*Oh Fudge*

I realised my blog greatly lacks in color, so here's something to brighten it up a bit.



[I will not forget you]

THE Michael Jackson is dead. Cardiac arrest, early this morning. Rest in peace, King. But the phrase above has nothing to do with him. It's the last line of Gackt's newly-released song, Lost Angels. Gackt's pretty amazing. Lol. Understatement of the century much. He's perfectly capable of surprising everyone with sparkly pink dance and pop, then promptly revert back to his old God-rock form with an interesting sparkly new twist. All hail Gackt-sama! Apologies for ever doubting your supreme godliness 8D.

Guess what! I realised that I've had/been having the shittiest time of my life, and I never even realised it! 8D. I guess I was too busy trying to fight it off to actually realise I was going through such a crap time. Haha. Here's hoping the bad spell will wear itself out soon enough so I can continue dancing and prancing- not that I ever do give up dancing and prancing even if I'm in a shitty mood XD. But to go into major rant mode, I'd just put it simply: Fate is indeed as twisted as a twisted corkscrew and I realise now how much I truly hate pure fucktards who act as if the world owes them all the love and affection and attention they demand. Good lord. What the hell did the world do to you? What did I do to you? Haha. If you're going to act like a sick attention-deprived asshole, go look for someone else to beg from. You might have done favours for me in the past, and I am eternally grateful for them, yes, but seriously. Learn to realise that you're not the only shithead being deprived of love/affection/attention/whatnot. Stop being so self-centered dammit. And don't do things for others if you expect something in return from them. It doesn't work that way. Not at all. Perhaps, the reason why people keep their distance after a while is because you're an over-exaggerated pushover. Stop blowing things out of proportion and acting as if the whole world doesn't understand you. Why don't you try understanding that your atitude is pure shit and you should work on improving it? And for sweet God's sake stop trying so hard to be 'different' already. You don't need to act like an egoistic bastard to get attention. You're already unique as yourself- but what with all that hiding underneath all that layers of fake smiles and ideas, it's hard for me- or anyone else for that matter- to see the real you. Or is being a complete dumbass the real you? If it was, well, there you go. Not everyone's a complete dumbass. Congratulations on being different.


There, major rant over. Back to my everyday life now.


Perhaps I'm a sick fucktard as well.


Emo emo emo

Haha, don't worry, this ain't an emo post 8D

Lots of things are going to be happening on the 4th of July. It's Gackt's birthday, there's going to be a BSMM camp in school, my neighbour's daughter's getting married, and the first ever rabbit show will be held in Mid Valley Megamall.

Rabbit show. Yes. I didn't think it was possible, not until I saw the huuuge banner in Times bookstore in Pavillion. My sister was standing right smack in front of it but...I don't know. She didn't notice it. At all. Not until I turned her into the right direction and made her read the words. She was so happy I think she died and went to bunny heaven then came back. She was silent for a long while with a stupid grin on her face so I must be right XD. My sister's a bunny fanatic, full stop.

This post is pointless. I don't quite know why I'm shitting here in the first place XD. I think I'll just run away and do something else more worthwhile. Like watchin Astro on Demand and waiting to see the hawt bad guy XD XD XD. He doesn't smoke! As in, in the drama. I'm not sure about real life. You usually see all those bad guys/mafia ringleaders/ah longs chain-smoking, but Wu Sam doesn't. He smokes Chupa Chups instead. Man, it just gets better and better, doesn't it? XD And Gackt stopped smoking as well. Whee! Go Gackt-sama! I knew you could do it! =D

Going away now. Return to your boring everyday lives now.


How hard is it

To trust someone you really love?

Go on. Tell me.

School school school. Have been getting my mid year results back. I did fairly better than the previous two tests, regardless of the fact that I studied even less than the two previous tests put together. And here I thought I wasn't a communist. Oh well. 5 As. No failures. Woot. And I managed to get full marks for English essay. Teacher, you're far too generous. My ego doesn't deserve so much praise. The time for crapping my heart and soul out always comes during exams. I spurn out the shittiest shit possible and waste precious examination paper. Trees, I have failed you. Forgive me.

Art project looming before me. Deadline: next week. Estimated date of completion: Probably never. It's either a) I become totally kickass at painting with watercolors by the end of this or b) I destroy every little tropical fishy, including them leafy sea dragons and corals.

I finally got a haircut. It's flampastically (it's a new word. Live with it or go to hell) short and pretty gheytto (another new word. Make your pick). Haha. I like it. It's very versatile (and very very appropriate for the weather down here in this hellhole). The wind can blow and countless of people can walk past and ruffle it, but it'll always return to it's original look. And even if it doesn't, I'll still look hawt. In an obscene gheytto way. Lol. Self praise is better than everyone else praising the heck outta me, so yeah. Gackt's influence reigns supreme. Though I'd have to blame my sister for this. She made me show Gackt's picture to my hairdresser. It's not my fault she agreed. And it's not my fault I end up looking like an akward cute bobbalaboo.

Bobbalaboo. Hah.

Ah, Trust. What do you know about it? What does everyone know about it? Heck, what do I know about it? I know nuts about shit. All I know is that if you love someone, you'd trust them. Even if you're going to end up being hurt. Because love is blind and knows no boundaries and is probably the one mistake on the face of the Earth that makes the least sense and yet everyone seems to be doing it. Over and over again.

I wish to God for a puppy. A German Shepherd puppy. Real hope my wish comes true.


I think

I have an odd fetish for older men XD XD XD

Well, men in their 40s anyway.


Whaaaaat??? Don't stare at me like that dangit! I just like mature men XD XD XD

Wonder if you consider Gackt mature tho. Suave, maybe. Cool, definitely. Mature...not sure. He tends to come up with funny antics now and then. Like the sparkly pink dancey thing he did during his last appearance on Music Station. Man, that was pretty XD.

Watching this Hong Kong drama series: The Threshold of a Persona (I'm so going to fail SPM at this rate XD), and Wong Tak Ban/Kenny Wong is acting as this uber uber cool bad guy Wu Kit Sam. He looks good only in the series. I think it's the hair. And the smooth, cool can't-touch-this aura he has to portray. He did it pretty well, I must say. Well enough for me to start giggling everytime his face appears on screen anyway XD.

I've seen him on TV far more times than I've ever seen Gackt-sama's face though. The last time I ever saw Gackt's face in my idiot box was back in 2003 during the release of Bunjingai. Unfortunately I wasn't his fan then so I didn't really care. Dangit.

Oh wait, I totally forgot about all the Music Station episodes I watched over and over. Okay, so that was the last time. Back in 2007. Because they stopped airing Music Station last year. Screw Animax. They removed the one link I had to my God. Idol. Whatever.


Bunraku's going to be released in 2010. I shall wait. Patiently. As patiently as I can manage. Malaysia better not disappoint me, or else.

And we now come to the end of this meaningless post of rambles. Oh wait, not yet. Wanna say one more thing...


Stupid fucktarded bastards snagged practically every award they had to offer at the MTV Movie Awards. It's not as if it was hella great anyway. In fact, it SUCKED. Dammit. ANGELINA JOLIE AND ANNE HATHAWAY LOST TO SOME BITCH WHO LACKS SELF CONFIDENCE AND LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING DRUG ADDICT DAMMIT. And DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT GOOD FOR NOTHING PIECE OF SHIT ROBERT-I'M-A-FAGGOMPIRE-PATTINSON. Aaaaaaaargh.

I am going to hang strings of garlic around this post. Just so the gawdawful Twilight fans start pretending to be vampires and try to suck me dry of whatever blood droplets I have.

*strings garlic*

Go ahead. Bite me.


Starry Nights

Starry starry night~

Jimmy Liao is THE BOMB. No, really. He's one of the best artists I've ever come across. Got my hands on his latest book, The Starry Starry Night. From sources off the Net and my dad's pretty good translating sK!llz, I gather the story's about a young girl whose parents do not pay much attention to as they are too busy earning money. As a result, her parents hardly talk to her and only shower her with materialistic things. She met this boy in school, who's a loner and most of the other boys made fun of him. I think he likes drawing/painting, judging by the sketchbook he appears to be holding most of the time (God, I'm screwing up on tenses, aren't I? DX). He also seems to have quite a fascination to whales and dolphins. Anyway, a buncha boys were beating him up in a back alley one day and the girl intervened...somehow. Both of them got badly hurt, but they became friends through that incident, I think. After that they left the town and travelled to the countryside where the girl's grandparents lived. I think. I'm not sure about this part. But when they got back the girl fell sick and lapsed into a drowsy almost comatose state. During that time she dreamt of a whale swimming out towards the wide open sea. When she woke up and school reopened, she realised that the boy was gone. She went to his house and his grandmother told her that the boy's father's boat/ship was not in the port, hence assuming that father and son were gone for good. Grandma insisted that the girl went to the boy's room to have a look at it, so she did. And in the boy's room, was, well, nothing. But the walls were covered ceiling to floor with pictures of whales and dolphins. And right in the middle was a picture of the girl herself. Anyway, she never saw the boy again. Yeah. The end. I thought the story was really sad (I actually thought that the boy died, judging by the pictures and stuff. I guess my morbid mind just likes interpreting things differently XD), most of Jimmy Liao's books are. But that is what makes his books so fantastic. The illustrations are so colorful and vivid, yet when you look closer you realise that it's actually not so happy after all. Ah. The joys of artistry. Haha.

I'll blog about my trip to Krabi and the school anime convention later. Right now my lust for blogging has been satisfied. Lol.

I still love Gackt-sama by the way <3 br="br">


Youtube deleted the video, but what the heck. Go look for it and watch it. Trust me, you won't be disappointed 8D

It's full of pretty backup dancers and weird dancing, but for some ungodly reason I just love it. Perhaps it's because the lyrics are dirty as hell XD.