........I believe I've gotten used to the unmappable controls of DMC3.


Just for the record, I know most of you guys out there are probably getting uber-swanky jobs or something. And....no. I don't think I'll be getting one. Haha. Reason being: a) I can't drive myself to my job, b) I'm going to KL to begin tertiary education immediately next year and not to Form 6 and whatnot, c) I feel as if I haven't played enough DMC yet.

...Scratch that last one; I've only got 2 more days with DMC anyway before my sister leaves for KL. Again.

So. I've decided that unlike my many hardworking chums out there, I shall stay and work in the comforts of my own home. By that I mean working online. Selling random stuff on eBay and shits. Yeah. Let's see how well I fare eh? It's either I earn mega-millions, or I end up being a pauper. Lol.

One more day of 2009 left, ladies and gentlemen. The end is near.



...TO ME!!! =D =D =D

Haha, yeah. Today's mah birthday!! After long long last! XD. I got a lot of really wonderful wishes from so many people I never knew would bother to remember. Thank you all so much for sparing me a thought!!! I really really appreciate it X3. Also got masses of awesome awesome pressies from family and friends- including the much-anticipated DMC4 concept book (thanks parents :D). It was a pretty awesome birthday. I'll put pictures up soon enough; just let me get through my sister's 21st Birthday Parteh of The Year (tomorrow) and then my mum's birthday (day after). It's these last days of the year that really get my head spinning. Haha.

So, anyway, I hope that all of you are having/had a really good Christmas! I know I did! XD Merry Christmas everyone!


Christmas Eve

Good lordy I got up to stage 83/84 on DMC4 Bloody Palace when the bloody program stopped working.

80k+ worth of red orbs and 2 hours+ of gaming down the drain just like that. And I even defeated Credo. Wth.

Anyway, Christmas Eve is here at last! Tomorrow is the day of revelations. Of presents. Of turning a year older. Am I ready to face it? Gawd knows. I'm half-asleep right now.

Merry Christmas in advance friends and family. Here's hoping you get to spend the magical day with your loved ones. I know I will be. Thank God. Amitabbha. Lol.



Dang, I said I'd returned to old skool journalling, but right now I'm updating this even more than my pretty book. Gah.

Anyways, life in Joanne's shoes have been turned happily inside out and upside down and shaken very thoroughly. Let's just say I'm going through quarter-life crisis, and I'm not even 24 yet. Lol. But, yeah. The many twisted turns of events that have occurred in my life has broken up and reinforced ties between, well, many people which I shall not name but are very much loved. So. Woohoo. Though I must say, it's pretty fucked up but I'm too busy trying to handle it all so I haven't quite given it much thought myself. Didn't realise that tis the season to be supremely emo (not me, of course, but those around me), but oh well. When shit happens, it happens.

So what else have I to say? Not much, really. Holy Akito-sama one more week to my birthday! Everyone, standby the presents and confetti, for the big biig day is finally arriving! And then, following that up will be my sister's uber-awesome-spinny-fnatastic 21st birthday. Much plans have been made and even more preparations have been done, so it's hopefully going to be a super-amazing birthday bash, regardless of the plentiful shit that got in the way.

And dang, do I hate holidays. I can literally feel my brain disintergrating at the edges. I have GOT to put down the keyboard (trying to complete Bloody Palace mode in DMC. Or at least all levels of DMD mode. Gah, the pain of pleasure XD) and pick up my many art materials. Gotta enjoy the holidays before it ends...all to soon.

Hope that you guys out there are engaged in more useful activities than I am during this hols. Haha. Farewell for now~



Shits have been happening, so I find little time and meaning to go online these days.

But Gackt-sama's new PV- Stay The Ride Alive is an effing awesome welcome when I go online =).

Song's not written by him though; as is the previous Kamen Rider songs he has performed (if I'm not mistaken). However, I'm quite attracted to the electric guitar-orchestrated theme this new song has. That and Gackt totally 101% pwning it to hell [insert fangirl squeal].

Oh, and being the closet fan of Dracula (though I curse modern-day vampires to complete and utter hell *coughhackcoughedwardfaggompirepattinsoncoughhackcough*) that I am, I finished reading Dracula: The Un-Dead. The official sequel to the original classic, it's written by the great grandnephew of Bram Stoker, Dacre Stoker and a Dracula historian, Ian Holt. On the whole, the book was pretty alright, though somewhat draggy and a bit too 'modern'. It's set in Victorian England times, when technology just went centre-stage, but the writing style is very modern Hollywood-action. However, that just makes for an interesting read; particularly if you've read and enjoyed the original Dracula novel- which I know I did. In its sequel, though, Prince Dracula becomes somewhat of an...antihero? The villian of the story is now Countess Elizabeth Bathory, which, I'm sure most of you blood-and-gore fanatics are familiar with. Not going to give away any plots, so go read it for yourself and be amazed. I'm re-reading the original novel now. I gather that I've missed out the finer points of the story when I read it 2 years back.

Christmas in 10 days. Woohoo. Glad to see the tree twinkling in full splendour this year. I shall put pictures up soon. When time permits me to. For now, I bid you farewell.


[Please hit RETURN key]


I've got good news and bad news, and as I'm pretty short of time right now, I shall make a pretty list:

1. I've returned to old skool journalling so this blog might not be updated as often~

2. Parents have bought me the Devil May Cry 4 Devil's Material Collection for my birthday/Christmas pressie.

3. THE HOLY ONE AND ONLY CHRISTMAS TREE IS ALIIVEEEE!!!!! (will put up pictures later).

4. I'm submitting the TOA Storm Warriors design thingy NAO (deadline: 5pm TODAY).

5. Still loving Gackt like never before <3. His new single is effing awesome.

6. I think I did pretty okay for SPM ^^.

7. I'm currently super busy with last-minute Christmas joys~

8. The weather is effing hot.

9. I got accepted into Limkokwing on full scholarship *dances*.


And that's all for now. Will return later with a better post.

Gackt's Jesus is THE best Christmas song ever. Lol. Don't ask me why, but I get all seasonal whenever I hear the song XD.