Hello :D

Well now, hello! My name is Joanne, and I have more nicknames than Santa and Jesus combined. I hail from the sunny sunny histori/hysteri-cal town of Melaka! The place where good food, sunny places, fairly cheap shopping and quaint town mix and mingle :D.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Professional Design at Limkokwing University, but I have a closet wish to be a writer or children's book illustrator when I grow up.

I love losing myself in the world of good books, and zoning out when I'm drawing or markering. I love food! One of the greatest joys in life is enjoying a delicious and exciting meal, and I am very glad that I know this XD. I love animals and my family and Esmond Sit!
I guess people see me as outgoing and friendly, but really I think I'm more introvert than anything else. I prefer doing things on my own, and I'd rather have peace and solitude by myself than do things with others.

This blog is where I escape the terrors of the wide world and the world wide (web). It is my brambles where I hang my rambles, my soapbox, my pants that I fill with rants. I hope my blog can somehow or other inspire you. Or at least just make you giggle. Cheers! :D.