High School closed today due to H1N1.

Now all that's left in Bandar Hilir's SFI and IJC.

Let's see who's the last one standing XD XD XD.

Hari Q yesterday. I was waay to tired to blog. I was bullied (YET AGAIN. WILL MY LIFE EVER BE LEFT IN PEACE? ;___;) by the insane form 2s. It involved much thwacking and spraying of hair with colored hairsprays. The left side of my head was bluey-purply, the right side gold. Damn you ELS form 2s =__=. The kawad was normal. Except that some BSMM idiot at the back just had to go "swoon-*thump*". How gawdawfully embarrassing. Gah. Anyway, after that we watched the performances (the band played marginally better, the violinist played a less-emo violin piece, and the cheerleaders were...well, you know. Cheerleaders.) then we could go do our thang. Lol. I was planning to wander about aimlessly talking to the voice in my head, but then I saw Crystal and Clarice lugging 12-pack (or was it 24? @@) Coke bottles across the hall and I just had to go help them. They were so small. You hafta pity them XD XD XD. And so I helped out the BSMM stall by screaming and generally creating havoc. Just doing my job 8D. Didn't go round to the other stalls, really. Just went pass them when helping to carry more coke bottles (and screaming "AIR PANAS! AIR PANNNAAASSS!!" to get the students to make way for us). Did some barter trading for random items, like jelly and a carton of ice lemon tea. Haha. Then it was time to go watch the Bintang IJC thing. Didn't want to sit at the back of the hall so I pretended to be on first aid duty and stood with Clarice and Sha-Lotte. We were laffing our pants off over a 'cletie' XD XD XD. The performances were okay, I guess. Some sang really well, more sang...really bad. Haha. That's about it, I suppose.

Went to the Dewan Kebudayaan at night for a play. Entitled 'Abang, Oh Abang'. It's in English though. Co-directed by my Lit teacher, hence the coming to support. Went with Leah, Wen Yu and Sue Anne. The rest of the Lit class couldn't make it, so yeah. Thank God, I suppose. We'd have brought the entire theater down. Literally. HAHAHA. Geddit? Literally?? Hahahaha..haha..ha...ha...ha...

Oh forget it =_=

The hall was pretty empty, if I must say so. It was huuge, but the number of empty chairs greatly surpassed the number of chairs with butts in them. It was sad, but at least we got really good seats. Close enough for Leah to throw her heels at the actors/actresses if she wanted to XD. The story's basically about this family of four. Husband has a mistress and comes home drunk every night and gives his money to his mistress, wife in distress and working at night to make ends meet, 13-year-old daughter falls in love with mother's friend (Khalid- or "Halid" as he pronounced it. I think it was suppose to sound sexy XD) and ends up getting pregnant, and uni-son reads porn (Playboy, mind you, though the magazine cover looked suspiciously like Cosmopolitan) and does drugs thanks to said Khalid guy. Uni-son killed Khalid guy in the end. Haha. It wasn't exactly a happy ending. The whole play's suppose to be rather serious, but we (the audience- the Lit class laughed the loudest I suppose) laughed and talked back to the actors and actresses. It was quite fun. Until we got to the end and Ms. Audrey threw us a buncha cushions and a shoe rack to load into Leah's dad's car. Man, we were pissed. She piled us up with the cushions (and shoerack), gave us orders, and in the exact same breath told a crewmember that "tak ada orang tolong langsung". Can you believe it?! I'm boycotting Lit class. Full stop. Haha. So, yeah. Besides being ordered about and then left alone with six cushions and a shoerack, it was fun.

Whee! Meeting Lavinia tomorrow. Yaay. Despite the psychotic H1N1 shit, I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully I can wake up tomorrow. I'm super tired. I need sleep!!!


Fantastically Fonty Fact!!!

Haha, hello! 8D. Okay, I'm not quite sure how many people actually know this, and I think that most typography enthusiasts will go "well, duh!!!", but what the heck. I just found out something that I'd been wondering about and now I shall share it with the rest of the ignorant world.

Ya know that font-thing you're always hearing about? The serif thing? Yeah. Apparently, serif actually refers to the little thingies you see sticking out at the ends of the strokes of the alphabet.

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia~

The red highlighted thingies are the serifs. Yes. Fonts with serifs are known simply as serif typeface, or sometimes Roman.

So now you know where the Roman in Times New Roman came from =D.

And with that knowledge, the word sans is French for 'without' so...sans serif= without serif! Also sometimes known as 'Gothic'. Fonts like the ever famous Arial and Trebuchet are sans serif typefaces.

I got this information when reading my art textbook. The one I bought last year and never opened and read till yesterday. It has, surprisingly, a lot of very useful information. Obviously, seeing as it is a textbook. But many famous painters and movements were spelled with typos. Like Raphael turning into Rapael and baroque with two qs and two rs. Haha.

Okay, enough. Time to do what I do best 8D.


Was tagged by the paedophilic seme of absolute lemony doom. Lol.

ABC'sShareRULES : Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to copy-paste this note, and answer all the questions. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged - including the person who tagged you.

ABC About You Questions:

A - Available : Yes ;D
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C - CRUSHING ON : Someone speshal :3
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD : The elixir of life- WATERRR!!!
F - FAVORITE SONG : All of Gackt's, nearly all of d'espairsray's, Kagrra's and Girugamesh's, and all that's in between them XD.
G - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS : Must I choose?? ;___;
H - HOMETOWN : MELAKA BABEH~~~*swings Melaka flag and blasts Melaka theme song on speakers*
I - IN LOVE WITH : ...That speshal someone (refer to top) :3.
J - JUGGLE : Only with two balls XD XD XD
K - KILLED SOMEONE : Don't like the word kill...'defeat' is a whole lot better =D
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE : ....Cameron Highlands, I think. 6 hours. Haha.
M - MILKSHAKE FLAVOR : Strawberry!!!
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: One. And that's enough to last me a thousand lifetimes.
O - ONE WISH : To live a life with no regrets.
P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST : *thinks*. Sha-chan, probably @@.
Q - Apparently...there isn't a Q.
R - REASON TO SMILE : The world's laffing at me.

S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD : Plastic Tree- Ghost.
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP : 5.55am. On the dot.
U - UNDERWEAR COLOR/PATTERN : *peers into pants* Orange. With some Chinese character on it. Gawd noes what it means *shrug*.
V - VEGETABLE(S) : Lettuce, cabbage, and a few more whose names I can't remember XD.
W - WORST HABIT : Sleeping. At every possible time of the day.
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD : ....*tries to remember in order* Had one for back...then head...then foot....uhm, yeah. That's about it. Hopefully.
Y – YOYOS ARE : Spinning things on strings. Perfectly capable of giving concussions to unsuspecting victims.
Z - ZODIAC SIGN : Capricorn~ *baaa*

9 people you want to tag (excluding the paedophilic seme of absolute lemony doom):
1. Abraham Lincoln
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8. Ms. Pang (LOL LOL LOL)
9. That stripey thingy I see bounding in the field of rainbows.

Next post shall be my happy rants~ 8D



I question the existence of my blog.

I mean, why am I even blogging? XD. Yeah, to let out pent up feelings and all that normal shit, but I could do that just as well- and probably better- when writing. Then comes in the whole shebang about blogging making my life easier bla bla bla.

But I think I end up reading my own entries more than anything.

Excuse my lack of sense right now. Just came back from tuition, my head feels as if it just split in half =_=. Stupid, stupid form 4s. I started my day today by cursing form 4s. I never thought I'd end it by cursing them as well. Haha.

If only form 4s were like form 2s.

....Wait, allow me to take that ALL BACK XD XD XD.

Rehearsal for Hari Ko-Ku today. I'm in marching. Again. For the...3rd time in a row? I remember going for the past 2 ones anyway. Only to escape the extremely overcrowded walkways. I don't mind standing. It'll only be for a while, then we get to have close-to-VIP seats after that =D. The rehearsal was spent crapping with a whole buncha form 2s that are just plain psychotic. I know a few will be reading this, so I might as well just shout it out: YOU GUYS ARE CRAAAZAAAAYYYY!!! XD. I can't believe it. I got bullied by a bunch of kids 3 years my junior. Goddamn. Am I just too uke to be true, or is this the destiny that fate decrees for me? XD. Anyway, yeah. I was surrounded by a happy load of hyperactive lower sec people who took a great interest to my extremely dirty shoes (it took me several months to collect the dirt. I'm still collecting) and pummelled/whacked/bullied me at random intervals. The band played (quite badly- yeah, yeah, I know, lack of practice/old instruments/bla bla. I've heard it all before :D) and there was this really freaky girl wielding a violin. She was spiffeh, but freaky. Haha. Oh, and I poked the tooba. LOL. It was fascinating. Haha. The cheerleaders performed as well, and...they were pretty shittay. Wait. Make that REALLY shittay. The cheers were all the same, and there was little to no spiffeh moves. Just random clapping and bounding and grinning and a really retarded "sssss....hawt! *clap*" move. They were so "oh, my gosh". Hahaha. I was dissing them most of the time, and unfortunately (kidding. It was extremely fortunate) that the cheerleaders overheard my boo-ing. Was it mean of me to do so? Hhmmm...

Nah, not feeling guilty. Go screw yourselves, cheerleaders. Haha.

What the heck am I spouting. Bleh. ELS AGM tomorrow! Woohoo. It will be so much fun. Oh, and photography session as well. Whee. I shall grin as if there is no tomorrow. Let's hope it doesn't rain too much tomorrow. It did today. My classroom was literally surrounded by water. The drains were flooded and the water rose maybe 2 inches. I wanted to go swimming, but my classmates stopped me. So I settled it by going out when the rain was lashing in my direction and got myself wet. Haha. It's not too bad, really. But when I got home from school I remembered the water heater in my bathroom's dead, which meant that I had to bathe with cold water. Judging from the temperature outside, I might as well strip my clothes off and dance naked in the rain. I was too right. The water was effing cold. I'm honestly surprised I'm not dead yet. Haha. Go, Joanne! Apparently my constitution has grown stouter from all the cider-drinking. So it does work~~ XD

Okay, done shitting for now. I need to go sleep.



Today was a nice day ^^. Went to one of the many museums in Melaka with Sha and Ain. We have to do project for Sivik, hence the need to look at old things XD. But the things in the museum weren't too bad really. They were pretty interesting!

Standing outside the museum

The museum is constructed entirely out of wood and without using nails, except for wooden pegs. It's a very traditional way of architecture, used to construct palaces and houses back in the old days.
You have to take your shoes off though, but that's okay because the wooden floor is really nice and smooth and cool. You feel as if you lived in the place all your life once you step inside =D.
The museum consists of three floors, but the topmost floor (Treasury Room) is closed for now. Not quite sure why.

Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat fighting upon trays- or 'dulang'. See Form 5's Kerusi komsas book for further insight to the story behind the battle.
I really like this display, because of the whole 'frozen-in-time' concept. It's so Matrix XD. And if you take a closer look at the floor you'll be able to see the 'spears' sticking out. Form 5s, it's time to open that dusty komsas book of yours if you don't know what I'm talking about XD.

Some Straits Chinese Porcelain. Nyonya-ware, really. I'm not sure why I bother taking pictures of them when I have a whole load on display at home =_=.
This type's the most common of the lot- a light aqua base with rose colored border and phoenix-peony motifs. On display here are tea sets, vase, and powder box (if I'm not mistaken). Yeah, I'm quite a fan of these things. Parental influence. Haha.
Oddly, when I showed the photos to my parents, they instantly went 'Those are replicas. Not originals' and I went 'WTF How'd you know?! You haven't even seen to close-up @@'
Though I've learned since a very young age to never never doubt my parents (and uncles and aunties- particularly my dad's eldest brother) when it comes to antiques. These old people know just too damn much. Haha.

Arab traders.
Chinese traders

Traditional costumes

I took a lot of pictures of the traditional costumes for the project, but they're really really hard to take! The reflection of the glass display and the sunlight coming in through the windows made picture-taking very difficult. Most of them had to be taken from low angles to avoid the worse of the reflections. I had to take this one lying on the floor XD.

Throughout the museum you'll be able to see these really nice wooden benches for you to sit on if you're feeling slightly woozy. They're really comfy and huge. Three of us could sit comfortably on one. While resting we decided to take pictures 'sebagai kenangan manis' XD.
First one turned out silly, what with me getting my left cheek cut out.

Second try, now with Sha's upper head cut off and leaving the sinister grin behind.

3rd try! Albeit the out of focus shot, at least our faces are intact (though I'm still missing a chunk of chin XD)
Ain fared best in all three pictures, she had her pretty face in all of them =_=.

We wandered round the museum for round an hour and a half, then we went round to museums around the Stadhuys area. We wanted to go to the Baba Nyonya Heritage museum, but when we got there the door was slammed (absolutely literally) in our faces. Because they didn't accept students going in for school projects. What the hell. We cursed for a while, then I had the bright idea of calling Wen Yu to pay a visit to her seeing as I was already in Jonker (I've been hankering to see her house ever since she told me she lived in Jonker- it's been one of my many dreams to live in Jonker- finding a friend that actually does is like finding gold in a drain by the roadside XD). She was going out to visit her grandma, but when we were walking back towards Stadhuys, a car stopped at the side of the road and out popped Wen Yu! Her father noticed us walking (with disappointed faces, no doubt =P) and stopped so that Wen Yu could take us into her house for a while. Gosh, how did he recognise me I have no idea @.@. But it was super nice of them to do that anyway. So Sha, Ain and I trooped into the Chee residence and MY GOD. I was totally amazed. Haha. The place was totally...frozen in time. It's like stepping back into time. It was very quaint and old-fashioned, but in a beautifully family-history old sort of way. I don't know if Wen would like it if I posted pictures of her house up for all to see (she was generous enough to allow me to take pictures), so I'll just post this up:

A pineapple (left) made out of old coins sitting atop a blackwood bench with mother-of-pearl inlay, very common traditional Peranakan furniture. I guess I know a bit too much myself, but then again I think most people living in Melaka would know all this stuff XD.

After taking over pretty much all of bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah, Wen went off to see her grandma and the three of us went to McDonald's in MP to make use of the Wi-Fi and sort of the stuff we managed to collect from our field trip. Also to have lunch, of course. Oddly enough, MCD didn't seem to have Wi-Fi, but we found Starbucks' connection and happily exploited that =D.

Sha-chan <3 br="br">

That's about it I suppose XD. Try visiting the website we're making for our project! It's quite spiffy, and you'll be able to see me blogging in BM- a feat I'd have suffered at 2 years ago, but seem to be doing swimmingly well for now *thumbs up*. Still under construction, but we're working hard to complete it by the 8th of August aka the deadline. Go SHAFAJO! We can do it! 8D 8D 8D.

Nothing much else to say, but since I'm in the spirit of uploading pics, I'll do a couple more. From the band concert! It's so pathetic, really. Most of my close friends were there on that day but I took so little pictures T W T. Oh well, let's hope fate shall allow us to spend more time together in the near future.

The great Rachel and Raveena looking oh-so-sexy XD. Yeah, they're pretty happy.

Raveena and Shi Yea! Shi's wearing my cat ears, tail and collar. Which reminds me that I have not uploaded the pictures of the Anime Gakuen Convention =_=.

Shi, Bao, and I with the two lovely emcees for the night, Rosalyn and Lavanyah (I think that's how you spell it @@)

The afterparty- Yang Berhormat Datuk Bao membuka tirai XD.

There, that should be enough pictures for now. Oh wait, just one more....


I honestly do not know what so entertaining about this doodle I did in my Maths textbook, but my sister was trying to teach me Maths one time and she came across this. She went bonkers and kept going 'WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO THE GRAPH???!!!!!!' She was pissed off and laughing her pants off at the same time. She insisted on taking the book downstairs to show my parents ("Look at what your daughter did!!!! >.<") and my dad whipped out his camera and went *snap*
I find the drawing pretty interesting, really. It's another way to use a graph, anyway. I was trying to draw a living-room from a low angle, and the graph had just the right guide-box XD.

Done for now! 11.04pm. Akito-sama. Time to go sleep. Night night~



Risotto with mussels. Yummeh~~

Goddamn, I'm effing sleepy. And I still have to at least make an effort to study. Second day of UP3 tomorrow. Moral, English, and Science. Ahaha. Moral. Goddamn.

I should stop sleeping in the afternoons- it makes me go woozy. But it's true, what Farha said. 'Apabila saya tidur, saya akan berangan, barulah saya dapat wawasan...' XD XD XD. Okay, so that was shit, but what the hell. It works for me.

I'm going to buy risotto rice the next time I go to KL, then attempt to make some for myself. Which simply reminds me that I've not left my house for the past three weeks except to go to school and tuition. Anywhere else is bleh. Gosh, I can't remember how the outside world looks like nao. I've been living under a rock XD. And, just to answer the question that might just be wavering in your mind, yes, I can cook. Not much, but enough to make edible food, and enough to not set the kitchen on fire. I know how to turn the stove on, at the very least =_=. And at least I know what ingredient goes with what. Mind you, I don't mean all the complicated Chinese cookery and whatnot (though I do have some n00b-ish experience in stir fry and some other Chinese shit XD), but I can come up with some pretty tasty non-Malaysian food when I'm left alone at home and have to forage for my own food. Like cheesy scrambled eggs. It's so dang simple, yet super duper yummeh. Oh, and mashed herbed potatoes. Delish. And that awesome cheezy weezy bacon sandwich I made some time ago. Two different types of cheese (smoked cheddar and mozarrella), streaky bacon and random herbs between two slices of bread and whacked into the oven to cook. Bwahahaha. Oh, I forgot to mention the Tabasco sauce. All hail Tabasco sauce!!! I don't know why, but I just love love love the sour, spicy heat of the sauce. It's not spicy in the red-hot Malaysian cuisine spicy, but it's prickly and heaty- kinda makes your tastebuds tingle. And it goes well with practically everything. Except Malaysian food, I suppose. Lol.

Dear God, I just had dinner not an hour ago and I'm starting to get hungry again XD. Alright, enough about food. Back to studying. I've nothing to blog about because the previous post has satisfied my lust for blogging for now.

I feel like drawing XD.

Wake up Joanne...
How can you sleep at a time like this...
Unless the dreamer is the real you.


Beautiful Alone

It's so funny, I used to like that song a lot. Back when I was super super obsessed with Weiss Kreuz. I still like it though. It's a beautiful song.

I remember how hard it was to find Weiss Kreuz merchandise/cds cause they were so unpopular (and real old, if I may say so =P)

How odd. I found a whole nest of funneh Form 2s with blogs. They're so entertaining. The blogs, I mean. But the bloggers are pretty spiffeh too XD.

BSMM camp was super awesome! I honestly thought I'd end up cursing myself to hell for even bothering to show my face, but I thank God I did. I had lots of fun. Eventhough my voice is hoarse from screaming/emceeing and that I was super tired at the end of the day, and that my feet hurt like maaaad, but I'm happy nontheless. Went to school early-ish (round 7.10) armed with a bucket, slippers, newspapers, a carton of goo (made out of starch, instant jelly that expired back in 2007 and instant oatmeal), and a bicycle pump that would later give birth to my dog Fido XD. A lot of hoo-ha getting ready with the games and whatnot, and that continued on for the rest of the day till the games actually begun. I crapped away happily into the mic and caused most of the general confusion, then there was the recycling competition. During which I ran round from group to group attacking their masterpieces with a green balloon named Fido. He was a bit wild. Didn't have time to train him much. Oh well. Many people wished were dead. Many more tried to kill him. Even more approached me during the camp to tell me he died. It was all lies though. I brought him back home round and green. Didn't see him today though. I think he ran away. Oh noes.
Anyway, after the recycling competition we had to wait for our guest star to come give a talk. He came super late. Him and his other Mr. Lim. I didn't mind much. At least it meant that there was less of the boring talk. And that we had more time to prepare the games. I was supposed to be in charge of the obstacle race but I was too hyped up over the goo (now with the extra special ingredient- dying/dead worms! 8D) so I swapped places. I wished I could've swapped to be in the water-balloon station. All of us worked so hard filling up those balloons and putting them into basins of ice, and yet Xiang and I didn't get the chance to play with them DX. Oh well. Maybe we could make some more during the farewell party *hint hint* 8D. The wormy station was pretty entertaining though. Most of the members who came screamed. A lot of them appreciated it though. At least, they showed signs of appreciation. They stuck their hands enthusiastically into the container anyway.
I think pretty nearly everyone got wet! Heck, I was drenched from head to foot. My socks went all squishy with water XD. When they ran out of water balloons random people ran about drenching random people with random plastic bags/buckets (mine included)/containers of water. It was a hot day, so I've no complaints. If only I wore a black shirt. Haha. Xiang and I were rather disappointed that we couldn't go about drenching people as well, until Xiang came up with the bright idea of flinging the worm goo at everyone. Bao Jun's reaction was by far the best. Ah, the expression on her face when I flung a handful of starchy-worm goo at her. The sound of her scream was music to my ears XD XD XD XD XD.
After all the washing off, we continued on with cleaning out the place (it was absolutely filthy). Ironically, the committees were the ones who stayed back to do the serious cleaning. Not that I minded; I had oodles of fun runnning round filling basins of water and flinging them onto the floor. I wouldn't be able to do that on a normal school day XD. Though the objective of the camp was to 'instil teamwork and co-operation as well as improve interaction amongst members of BSMM' I think it turned out more like 'instilling teamwork and co-operation as well as improving interaction amongst the committee members of BSMM' XD. But what the heck, it was so much fun I think the cleaning out was the best part of the day. You guys are awesome man! It was a complete joy working with you guys *bows*. My sister came around sometime during the cleaning process and said she wanted to 'help', but she only went about being the irritating person she really is XD. It was entertaining. In an irritating way. Haha. After the cleaning I went back home. Exhausted, but I wouldn't mind doing it again. Lol. And that is the end to my rambles on the BSMM camp. Whee.

UP3 tomorrow! Yay!! I'm effing screwed really. BM, Commerce, Economy. Bloody hell. And I have an evil nagging feeling that my teacher's going to kill me tomorrow. Don't ask me why. Just don't question my disappearance if I do disappear. You should understand the reason why. Haha. I just watched I Capture The Castle. It was absolutely disappointing. Maybe it's because I was comparing it to the book, and I really shouldn't have done that. But I couldn't help it. I love that book so much and I really wanted the movie to be like it. Even if the movie couldn't show all the scenes and the script wouldn't quite be as in the book, the least it could do to do justice to the book is make the characters like the ones in the book, and at least make the ending better than it was in the movie. Argh. Such a disappointment. Ah well. The movie's from America (kindly lent to me by Ms. Audrey. Thanks teacher!) so it's uncensored and so you can see a perfect view of Topaz's booobs when she was communing with nature. I watched that scene with my mother. I had adult supervision. So you have nothing to say about it 8D.

Gah. I want the computer monitor back!!! Hurry up with it already! DX. Does anyone have any idea how to vectorize shapes in Photoshop? I'm looking for a tutorial right now but can't seem to find one. If I don't have a solution to it I'll have to wait till the monitor returns so that I may use the Illustrator in the other PC. By then I'll be old and grey. Haha.
Yeah, this has something to do with the whole something-up-my-sleeve-thing-insert-Mao-Ufufufufu~-thing. Here's hoping I succeed! I won't rest until I do 8D.



In Eden, we can be together~


Yay! Let us all celebrate my finally reaching the 100th entry after...uh, close to 3 years of inconsistent-but-starting-to-get-fairly-consistent blogging. Whee! *blows trumpet and flings glitter all round*

I just completed that spiffeh thingey you see up there *points up*. It shall be in honour of my reaching the 100th entry. It took quite a long while...nearly a month? Had to stop for a while to work on art project. Continued straight after, then scanned it in. It's larger than the usual A4 sized drawings I do (it's around A3 size) so I had to scan it in two parts. Then I used some really awesome tutorial on piecing the two parts together then did some touch-ups in Photoshop. Good lordy, my tablet-ing/Photoshopping $k!lLz are getting better! Yay! Soon enough you'll see me whacking out full digital drawings, though I must say I still worhip traditional media. I should, seeing as I've spent quite a fortune on markers XD.

So, yes. Super busy week is still in progress, and what with me being stupidly tired for no apparent reason, I forgot to blog about this yesterday. Well, yesterday was one of the not-so-many historical days in Joanne's life because I finally FINALLY ate food from the school canteen!!! Yes, ever since I first stepped foot/feet into the school when I was in form 1, never did I once eat out of the school canteen. I mean, sure, I do buy bread and drinks and stuff, but not solid meals, like noodles or rice or whatever else. But recently I've been seeing my friends eat all these really yummy-looking food from the canteen and so yesterday I made up my mind to try it out for myself. Uhm...I had: rice, cabbage, and sweet/sour chicken. It was surprisingly good! The cabbage was really nice and soft, not the crunchy sort that I don't like. Haha. Damn, starting to get hungry. Haha.

Right-o, I'll try to suppress my hunger pangs long enough to go about blogging about:


It's parental advisory even 8D

Lol. Anyway, yes, Gazette's latest album, DIM! It's filled with absolutely signature Gazette rock music, so for all fans of Gazette, hardcore or not, this album should well satisfy your Gazette-y needs. The album has quite a lot of tracks, actually. 17 altogether, but there are a few inserts in between. Most of the songs are hard happy rock with a bit of screaming and some turntables thrown in a-la Gazette, but there is still a certain sense of difference if compared to their previous album, STACKED RUBBISH. I think the latter is slightly more upbeat. I'm still loving DISTRESS AND COMA, as well as Headache Man for the wonderful electric guitars. Yes. And I just realised that Reita is just totally <3 br="br" xd.="xd." xd="xd">
Oh LOL. I just thought of it. I could make a band outta my favourite J-rockerS/v-k-ers XD. If Gackt were to be vocalist, Tora (Alice Nine) and Shin (Kagrra) as guitarists, Reita as bassist, and Tsukasa (d'espairsray) as drummer...ahahahahahha. Oh, the joys of imagination.

If it did happen I think I could die happy regardless of all that I've had thrown at me 8D 8D 8D.

Okay, done for now. Whee~


Holy Akito-sama

Well technically it should be holy Gackt-sama up there, but I thought Akito could use some screen time, after all that while of not acknowledging him XD.

Good lordy, I'm stupidly tired. Why am I stupidly tired? Beats me. Probably sleeping late and rising early. Then the overload of accounts close to daily (pretty much every day except Tuesday and Saturdays DX). Not only that, 1001 other different pieces of shit still clamour for my attention, some which are escaping me as I type. God, for a retarded 17-year-old I have the memory of a goldfish. Haha.

Being tired out at the end of the day is a good thing. In a way. Getting occupied with anything and everything possible at every minute of the day stops my mind from wandering into the painful abyss of longing.
Don't go thinking something else you horny horny person ;D.

99th entry! No wai! And I remember the time when I first started this blog a long while ago. I remember typing about me having a previous account but not remembering a thing about it. Hey, so maybe my memory's not as bad as I feared 8D. Ah, I remember that day as if it was just yesterday.
...What day was it anyway? XD XD XD.

Downloading the second half of Gazette's album. Whoo! Yes, I'm excited. I liked the previous singles a lot, so I'm sure this full album will not disappoint. Nuhuhu~

*strings streamers and blows up balloons*

Stay tuned to the next post- the celebration of the 100th entry!!! 8D


What's Wrong?

Gackt-sama's coming to Singapore.

No way in hell will my parents let me go though. No matter what I say, it's pretty obvious that for me to be in the same room with Gackt this year- or any of the years to come for that matter- will be nothing but a sweet, sweet dream.
Doesn't it happen to me every single other time anyway? Every single thing possible gets fucked up one way or another in my case.
Okay, quit it. Starting to get emo *slaps self*

Wednesdays are the highlights of my weeks. I go for Lit class at 6 to 8, then for Econs at 8-10. Retarded, but there's nothing I can do about it. Suffer now rather than suffer later. Eventhough I end up mentally swirled out by the end of the day. Besides, it's not my fault I'm absolutely clueless about Econs. I fare better at commerce.
Gazette's latest album's out! DIM. It should be good. I'm surprised the downloads are swarming already eventhough it's just been released today. I've only downloaded the first part. Will continue tomorrow. After school. Whee.

Dead tired right now. Think I shall go to sleep. Though I still have the urge to kick myself fairly hard in the posterior. Over and over again. You don't need to know the reason why.



Listen to the MUSIC~~~

Well, someone's turning into a rock fan ;D

Hello amphibians XD. Yeah, was introduced to this band---> GIRUGAMESH!. Excuse me for not having the funky 'a' symbol they use in their name instead of the regular alphabet. I'm far too lazy to do anything than sit and let my fingers do the talking XD.

Anyways, yes, I downloaded the album quite a while ago, but due to the looming deadline of me art project, I did not have the time to open up the file and listen to it. I did just yesterday, and wow, was I impressed. MUSIC, as the album is simply named, is wonderful in terms of rock-y-ness and whatnot. They're very d'espairsray-Gazette, except maybe d'espairsray has a heavier, darker aura to their songs. Girugamesh, however, has 'clearer' sounding tracks, with lots of cool electric guitar melodies and spiffeh turntables. The vocalist ain't too bad, a slightly higher-pitched voice compared to Hizumi, maybe a bit like Ruki, but less...screamo? XD Nah, it's actually quite a bit as screamo as Gazette. The turntables give off the same Visual Kei rock vibe as well. Not only that, Girugamesh has this consistent load of rock-goodness throughout the album, so it's practically one great song after another, right up until the end. This album is really not to be missed if you're a fan of the aforementioned bands. I can't really choose favourites, because it is an overall awesome album, but tracks that should be given a shot are Breakdown, Ishtar, Angry Juice, and Enishi. Actually, just listen to the whole album. It's really really worth it. Haha.

Oh wow whee! Gazette's releasing their latest album tomorrow!!! Woohoo!! I sort of forgot about them after I listened to their Stacked Rubbish album, but after listening to their two latest singles (LEECH and DISTRESS AND COMA), I'm keyed up for DIM. Yay!

Oh, just for the record, I'm still worshipping Gackt-sama =D.

3 more posts to the 100th entry!


Rambling Thoughts

Good lordy, bet you never expected me to return with that now, did you? XD

Yes, yes, it's less than an hour since I last blogged, but I just came out of the shower and one of the lightbulbs in my head (one that hasn't fused yet) lighted up. It was...a thought! But probably not long enough to ramble upon. I haven't the time to ramble along with it now anyways.

To all you emo people out there, instead of saying "You don't understand", how about saying, "You of all people should understand, seeing that you are just like me, you'd have probably went through what I have before"

It's a bit longer and lenghtier than the three words you guys are so used to saying, but come on. All you guys do is walk around keeping emo-ly quiet and waiting for someone to notice you. Use that breath before you get halitosis and/or suffocate from your miserable silence, then make people go "huh?!" and badger you for an explanation. See, I'm teaching you how to kill two birds with one stone XD XD XD.

But, yeah, let's get serious (no, not in that way, you desperate single weirdo. I've got someone in mind already ;D). All you emo people keep thinking that "Oh woe is me for no one understands my plight", but...you do realise that you're not the only human going through mixed up feelings, right?

What the hell am I saying. If you actually realised that, emos would never exist.

Anyway, yes, much as emo people like to think that they're the only individual going through dejection/rejection/pain/suffering/dll*, I'd just like to extend (not extent. Don't mix those two words up. It makes you look like a retard that has never opened a dictionary before) my arms to you and say "YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 8D" and then chase you away to go to a bright sunny field and vomit all that emo-ness outta ya.

Perhaps if you opened up and shared your 'bad past' with other people who have 'bad pasts', then maybe you'll find that special someone out there really does understand.

Ahahaha. Look! Five more posts to my 100th entry! I've got to come up with something special to celebrate it. It's a special occassion! To me, at least. I know some of you crazy bloggers out there with 100+ posts don't give two hoots, but oh well. I'll just have a private party by myself with cake and candles =D.

And now it's time for me to go eat ice-cream!!!

*dan lain-lain. It's in the Kamus Dewan. Go check XD

Flop the pop, bop to the rock!

...That was a completely random title.

3 whole days of non-stop (and I mean literally literally literally non-stop, well, minus the hours spent for the band concert), I actually managed to complete my art project!! Whooo!!! *celebrates*. Still a couple of minor tweaks to do here and there, but besides that, I can finally sleep on it. Haha.

Goddamn, I seriously felt like I just gave birth after that last stroke of the marker. Whole body went as limp as noodles XD. The mental and physical exhaustion, yet the happy bliss that it's finally done.

Maybe that's how getting an orgasm feels.


So now with that project shoved aside, I can contemplate on more serious things. Like studying. No. Seriously. Time is running out man! What the hell am I doing sitting down here typing about shit and shtuff when I should be studying??! DX.

I've got something spiffeh up my sleeve. To quote SID's vocalist Mao: [Ufufufufufufu~<3]>


I've Come To Realise Something Else!


Apparently I'm better at coloring humans than I thought I was =D.

Here I go again. Blogging at probably the worst time possible to blog. I think that if there ever were to be some sort of disaster (earthquake/fire/hurricane/etc), I'd be happily turning on the computer and going to my dashboard to blog about said disaster.

*Touches wood*

Good lord, this stupid art project is taking me effing ages. I can't see the end of it. It's scaring me. I have around two days left. Two effing days to complete...well, not too many pages of the scrapbook, but the final presentation. Good lord. It's 30x40cm if I'm not mistaken. How the hell do you expect me to complete something that big in so short a time?! Joanne, you flaming bastard. Screw you and your fucked up procrastinating ways. IT SERVES YOU RIGHT YOU'RE KILLING YOURSELF TRYING TO COMPLETE THIS PROJECT LAST MINUTE. IT SERVES YOU RIGHT!!!!!!! >:( .

Anyways, I'll stop whacking myself across the head for a while so that I may comment a bit on Luna Sea. I downloaded their album, Period, because, well, it sounded cool. Period. Lol. Well, it was quite disappointing, actually. I was hoping for a d'espairsray rock kinda band, but they're quite watered down. Gah. There are some pretty nice melodies and such, but nothing particularly interesting that actually caught my attention. I do, however, recommend this album to all bass-lovers (*coughcough*), because most of the tracks have very prominent basses to them. Yupp.

Nothing else to say now. I am in bad need of sleep. I shall arise early tomorrow and continue with the project. Hope I won't fall asleep during the band concert tho. Them band geeks better not play any boring songs~


I'll Laff When The World Laffs At Me

Yes, this is an absolutely wrong time for me to be blogging, but what the heck. I should be pretty infamous for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time by now. Haha. Anyway, I shall now review two albums I recently downloaded, namely Inoran's Niraikanai and Kagrra's Core. Whee.

Anyways, Inoran. Niraikanai. Inoran is apparently the guitarist of Luna Sea? @@. Hm, perhaps I should just go ahead and download Luna Sea's album XD. They say Niraikanai's a rock album, but I don't find it rock-ish enough. It's pretty subdued. If you've heard Tetsu69's songs, well, Inoran's pretty much along the same lines. Some songs are quite interesting, with turntable backgrounds. I like Unstoppable, Diffused Reflection and I Miss You. Most of the tracks are carefree and happy-ish, so it should work out just fine for people who like pop-rock, or just rock music that is more easy on the ears. I've been listening to too much of d'espairsray, so it's no wonder I'm complaining XD.

Kagrra again! I am happy to say that I am now a fan of Kagrra =D. Their Neo-Japanesque style is something to not miss. Core is their second-latest album, the latest being Uzu. The songs in this album goes pretty much along with Kagrra's signature style; Japanese-instrument-fused tracks with electric guitar and unique vocals. Also with Shin going along with his swanky koto 8D. I like pretty much the entire album, but two tracks I can't stop listening to are Boukyaku no Kogoeta Kodoku and Sai. The latter is a fast, thrilling song, given the strings and guitar. Very very nice =). Other songs worth listening are Kamikaze, Guilty (apparently their first track titled in English), Ujou and Shin Hyakkiyakou. So, yeah. Go get it nao XD.

Nothing much else to shit about. I don't want to bring up my pissed off problems nao, so I'll just leave it XD. Off I go.


Minor Rambles and Markers~

Just a couple of pens on my current wishlist 8D

My days of being the president of the English Language Society are over 8D.

Hari Watika today. The VIPS were considerably punctual, nothing unpleasant happened, and everyone worked pretty efficiently, so the event went by quickly. It wasn't as agonising as I thought it would've been, except when the sun came out at the last half and the left side of my face got baked XD.

Nothing much to update about really. All this blogging is making me abandon my personal journal. Gah. I seem to have lost the urge to journal DX. It's sad, because I really really like writing. But after the happenings of early this year, the manic urge to compose journal entries just went off like a lightbulb. Don't know why. I've tried various ways to revive the mood, but none of them seem to be working well enough. Gah. And I have such a pretty journal too DX. Heaven forgive me for wasting precious paper.

Working on a new drawing after a long while (shut up about me procrastinating on everything else far more important XD). Not sure what to say about it just yet, so you take a look at it once I'm done with it =D. It's definitely something I haven't quite attempted in the past, but it's an idea that I thought of for a long while but never had the guts to go on with.

Oh, oh! To all you marker-philes out there, if you haven't checked out this place yet, I highly suggest you do so right now! I Like Markers is a wonderful blog for marker-addicts, particularly Copics. I stumbled upon this blog when I was surfing through Copic's offcial Myspace. This blog has very useful hints, tips and tricks for rendering with Copic markers. I've learnt a whole lot in the short span of time reading the blog entries, on how to color things I found difficult to do in the past, like coloring transparent objects/water reflections/icicles. With short tutorials on pretty nearly everything and anything and ranging from beginner level to advanced, I'm 100% positive you'll find something out that will make you a bit more pro at markers 8D.

Okay, back to coloring. Expect some album reviews in the near future~


You are the irreplaceable flower


WOOHOO!!! Let us all celebrate the birthday of a God XD XD XD.

Gackt's latest MV's out! Flower!! Woohoo!!! There're two sides to it, A and B. The A one is technically 5.40 mins of just-Gackt sitting down and looking Godlike-sexy. The B one has a bit more action ;D. I am now totally addicted to the song. It's too beautiful to be twue XD. Loving the lyrics, as always. Go Gackt-sama! =D

I guess I'm boring all readers out there with the seemingly neverending ramble about Gackt. Haha. My life is pretty shitteh, so I don't quite want to blog about that. Don't want to waste entries turning them into emo rants. Not with this new swanky colorful look to it XD. Tho I think I'm using Squares a bit too overabundantly- I'll try to draw something special for this blog soon. When I find enough time to do it 8D. And besides, there's no one else special enough to me to blog insanely over except Gackt- unless you'd like to count in the seme, but she's pretty boring and I don't see enough of her so there's nothing much to blog about that XD XD XD.

*gets bricked*

Besides, who can actually get enough of that flaming hawt God of a person? XD.

...Wait. I meant Gackt-sama in that previous sentence, not the seme.

*gets bricked again*



90th entry! 8D Yeah, I know, it's probably like "Whoa God FINALLY I reached the 90th entry" XD. But I won't make excuses. I do procrastinate and tend to forget I own a blog, hence the lack in blog entries. Besides, I believe in 'quality over quantity'


Anyways, what better way is there than to celebrate the coming of the 90th entry and the on-the-way 100th entry by blogging about Gackt-sama? XD. The final instalment of 'A piece of Requiem et Réminiscence ~想いのカケラ~' was released on the 1st of July, and now since I've heard all four singles, I shall blog about them all in one go. Whee!

The 1st Heaven: Koakuma Heaven

Bwahaha. The single that nearly made me cry 1 Litre of Tears (pun intended-or is it a pun? oO;) XD. I mean, come on! Who wouldn't have thought that Gackt-sama might've turned into a pop-transvestite of epic proportions?! XD. But thankfully I kept my ears and mind opened and my fingers and toes tightly crossed, because this single turned out to be really catchy =D. The first song is Koakuma Heaven, obviously. It's another dancey track, though totally unlike Ghost. Though if you want me to make a comparison, I'd tell you that Vanilla+Ghost= Koakuma Heaven XD. The lyrics are absolute porno. Haha. Don't let the pink fool you!
The B-side of the single is My Father's Day, which is, if I'm not mistaken, a song Gackt wrote for his dad. It's very pop-rock, something along the lines of a few of his Diabolos tracks. I know some people out there say it's very Black Stone, but I think it's pretty unique in itself.

The 2nd Heaven: Faraway

Faraway 〜星に願いを〜, another catchy poppy-rock song. It's pretty upbeat and happy-ish, and I'm not sure what it has to do with girls/guys flinging their underwear about @@. All the same, the song has quite a lot of underwear-swinging to it...and hand-clapping. Yes. You'll know what I mean when you listen to it.
The B-side is Oblivious 〜顔のない天使〜. I love love LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Goddamn, it's Gackt going uber-awesome all over again. It's very Last Song, especially with the guitar opening, and the chorus is super-amazing. And his voice is just woooOOOOOooOOOoo~~~ *swoons* XD. If you're going to die tomorrow, you have got to listen to this song today XD.

The 3rd Heaven: Lost Angels

In this here single we can hear Gackt returning to his old awesome roots with a little twist to it =D. Lost Angels is something of a slow-rock song, complete with piano and violin accompanaiments. I like the militarish drumbeats- you can hear it more clearly at the end of the song. The song's kinda like Todokanai Ai to Shitteita no ni Osaekirezu ni Aishitsuzuketa... but I like this one a whole lot better XD.
There're two B-sides to this single: No Reason and Suddenly. No Reason is a regular-though-not-so-regular rock number. It's pretty much a new style, though it vaguely reminds me of White Eyes or Uncontrol (the more I type the more I realise how many Gackt titles I've memorised @@. All the wasted space that I should be using to store History dates and Economy facts. Gah). Suddenly is also another new style. Another song that I absolutely LOVE. This song is fantastic. If you can't hear it on this blog, go download/purchase the single NAO and listen to it. Before you die XD. I don't know why I love this song, but I just do. It's probably the melody. And the electric guitar. Whoo~

The 4th Heaven- Flower.

I love Flower! No, really! It's pretty mellow (hm. Could that be the right word to use I wonder?), and the lyrics are really quite sad. Gah. Go Gackt and his wonderfully meaningful lyrics! ><. I thought at first that Flower would be a slow ballad, but Gackt proved me wrong yet again. Heh. Turned out to be some totally awesome rock song. Haha. Love the melody and the electric guitar. Gosh, when Gackt's awesome he's just frickin' awesome =3. Irreplaceable flower? Whoo~
B-side is In Flames. Can't quite catch the tune yet, but it's definitely rock, and definitely Gackt XD. He goes all high innit. Lol. Not high high, but...oh dang. Go listen to it and enjoy the Gackt-ness of it yourself. Haha.

So, yeah. Gackt. What is there to elaborate? He never fails to surprise and amaze, doesn't he? I've never actually went this crazy over a singer. Not since the good ol' days of Westlife (I still like their songs. They're really good. Go to hell if you're laughing now), and even then it wasn't that crazy. Haha. Hopefully Gackt continues to produce music worth worshipping for a long long time. Long live Gackt-sama! 8D