Today was a nice day ^^. Went to one of the many museums in Melaka with Sha and Ain. We have to do project for Sivik, hence the need to look at old things XD. But the things in the museum weren't too bad really. They were pretty interesting!

Standing outside the museum

The museum is constructed entirely out of wood and without using nails, except for wooden pegs. It's a very traditional way of architecture, used to construct palaces and houses back in the old days.
You have to take your shoes off though, but that's okay because the wooden floor is really nice and smooth and cool. You feel as if you lived in the place all your life once you step inside =D.
The museum consists of three floors, but the topmost floor (Treasury Room) is closed for now. Not quite sure why.

Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat fighting upon trays- or 'dulang'. See Form 5's Kerusi komsas book for further insight to the story behind the battle.
I really like this display, because of the whole 'frozen-in-time' concept. It's so Matrix XD. And if you take a closer look at the floor you'll be able to see the 'spears' sticking out. Form 5s, it's time to open that dusty komsas book of yours if you don't know what I'm talking about XD.

Some Straits Chinese Porcelain. Nyonya-ware, really. I'm not sure why I bother taking pictures of them when I have a whole load on display at home =_=.
This type's the most common of the lot- a light aqua base with rose colored border and phoenix-peony motifs. On display here are tea sets, vase, and powder box (if I'm not mistaken). Yeah, I'm quite a fan of these things. Parental influence. Haha.
Oddly, when I showed the photos to my parents, they instantly went 'Those are replicas. Not originals' and I went 'WTF How'd you know?! You haven't even seen to close-up @@'
Though I've learned since a very young age to never never doubt my parents (and uncles and aunties- particularly my dad's eldest brother) when it comes to antiques. These old people know just too damn much. Haha.

Arab traders.
Chinese traders

Traditional costumes

I took a lot of pictures of the traditional costumes for the project, but they're really really hard to take! The reflection of the glass display and the sunlight coming in through the windows made picture-taking very difficult. Most of them had to be taken from low angles to avoid the worse of the reflections. I had to take this one lying on the floor XD.

Throughout the museum you'll be able to see these really nice wooden benches for you to sit on if you're feeling slightly woozy. They're really comfy and huge. Three of us could sit comfortably on one. While resting we decided to take pictures 'sebagai kenangan manis' XD.
First one turned out silly, what with me getting my left cheek cut out.

Second try, now with Sha's upper head cut off and leaving the sinister grin behind.

3rd try! Albeit the out of focus shot, at least our faces are intact (though I'm still missing a chunk of chin XD)
Ain fared best in all three pictures, she had her pretty face in all of them =_=.

We wandered round the museum for round an hour and a half, then we went round to museums around the Stadhuys area. We wanted to go to the Baba Nyonya Heritage museum, but when we got there the door was slammed (absolutely literally) in our faces. Because they didn't accept students going in for school projects. What the hell. We cursed for a while, then I had the bright idea of calling Wen Yu to pay a visit to her seeing as I was already in Jonker (I've been hankering to see her house ever since she told me she lived in Jonker- it's been one of my many dreams to live in Jonker- finding a friend that actually does is like finding gold in a drain by the roadside XD). She was going out to visit her grandma, but when we were walking back towards Stadhuys, a car stopped at the side of the road and out popped Wen Yu! Her father noticed us walking (with disappointed faces, no doubt =P) and stopped so that Wen Yu could take us into her house for a while. Gosh, how did he recognise me I have no idea @.@. But it was super nice of them to do that anyway. So Sha, Ain and I trooped into the Chee residence and MY GOD. I was totally amazed. Haha. The place was totally...frozen in time. It's like stepping back into time. It was very quaint and old-fashioned, but in a beautifully family-history old sort of way. I don't know if Wen would like it if I posted pictures of her house up for all to see (she was generous enough to allow me to take pictures), so I'll just post this up:

A pineapple (left) made out of old coins sitting atop a blackwood bench with mother-of-pearl inlay, very common traditional Peranakan furniture. I guess I know a bit too much myself, but then again I think most people living in Melaka would know all this stuff XD.

After taking over pretty much all of bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah, Wen went off to see her grandma and the three of us went to McDonald's in MP to make use of the Wi-Fi and sort of the stuff we managed to collect from our field trip. Also to have lunch, of course. Oddly enough, MCD didn't seem to have Wi-Fi, but we found Starbucks' connection and happily exploited that =D.

Sha-chan <3 br="br">

That's about it I suppose XD. Try visiting the website we're making for our project! It's quite spiffy, and you'll be able to see me blogging in BM- a feat I'd have suffered at 2 years ago, but seem to be doing swimmingly well for now *thumbs up*. Still under construction, but we're working hard to complete it by the 8th of August aka the deadline. Go SHAFAJO! We can do it! 8D 8D 8D.

Nothing much else to say, but since I'm in the spirit of uploading pics, I'll do a couple more. From the band concert! It's so pathetic, really. Most of my close friends were there on that day but I took so little pictures T W T. Oh well, let's hope fate shall allow us to spend more time together in the near future.

The great Rachel and Raveena looking oh-so-sexy XD. Yeah, they're pretty happy.

Raveena and Shi Yea! Shi's wearing my cat ears, tail and collar. Which reminds me that I have not uploaded the pictures of the Anime Gakuen Convention =_=.

Shi, Bao, and I with the two lovely emcees for the night, Rosalyn and Lavanyah (I think that's how you spell it @@)

The afterparty- Yang Berhormat Datuk Bao membuka tirai XD.

There, that should be enough pictures for now. Oh wait, just one more....


I honestly do not know what so entertaining about this doodle I did in my Maths textbook, but my sister was trying to teach me Maths one time and she came across this. She went bonkers and kept going 'WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO THE GRAPH???!!!!!!' She was pissed off and laughing her pants off at the same time. She insisted on taking the book downstairs to show my parents ("Look at what your daughter did!!!! >.<") and my dad whipped out his camera and went *snap*
I find the drawing pretty interesting, really. It's another way to use a graph, anyway. I was trying to draw a living-room from a low angle, and the graph had just the right guide-box XD.

Done for now! 11.04pm. Akito-sama. Time to go sleep. Night night~