.

But anyways I'm getting pretty hyped over Dante and Nero now so Gackt should fear the dumps a bit now ;D.

Nero's just hawt for his aloof, can't-touch-this aura...hm. Doesn't that just ring a Gackt bell?! XD. But he ain't the strong, silent type. He's kinda like the smart-talk wiseass that can definitely beat the hell outta you if he wants to. But under all that he's just a little bit of a considerate softie. Proof from him leaving a present in Kyrie's seat then pretending he'd no idea where it came from XD. Oh wait. He's taken. Oh dang. Haha.

I prefer Dante's look in DMC3 though. Maybe it's because he's younger in DMC3 than in DMC4 (for those who don't know, the DMC series is not in chronological order). Though the rugged, older him in the latest installation still looks hawt, I like his floppy hair in the 3rd one XD. And besides, he shows a lot more skin then. Haha.

And then there's them looking really good together...okay, I should stop right there XD. I'll leave the rest to your happy imaginations.

This post is really quite pointless, therefore it should be avoided if you'd rather not waste your time =D.



Today shall go down in history.

Today, for the first time in the whole of my 16+ years of living, I finally got onto a town bus- and made it to my final destination alive! =D =D =D.

Biggie thanks to Bao Bao and Soo for making sure I made it there in one piece XD.

Further explanation: It's not as if I've never been in a bus; I've been on buses for school field trips, CAT (Central Area Transit) buses in Perth, buses in Hong Kong, buses in Singapore, but never a town bus in Malaysia. And never ever by myself. Never. Not until... today. Haha.

I actually got into a Panorama, went to Melaka Sentral, then hopped into a town bus that took me to Jusco where my dad came to take me back the last quarter of the journey home. It was really really fun XD. Yeah, yeah, probably a couple of you reading will roll your eyes and think me a complete jakun, but, hey. I think these kinda experiences as memorable events worth remembering. It's all these little things that make life fun. So get that stick outta your behind and live it up a little, eh? 8D.

That's all for now =D <3.



Scratch that about the previous post being my might be last post for a while.

Devil May Cry Devil's Material Collection book!!! Right about now I'm wishing I never spent that much Ks on Copics and saved the lot (but that is pretty superficial- I know deep down I'd never trade my markers for anything, and besides they help me get cash along the way XD). But seeing as my markers aren't going to go poof and turn back into shiny bank notes, I shall just have to contemplate on ways to earn RM120 so as to be able to get my hands on this book- without the help of the imaginary Devil Bringer of course =D.

Oh, and Devil May Cry 4 is out in a 2- volume manga!!! Woohooooo~~~~<3

And now I shall leave.

Christmas is coming *hinthint* XD XD XD XD

Shall Never Surrender


I should be studying. Hahaha.

After SPaM, I shall grab hold of a (most probably cetak rompak version *coughcough*) copy of Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition with my imaginary, nonexistent Devil Bringer. Lol.

Life is pretty depressing if you happen to be going through Pre-MS. Haha. But I guess I'll live. Nagging doubt and broken feelings tend to catch up with the best of us at times like these. Anyhow what's on my mind now is studying and not phailing like I'd never phailed before. That and happy graphics and the battle song of DMC4. If my sister brings her laptop back this weekend I think I'll die. Haha. Resist temptaion Joanne! For you have but a weeks left to get your ass up and studying to not phail. Muahahaha.

This might- or might not- be the last post for quite a long while, so just in case I do not show my squashy nose round here, I shall take this golden opportunity to wish all devotees a Happy Deepavali! May the lights be bright and sparkly and meaningful (and probably burn a few schools here and there while they're lighted) =D. Farewell for now!


Ever reminded yourself to stay sane?


Goddamn, three-odd weeks more the SPaM!!! Holy cows!!! I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm sure as hell not ready to face the music D=. The end of the world is rapidly approaching, I can just feel it.

Dammit, German Shepherd puppies are supersonically adorable XD XD XD. I never realised that they were so fluffy and their ears are turned down when they're a couple of weeks old. Haha.

It's October. Two more months to the end of 2009. Gosh, looking back on the year, I just realised how much more shit I have had to go through. Then again, I'm sure all of you did as well. And I'm sure we all had just as much of good times. Or at least, I hope we all did. Fun and laughter shared with loved ones- friends, family, classmates, relatives, whatnot. Ah. The sweet joys of life. Makes the less-equipped slightly envious.

Then again, I remember the previous Octobers were preludes to the cooler months of the end year. Hah. Right now it's almost as if the sun has gotten over its solar minimum and is burning as if it'd never burnt before. Dang. The sun can be pretty pitiless to the low-spirited. Haha.

Loneliness should be more fun than it sounds.

Nothing much to rant about for now. Byebye for now~



I'm back. For the time being =D.

Going to KL for the weekend. I've been frequenting KL so much these past few months honestly I'm starting to get the heebie-jeebies thinking about the journey there and back @@. I think I'll end up disliking KL as much as Port Dickson soon. Haha. Damn Port Dickson. I can still vividly remember the toilet of Guoman Resort (which I never stayed in) with it's canvas print that you see straight after you open the toilet door. It's a print of a cloudy sky, with water droplet stains at the bottom where countless useless toilet-visitors wash their hands- and having nothing else better to do- shake the water off them. Haha. If I went there any longer I'd have counted the droplets on said canvas. Lol. Moving on, the reason for the weekend trip this time is to attend some relative's wedding. Dress code= Traditional. I'm going in a cheongsam. Yeah. Shocking isn't it? I can actually fit into one =D. It's disturbing how I counted up the number of dresses I owned and it came up to...*counts* 6. Or 7. And I wear them....only when the need arises. Hahaha. Man, what a retard.

Anyways, I'll be happily off gallivanting around the capital city on Sat and Sun knowing all too well that I'll be having PD 2 on Monday. How amazingly wonderful.

Oh shit. Speaking of which I am suppose to call Sha-chan for the timetable. Oh, the joys of being absolutely useless.

Happy Mooncake Festival everyone (it's tomorrow by the way)!! May you be able to spend the day with all your loved ones- I know I won't be. Except with my parents, of course. Haha.