I Hate Twilight

And I don't mean the book/movie, you bunch of retarded Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson vampire fans.

What I really mean is the time of the day, the time when it is neither day nor night. It is neither sun nor moon. Something like an in-between thing. And I really don't like it. It gives me this very uncomfortable feeling, as if there is just so much to be done before the dawn of a new day, but yet there is simply not enough time. It makes me feel restless and agitated, like I should be doing something important and complete it as fast as possible, even if I was in the middle of doing something else. Sitting idly is even worse- I start to think of the number of things I haven't done, big or small, and panic starts to well up in me. Weird, I know, but that's just how it is.

Haha, maybe I used to be a vampire once, and when twilight descends I start to 'awaken' XD XD XD.

But, yeah. I suppose that's why I'd rather get lost in a book, or sleep (tho this is quite rare- I always wake up before 6.30 latest for fear of mosquitoes, no matter how exhausted I am) until night takes over for real. If given the choice, I'd rather not have that time at all in the day.

Wish I knew why, though.

Gackt's hot no matter what time of the day it is; day, night, or twilight XD.

And he's sure as hell a thousand, no, make that infinitely hotter than cheapo Robert Pattinson. They should've let him play Edward Cullen. Bleh.


I'm Sorry Gackt

But I might just have fallen in love with someone else.

Lol. No seriously, how can anyone help falling for such a pretty boy?! XD. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Amano Shinji aka Tora, guitarist of the visual kei band Alice Nine. Woohoo. It's the first time I actually like someone that isn't the vocalist, so...yeah. It's a bit of surprise XD.

Oh Gackt, hurry up and come up with something new! A new single, music video, Bunraku, anything! You're inactivity is making my eyes wander. Haha.


I Won't Blog About It


I don't want to be judged, I don't want to be consoled, I don't want to be criticised. I won't blog about it. No matter how much it hurts. Go seek what you're looking for elsewhere.

Wake me up. Wake me up. Wake me up この夢から.


Heart Station <3

Yesh, yesh, I am alive :D. I just had my first accounts test of the year 2009 today! And while I'm on the subject allow me to continue about it before I explain the pretty picture of Hikki-chan I have up there *points*. Anyhow, the accounts test was happy! Standing ovation, please, because this is the first accounts paper I actually managed to survive without having to go through the whole sweaty-palms-shallow-breathing-heart-thumping thing XD. And I -actually- revised! I suppose that did a lot of good, though I think it was even an hour's worth of revising. Haha. Hopefully I didn't screw up, so yeah. May LSB be proud 8D. I'm also going for two new accounts tuition due to the fact that my previous tuition teacher died on us. Wait, that wasn't meant literally. He isn't actually dead. Just that he stopped teaching and we- the we/us being my classmates and I- were abandoned like little scraps of sweet wrappers. But I'll be going along to Rachel's tuition and this other tuition teacher who has a super-long past with my previous tuition teacher (long, tragic, and very very weird XD. And this dood's pretty cool though I haven't been to his classes yet. When we asked him if he could take us in, he wrote his schedule out for us, then told us that we could follow his schedule, or make a new one and he'll follow our time. And he didn't care about the number of students, time, or day. Is he fantastic or what? And he even has extra classes that you can attend if you want to, no extra charge. Dangit, let's all hope he's a good teacher so that I can get an A1 for accounts. Haha. Anyway, friends and I arranged to have class on Sunday. 2pm to 6pm. Yes, you read right. 4 HOURS OF NON-STOP ACCOUNTS BABEH. WOOHOO!!!!!! XD XD XD. Reason being we wanted to learn the form 4 syllabus again, so...yeah. Isn't it cool? It's like a super-awesome, 240 minutes accounts-marathon!!!! 8D. Haha, my first class will be this Sunday so...yeah. Pray I don't die XD.

Okay, so now let's move over to Utada Hikaru's latest album, Heart Station! I'm not a big fan of female singers (hence the Gackt surplus XD), don't know why exactly, and I never really liked Utada in the past because her songs were...well, odd. But Heart Station is really awesome. It's all upbeaty, R&B-ish, and the melodies are catchyyy. Tracks worth listening to are Prisoner of Love, Kiss & Cry, Flavor of Life, and Beautiful World, but really, the whole album's really good. I should go buy it to support Hikki...wait, nevermind. Saving up cash for wrapping-paper to fuel my deviantART stock account. Haha.

Right-o, what else have I to crap about? Hahahaha. Wait wait!!! I do have more crap!!! It was Chap Goh Mei (something like a Chinese Valentine's Day) last Monday and I went on a boat ride with my parents! Yes, my parents. Not my Valentine. Sad, I know DX. Anyway, after the boat ride my parents and I went down to the quay (it's pronounced kee by the way. Oh the joys of the English language) and I followed the ancient Chap Goh Mei tradition- FLINGING ORANGES INTO THE RIVER!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D. Hahahahaha, another item checked off [Joanne's Craziest Things To-Do List]. It's supposedly a tradition on Chap Goh Mei where single young women wrote their names on mandarin oranges and threw them into the river XD. I only wrote my dA url, but it's enough. I'll let my art do the talking XD. But but...I was kinda expecting everyone to be doing it....and I kinda looked forward to seeing tons and tons of oranges bobbing up and down in the river........BUT I WAS THE ONLY ONE THROWING ORANGES INTO THE RIVER!!!!!!!!!!! DX DX DX. Do you get fines for throwing oranges into the river? Unless...you'd be fined for littering/polluting the river....haha. So, yeah. My 7 oranges bobbed dismally all by themselves. Pretty pathetic, but hey, look on the bright side. I had fun throwing oranges into the river (though people on the other side were staring as if their eyes were gonna roll into the river as well), I can check off one of the craziest thing's I've always wanted to do, and if there were any guys actually idiotic enough to want to go orange-fishing, I have no competition XD XD XD.

I think that's about all I have to say. Unless you'd like to know that I'm going to Jusco tomorrow after school! Don't know why I'm so excited, seriously. I think it's the thought of being able to go stationery shopping and wrapping-paper buying. I'm scouting for nice wrapping paper to add to my collection/stock account. Yesh. Okay, off I go now!! *skips*



[From this dream]

Man, Jesus has got to be my favourite song by Gackt now XD. And...what the. There's freaking bird tweeting its head off and it's 10.44 pm Oo;;;;. What- it can't tell the difference between day and night? Haha. I mean, yes, it sounds very nice and all, but it's just...wrong. I wasn't brought up to enjoy the tweeting of birds in the middle of the night. And yes, I'm crapping XD.


I'm just really proud of this picture cause I didn't do a sketch beforehand and just went spontaneously attacking the paper with a 0.5 pigment liner XD. And I like how it's so flowery and well...pretty. Haha. Here's hoping I don't ruin a perfectly good picture by coloring it.

Aaanyway, went to a book fair today and came back with books! Well, the main reason why I went to DP was for BJ's birthday celebration but I had time for the book fair as well. I got a whole lotta deals :D. Then collected pre-ordered books from MPH...totalling to 8 new books. Whoopee. Watched a movie as well: The Wedding Game. It's pretty nice eventhough it's a Chinese movie. It even had shots of Melaka innit! Yay! Go Melaka! Yeah, it was an enjoyable outing. Hope to have more of them in the future, with more friends able to join.

I hope I'll never, ever, ever turn into one of them ladies that are obsessed with high-end fashion and jewellery one day. No, really. It's bad enough I collect books/markers/random other pieces of junk the way one would collect stamps. I don't want to add in Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and the like into the already long list. Haha.