Wallpaper Wednesdays: Juicy Ideas!

Note: This is a backdated post, simply for appearance's sake. After all, Wallpaper Wednesdays wouldn't exactly be Wallpaper Wednesdays if it was posted on Friday, eh?

Hello hello hello! Yes, I am very much aware of my sudden disappearance from this here blog. I have been busy celebrating my sudden newfound (temporary) freedom. So much so I missed two weeks of my promised Wallpaper Wednesdays! But no longer, folks! My celebrations have come to an end; I shall now use the remnants of my semester break doing exactly what this week's wallpaper proclaims: create lots of juicy ideas!

I originally intended to submit this pattern in a weekly spoonflower competition, but sadly I missed the deadline. I like the concept too much to let it go, though! So here it is for you and for me :D. Slap it onto your desktop or your mobile and get those creative juices flowing. Or print it onto some nice cardstock and snail mail it to a friend!

By the way, you could try scanning the QR code with your smartyphones to get the wallpaper without having to go through the download-synch-with-mobile-device hassle. If it doesn't work, you can still download it via the link, same as always :D.

Nokia Lumia

Hope the creative juices are flowing for everyone! Happy (belated) Wednesday!