I'll Laff When The World Laffs At Me

Yes, this is an absolutely wrong time for me to be blogging, but what the heck. I should be pretty infamous for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time by now. Haha. Anyway, I shall now review two albums I recently downloaded, namely Inoran's Niraikanai and Kagrra's Core. Whee.

Anyways, Inoran. Niraikanai. Inoran is apparently the guitarist of Luna Sea? @@. Hm, perhaps I should just go ahead and download Luna Sea's album XD. They say Niraikanai's a rock album, but I don't find it rock-ish enough. It's pretty subdued. If you've heard Tetsu69's songs, well, Inoran's pretty much along the same lines. Some songs are quite interesting, with turntable backgrounds. I like Unstoppable, Diffused Reflection and I Miss You. Most of the tracks are carefree and happy-ish, so it should work out just fine for people who like pop-rock, or just rock music that is more easy on the ears. I've been listening to too much of d'espairsray, so it's no wonder I'm complaining XD.

Kagrra again! I am happy to say that I am now a fan of Kagrra =D. Their Neo-Japanesque style is something to not miss. Core is their second-latest album, the latest being Uzu. The songs in this album goes pretty much along with Kagrra's signature style; Japanese-instrument-fused tracks with electric guitar and unique vocals. Also with Shin going along with his swanky koto 8D. I like pretty much the entire album, but two tracks I can't stop listening to are Boukyaku no Kogoeta Kodoku and Sai. The latter is a fast, thrilling song, given the strings and guitar. Very very nice =). Other songs worth listening are Kamikaze, Guilty (apparently their first track titled in English), Ujou and Shin Hyakkiyakou. So, yeah. Go get it nao XD.

Nothing much else to shit about. I don't want to bring up my pissed off problems nao, so I'll just leave it XD. Off I go.