I question the existence of my blog.

I mean, why am I even blogging? XD. Yeah, to let out pent up feelings and all that normal shit, but I could do that just as well- and probably better- when writing. Then comes in the whole shebang about blogging making my life easier bla bla bla.

But I think I end up reading my own entries more than anything.

Excuse my lack of sense right now. Just came back from tuition, my head feels as if it just split in half =_=. Stupid, stupid form 4s. I started my day today by cursing form 4s. I never thought I'd end it by cursing them as well. Haha.

If only form 4s were like form 2s.

....Wait, allow me to take that ALL BACK XD XD XD.

Rehearsal for Hari Ko-Ku today. I'm in marching. Again. For the...3rd time in a row? I remember going for the past 2 ones anyway. Only to escape the extremely overcrowded walkways. I don't mind standing. It'll only be for a while, then we get to have close-to-VIP seats after that =D. The rehearsal was spent crapping with a whole buncha form 2s that are just plain psychotic. I know a few will be reading this, so I might as well just shout it out: YOU GUYS ARE CRAAAZAAAAYYYY!!! XD. I can't believe it. I got bullied by a bunch of kids 3 years my junior. Goddamn. Am I just too uke to be true, or is this the destiny that fate decrees for me? XD. Anyway, yeah. I was surrounded by a happy load of hyperactive lower sec people who took a great interest to my extremely dirty shoes (it took me several months to collect the dirt. I'm still collecting) and pummelled/whacked/bullied me at random intervals. The band played (quite badly- yeah, yeah, I know, lack of practice/old instruments/bla bla. I've heard it all before :D) and there was this really freaky girl wielding a violin. She was spiffeh, but freaky. Haha. Oh, and I poked the tooba. LOL. It was fascinating. Haha. The cheerleaders performed as well, and...they were pretty shittay. Wait. Make that REALLY shittay. The cheers were all the same, and there was little to no spiffeh moves. Just random clapping and bounding and grinning and a really retarded "sssss....hawt! *clap*" move. They were so "oh, my gosh". Hahaha. I was dissing them most of the time, and unfortunately (kidding. It was extremely fortunate) that the cheerleaders overheard my boo-ing. Was it mean of me to do so? Hhmmm...

Nah, not feeling guilty. Go screw yourselves, cheerleaders. Haha.

What the heck am I spouting. Bleh. ELS AGM tomorrow! Woohoo. It will be so much fun. Oh, and photography session as well. Whee. I shall grin as if there is no tomorrow. Let's hope it doesn't rain too much tomorrow. It did today. My classroom was literally surrounded by water. The drains were flooded and the water rose maybe 2 inches. I wanted to go swimming, but my classmates stopped me. So I settled it by going out when the rain was lashing in my direction and got myself wet. Haha. It's not too bad, really. But when I got home from school I remembered the water heater in my bathroom's dead, which meant that I had to bathe with cold water. Judging from the temperature outside, I might as well strip my clothes off and dance naked in the rain. I was too right. The water was effing cold. I'm honestly surprised I'm not dead yet. Haha. Go, Joanne! Apparently my constitution has grown stouter from all the cider-drinking. So it does work~~ XD

Okay, done shitting for now. I need to go sleep.