Risotto with mussels. Yummeh~~

Goddamn, I'm effing sleepy. And I still have to at least make an effort to study. Second day of UP3 tomorrow. Moral, English, and Science. Ahaha. Moral. Goddamn.

I should stop sleeping in the afternoons- it makes me go woozy. But it's true, what Farha said. 'Apabila saya tidur, saya akan berangan, barulah saya dapat wawasan...' XD XD XD. Okay, so that was shit, but what the hell. It works for me.

I'm going to buy risotto rice the next time I go to KL, then attempt to make some for myself. Which simply reminds me that I've not left my house for the past three weeks except to go to school and tuition. Anywhere else is bleh. Gosh, I can't remember how the outside world looks like nao. I've been living under a rock XD. And, just to answer the question that might just be wavering in your mind, yes, I can cook. Not much, but enough to make edible food, and enough to not set the kitchen on fire. I know how to turn the stove on, at the very least =_=. And at least I know what ingredient goes with what. Mind you, I don't mean all the complicated Chinese cookery and whatnot (though I do have some n00b-ish experience in stir fry and some other Chinese shit XD), but I can come up with some pretty tasty non-Malaysian food when I'm left alone at home and have to forage for my own food. Like cheesy scrambled eggs. It's so dang simple, yet super duper yummeh. Oh, and mashed herbed potatoes. Delish. And that awesome cheezy weezy bacon sandwich I made some time ago. Two different types of cheese (smoked cheddar and mozarrella), streaky bacon and random herbs between two slices of bread and whacked into the oven to cook. Bwahahaha. Oh, I forgot to mention the Tabasco sauce. All hail Tabasco sauce!!! I don't know why, but I just love love love the sour, spicy heat of the sauce. It's not spicy in the red-hot Malaysian cuisine spicy, but it's prickly and heaty- kinda makes your tastebuds tingle. And it goes well with practically everything. Except Malaysian food, I suppose. Lol.

Dear God, I just had dinner not an hour ago and I'm starting to get hungry again XD. Alright, enough about food. Back to studying. I've nothing to blog about because the previous post has satisfied my lust for blogging for now.

I feel like drawing XD.

Wake up Joanne...
How can you sleep at a time like this...
Unless the dreamer is the real you.