It's A...


Yeah, my parents got it for me for my flampastically stunning results XD XD XD XD.

I've had my eye(s) on it for a while, though when I first saw it I had no idea what model/brand it was. All I knew was that the phone's a red clamshell and I like it a lot XD.

It doesn't have Wi-Fi and a secondary camera for personal camwhoring (XD) but other than that, it's a really swanky piece of communications technology and I'm proud to claim ownership. Also, I'm very happy that the red model is a limited edition (released for CNY) because I see a lot of people around with the same phone model. So, yeah.

Close-up of wallpaper~

Reason why Suzuki-san dominates the front screen is that coincidentally, Misaki owns a red clamshell as well, and in JR season 2 episode 5 there was a screenshot of his wallpaper:


Also got myself a 4GB M2 card to go with it (440 songs and counting, W00T), and a new DiGi number. Now I can sms/call my many friends without having to worry about insane costs and vice versa =D. It was a pretty lengthy first sms I sent, but well worth it because it gave me the chance to get used to the Sony Ericsson sms style, when all this while I've been using Nokia's. Sms-ed family, friends, relatives, bosses...XD. If you feel that you've been left out, gimme a tingle and I'll send something over, provided I have you on my contacts list, lol.

That's about all for now. Farewell folks~


And the results....

10 A's 1 B+


I was shocked in both ways, yes. Lol. My parents were stunned into silence.

Considering the fact that I have little to no memory of studying, and that I believe I played DMC4 more that I opened my books, I think I did pretty well, dontcha think? XD.

Had a mini celebration in Papa John's after work at 8 with Brandon, Kay Ai and Reuben. And my boss(es) gave me a slice of cake as a reward. Oh, the joys of happy boss(es) XD. Thank you, by the way! Much touched. Haha.

After that at 11pm had staff meeting and while boss 1 was reading out the agenda, boss 2 said "Stop stop...first thing, an announcement. Joanne got 10 As for SPM." Cue rest of staff to burst into applause, then the meeting commenced. Lol. It was an odd, odd meeting, let me tell you. Yes.

So, that's about it for now. Will update soon enough. Farewell.



The day of reckoning is finally here.

See you all tomorrow. May we all get what we want.

OOooh, this is gonna be nerve-wracking, I can tell XD.



Still busy as hell, but managed to come up with another odd drawing.

Hope to see you bunches at GACC!! If fate will allow things to go as planned, I'll be selling prints and doing commissions!

D'ERLANGER's Masquerade song is