Shits have been happening, so I find little time and meaning to go online these days.

But Gackt-sama's new PV- Stay The Ride Alive is an effing awesome welcome when I go online =).

Song's not written by him though; as is the previous Kamen Rider songs he has performed (if I'm not mistaken). However, I'm quite attracted to the electric guitar-orchestrated theme this new song has. That and Gackt totally 101% pwning it to hell [insert fangirl squeal].

Oh, and being the closet fan of Dracula (though I curse modern-day vampires to complete and utter hell *coughhackcoughedwardfaggompirepattinsoncoughhackcough*) that I am, I finished reading Dracula: The Un-Dead. The official sequel to the original classic, it's written by the great grandnephew of Bram Stoker, Dacre Stoker and a Dracula historian, Ian Holt. On the whole, the book was pretty alright, though somewhat draggy and a bit too 'modern'. It's set in Victorian England times, when technology just went centre-stage, but the writing style is very modern Hollywood-action. However, that just makes for an interesting read; particularly if you've read and enjoyed the original Dracula novel- which I know I did. In its sequel, though, Prince Dracula becomes somewhat of an...antihero? The villian of the story is now Countess Elizabeth Bathory, which, I'm sure most of you blood-and-gore fanatics are familiar with. Not going to give away any plots, so go read it for yourself and be amazed. I'm re-reading the original novel now. I gather that I've missed out the finer points of the story when I read it 2 years back.

Christmas in 10 days. Woohoo. Glad to see the tree twinkling in full splendour this year. I shall put pictures up soon. When time permits me to. For now, I bid you farewell.