How's life you ask? Hm, it's fancy. I've been doing/done quite a lot of what I've wanted to do. I've gained sufficient knowledge to not get lost in KL city, I've eaten (still am- expect to see me as a round tub soon) most of the food on the food-I-missed-and-want-to-eat-again list and going steadily down it, my room's a mess with the stuff I brought back from KL, I'm downloading the world into Ronald...

...and still I'm not satisfied.

No, I lie. I'm actually pretty contented. But. I've got nagging thoughts. I feel as if I've gone through sandpaper; pieces of me flaking away and disappearing forever, so that I can only look back but never have again. Is that what new experiences do to you, I wonder? Does it give you new knowledge but take away old parts of you, parts you never really knew you had until you realized you were missing -something-?

Ouch. Ronald's giving me electric shocks. Apparently this is a normal thing with Macs, because the magnetic charger is not earthed. So I can be going 'type type type' then 'OWWWW Ronald what'd you do THAT for?! D='.

Sorry, that was a lame attempt to change the topic.

This isn't suppose to be like this. I'm not suppose to leave for three months and come back feeling at least 10 years older. Perhaps being thrown into a completely new situation where you have to fend entirely for yourself teaches you things. Much as you don't want to. It's not as if it was a period of torture and pain and loneliness. If it had been I might have at least a reason to be pissed off and tearing my hair screaming. But it was the complete opposite. I had so much fun three months felt like three seconds. One moment I was planning my day-to-day life, doing my assignments, stalking (*cough*) random people, making new friends, learning new things; next moment boom. I suddenly feel as if I've warped into a completely weird asshole with no aim in life.

Maybe that's what holidays do to you. The lack of activity in a once activity filled life to the point that there weren't enough hours in a day to do them all makes your brain go 'wha...?' then go blank from shock. Yeah, I can just imagine my brain going '!!!!' then popping off black. Haha.

It's that or I just need to catch up on my sleep.

Yeah. I need sleep.


Running out of fancy titles

Yeah, I guess it has to happen sometime when you've blogged too long D=.

Gosh, I'm missing the high-speed connection back home. During the weekend I downloaded everything and anything I could get my hands on, just for the sake of watching the minutes turn to seconds and the download bar going 'fhweee~ee~ee~~~'. Over here any attempt to download will leave you waiting for at least 2 hours and even then the bar ain't moving =_=.

I'm in love with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi!!! I think in some aspects it is better than JR, because at least it has some knowledgeable...knowledge? (lol) to procur. Like the sneak peak into what goes on in the publishing world. Though I think it isn't as racy as JR, perhaps it's too early in the day to say so? (literally, haha).

Yeah, I'm crapping. Aren't I always? XD.

Drawing with grid is FUN~!! No, seriously. It's challenging, it makes you look stupid when you have to use a calculator to get measurements for the squares (only to realize they'd turned into rectangles), you'll probably wish you were dead when you've just begun, but it's FUN~! I mean, it's like a puzzle where you connect the stuff in one square to the other and when you see it all come together you can't help but go 8DDD.

Not sure when I can ever finish this A2 one though. Next semester, probably. Lol.

I wanna sleep but can't seem to be able to. My brain is on alert. Like really sparkly lights and elevator music going 'do-de-do-de-do~~' round and round. Oh, oh, speaking of sparkly lights...

Oh my gawd I hurt my own eyes X.X

The wedding I went to for the weekend was TIRING but so fun. I can't believe it, I actually spent an entire day in dresses. Big wtf, lol. I looked as if I were cosplaying the Wonder Girls at night, and ironically enough the main theme song seemed to be 'Nobody' XD. At one point everyone, young and old, serious and wacky, were shaking their butts and clapping their hands to the beats XD. I wonder whose wedding will be next and what the next song will be. Haha.

Oh oh, one thing I know, though. Next time my wedding's morning reception shall be at 12. PM. Lol.

Bye bye~~~ *elevator goes down*



What's happening back in Melaka, eh? What's the public holiday for? How come Selangor doesn't get the day off too? =_=.

Anyway, yeah. Hello hello =D. Random ramble-update time! I made friends with some awesome PC gamers lately. Man do I feel like the noob of all noobs XD. But they've kindly undertaken to make me not-so noobish (or rather I made them undertake me- I'm absolutely shameless when it comes to finding games. PC gamers of LUCT, if you see me coming your way you better run the opposite direction- or hand up them games ;D). Hence, Goo-ni now houses Chaos Legion, Resident Evil 5, DMC3 & 4, Splinter Cell Conviction, Prototype and Ninja Blade. Bwahaha. Ironically, though I've gotten (most) of the games I wanted, I haven't the time to do anything more than try them out to see if they were working. Haha. I've got two major assignments going along in full swing- both due week 14 aka very very VERY soon D=. I'm screwed beyond measure. Lol. And this is only the first sem; can't imagine how I'll fare in later semesters, haha.

Oh, and for anyone who'd wish to be interested, I've got a new story up over at my other blog! Go check it out if you like =). I'm sorry for the complete inconsistency- my imagination works at odd spasms at a rate of a few-months interval, lol. And somehow I feel as if my stories are no good; they seem to be too wordy and long-winded. It's more difficult than it seems- trying to find the right words to express the feelings and induce the mood. Sometimes even my Thesaurus fails me T.T. Oh well. Practice, Joanne! Practice is all you need to make your writing $k!lLz aweshum. Haha.

Short post today. Still in love with the two albums I downloaded recently. Karma is still <3 <3 <3. Goodbye for now~



Dance Rock Love

New songs!!!! So happy with them, lol. I first heard of Breathe Carolina from a random song I played on Nik's iPod. Playing Hello Fascination on Tap Tap Revenge was love at first....listen? Lol, that didn't sound right. Anyway, yeah, the entire album is awesome; pop-rock-dancey goodness with screamo bits here and there!!! Then I went and got MUCC's latest album Karma and MAAAN MUCC YOU GUYS REALLY OUTDID YOURSELVES!!!! =D. Personally I don't really like it when singers/band change styles; who would, really? Cause thinking logically, you'd love a band because of the style they already have, if they changed you wouldn't love it, now, would you? But then MUCC totally changed for the better XD. Their new dance-rock style is fresh, upbeat and yet they still maintain their hard rock-screamo style. Totally awesome <3

Went to Mines yesterday and bought accessories for baby Gooni!!! Lol. I can't get over his adorable name(s) XD. Anyway got a notebook cooler, mouse, keyboard and sleeve. I got Ninja Blade as well but somehow or other installation is screwed so I need some help with that (anyone? :( ). Right now Gooni has Chaos Legion and Resident Evil 5 in him so...yeah. =D. I'm looking for Assassin's Creed, POP series and DMC. Help!!!

Speaking of which, anyone watched the alleged DMC5 trailer lately? Big WTF. Go check it out if you haven't and let your jaw drop as mine did. And not in too good a way. Lol.

Assignment time. Farewell~


~I'm Lovin' It~

Name: MACdonald. Ronald MACdonald.
Code-name: Goo-ni <3

Yes yes. I finally have a laptop and internet connection. Let us all celebrate my good-fortune with milk and cookies *hands out doughnuts*. Not too bad deal, I suppose. Got the satin-red casing as well as installed Adobe Suite, Office Mac and Windows 7 Pro. It feels a waste, though, I'm 3 weeks away from end of sem and I have little research to do at this time =_=. Oh well, if I plan to rot at home this sem break (which I won't, heaven forbid; I need to go earn some money for my DSLR in time for 3rd sem *dies*), the holidays will certainly be action-packed. Lol.

Now all I need is a keyboard, mouse, and notebook cooler. Wahaha.

Ima gonna keep this post short and sweet. Will return with rambles later <3. Farewell~! <3

P.S: I'm BACK =D



I wonder why everyone just like pictures of the flag in the breeze. Is it cause it looks so...majestic? I think it looks flimsy. LOL. ISA don't you dare try to hound me. Haha.

Anyways, yeah! Happy Malaysia Day! The day our great nation came to birth (sans S'pore, boo T^T), the hour when we joined multicoloured hands and formed this great land that we're so lucky to be born into! Think about it, without Malaysia, we Malaysians wouldn't be able to meet the people we love and know now. Without this land we wouldn't be educated, love and be loved, experience freedom and enjoy life with all its necessities and luxuries. Go Malaysia, Malaysia Boleh!!! 8D

...And instead of listening to Jalur Gemilang or Negaraku I'm addicted to SJ's BONAMANA. Hahaha.



...I just realized that I have less photos to share with the world than I thought I did @@.

Anyways, we've been doing lots of new stuff during classes. We do new stuff every week come to think about it. Moving at the speed of light. Lol.

So over at Nizam's Draw. Fund class we have to work on shade and tone and draw outdoors aka sit around campus like little lost birds and draw random plants. My subject of choice: yam leaves.

They were conveniently available, so what the heck.

And here's the promised photo of Super-Nayla looking Super-Hawt~

And while we were all busy drawing, a cat came around visiting! It was freaking adorable XD. It came round to us in turn, inspecting us, then decided to take a nap at Denny's feet. So cute.

The leaves are harder to draw than you think though =_=. I have to shade the entire A2 background. In black. With graphite pencil. Wtf.

Drawing organic objects in Analytical Drawing, and due to lack of earphones + JRock, I amused myself and made a friend out of Nik's potato. Ladies and gentlemen I present you Steve Tuberty. You may call him Tube XD.

As you can see, life is not as serious as it should be. I have lots and lots of stuff to ramble about, actually. Like my new Des. Fund lecturer Eric. His Hongkee accent and habit of talking really fast and laughing at his own jokes makes me go LOL but leaves everyone else staring blankly. Then I'm swamped with one crazy assignment after another, so for the week's hols I'll be holed up in my room shading and sticking and doodling and (most probably) swearing my head off.

Oh, and though I'd love to share with the world the fruits of my labours, the products of my hours hunched over at a table without sleep, I can't. All the artwork I've done belongs to LUCT and therefore cannot be posted anywhere else. I won't even be getting my stuff back when I've passed them up T_T. Sad but true.

...This is shorter than I expected it to be. Oh well. Tune in to the next update, folks.

I did it

...I finally made a Facebook account. Lol.

No, this will in no way affect (or is it effect? Gawd my English is deteriorating DX) my performance here on my good ol' blog. You'll still have happy rambles and stupid rants and funny pictures here.

Oh, reason for the sudden change of heart? No, it wasn't because I wanted to get out of under my rock (I honestly like it under there). It's so I can keep in touch with my dear group members for our final sem assignment. Stupid, but true.

(There is that one retarded reason but that's for me to know and for you to wish you could find out but never will)

So...update? Whoa. Too much. I'll make a longer post sometime soon. I've got a whole buncha narratives to spill XD. Too sleepy to concentrate right now, so this post shall be short and sweet.

Oh, oh, oh!. 12 AM everybody! SELAMAT HARI RAYAAAA~~~~~~!!!!!!!!


Boom Babeh


So...yeah. Woot. 200 posts worth of my life recorded in readable fonts, for all the world to view and interpret as their own. What fun.

I'm feeling sleepy. Haha. Let's hope I can stay alive long enough to put all I want in here. Here's something interesting to know: I came back to Melaka exactly one month after I went up. Yesterday marked my one month anniversary in KL living the life of a university first-sem student. How did things go? Well enough. There were shitty moments, but I believe that's all part of learning. And, come on, life wouldn't be worth living for if there weren't some screwups along the way, right? Lol.

So for those of my happy friends who'll probably go along paths heading to directions away from the artistic university, I'll tell you now what you'll learn: sharpening pencils!!! =D. Yes, you pay at least 80k for a degree programme at a (supposedly) prestigious art university and when you go there the lecturer says "okay class, this is how you sharpen pencils~~~".

Haha, no, it's not exactly as bad as it sounds. Foundation year's all about learning the fundamentals, right? So if you can't sharpen a pencil right you probably won't be able to draw right as well. And you don't use sharpeners. Penknives, friends. Cutters. Blades. Whatever you call it. And, mind you, it takes goddamn skill. I mean, anyone can sharpen a pencil with a cutter. Whether you're cutting it right and cutting it well is an entirely different matter. Hence the need to actually learn the technique. You get yourself a fancy brand new pencil like this:

and when you're done shaving off wood and graphite that is apparently of no importance, you end up with a pencil (or two- depending on how many times you screw up) that looks like this:
The bottom one was my first attempt. As you can see the poor pencil lost almost half its life through all the sharpening.

And here we have the keys to my condo in Desaria Villa, complete with adorable monkey keychain.
I have keys to doors that don't even lock, believe it or not. Haha.

And this is me hard at work in Design Fundamental class, JRock music and all:

My classmate, also going into Professional Design after foundation, and fellow banana, Clara:

Classmates Yik and Vincent. Vincent is the one guy I know that openly adores pink (that's his pencilbox right over there *points*). He apparently collects awesome headphones and sneakers XD. And he shops more than a girl. Lol.

Awesome awesome crazy girls, Nik and Jesslyn. Nik is Malay and Malaysian but can't speak BM (she's the only one I know in our class- in our semester- to actually be taking the Bahasa Kebangsaan module, lol). Jesslyn's a happy Indonesian with the trademark Blackberry and she just recently purchased a SE Xperia. Richass. Haha.

Dang, I just realized that I haven't a picture of Nayla. Okay, I'll take a picture with her on Monday. Haha.
Oh, and we were making models for Analytical Drawing. Over here is Clara hard at work with hers:

And later on in the middle of the frustration of getting it all right there was a great need to unwind with funky green glasses, one in the form of shamrock and one Nizam-inspired. LOL. Both glasses courtesy of Nik, long-lost sister of our Drawing Fundamental lecturer. Hahaha.


So...that's about all for now. Yay for the 200th post!!! I'll be heading back to the land of the idiots on Sunday, so there might just be time for another post somewhere in between. For now I shall leave you a picture I caught when I finally stepped onto the soil I spilled my blood upon (is that an adequate translation of tanah tumpahnya darahku? LoL). I just happened to be sitting on the right side of the road at the right time. Haha.

Farewell <3 <3 <3



No, haven't gotten myself a laptop/ an internet connection.

Currently in the library doing some research for Analytical Drawing on koinobori and I found....


Reebok Freestyle Koinobori pack. Gawddamn. I'm in love. Pure love. I WANT THEM SHOOOOOZZZZ~~~~~~~ *explodes*

Yeah, I'm crapping. Going to leave now. Stay tuned.


Weekend Break Over

Returning to idiotland nao. Lol. You don't need to know why I call LUCT that.



Alla Turca

Hello hello~

Heidi's songs are starting to grow on me. Haha. Still loving d'espa's album though.

Anyway, had to do research on a country of my choice for Creative Studies, and surprise surprise I chose to research on Turkey. Yeah, you probably thought I'd do Japan or something. But, nah. I already know quite a bit about the land of the rising sun, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to learn something new. And man, am I glad I did. Cause if I hadn't decided to look up on a place I know little to nothing about, I wouldn't have found out about the amazing Turkish Miniature paintings. It's a traditional fine art style developed during the Ottoman's rule over Turkey. Technically it can be classified as historical paintings, as they are mainly depictions of historical events such as victories, festivals, state affairs, etc.

Original miniatures by Matrakçi Nasuh

And then I had the great fortune of stumbling upon Turkish miniature artist, Nusret Çolpan. Really, it was love at first sight when I saw his painting! I feel so overwhelmed when I viewed his fabulous artwork. Then I came to the unfortunate realization that he has been dead for 2 years already. But not before leaving about 300 miniatures to be enjoyed the world over. I especially love the delicate swirls and the flow of the lines in his paintings. It really evokes a gorgeous, maical storybook feeling, especially when coupled with his unconventional themes.

Artwork by Nusret Çolpan

So...yes. Moral of the story? Don't be contented with what you already have. If I'd just wanted the easy way out, I could've easily grabbed a couple of obvious points about Japan/China/any random country I already know of and use that. But if you're willing to o the extra mile, more often than not you'd be pleasantly surprised with the results you get. I'm actually feeling really fed up right now over the whole 'contentment' thing, but I'll try to forget about it and mmob, lol. Right-o, off I go for now. Gosh, I'm feeling sleepy. Goodnight!



For the time being, yes =D

How has everybody been? I actually got sick in KL. Bleh. It was the life at its lowest ebb, lol. But I'm more or less okay, and I'm proud to announce that I've survived the first week of uni life at LUCT! Orientation week was craaaazy, but enjoyable XD. This first week of classes wasn't much; it was mostly introductions to the modules we were going to study. Spent most of my time getting to know the location of classes and the faculty lounge and making friends. I've come to realize that I make friends in the oddest of ways, so if you see me coming your way (which you probably won't see as I tend to pop outta nowhere when you least expect it XD) you might want to head the other direction.

Oooh, listening to d'espa's latest album, Monsters right now. It's awesomeeee~~~~ *squeal* <3

Anyway, yeah, I've made lots and lots of friends, and met lots of wonderful people from all walks of life. It's really fun! I'm sure there're a couple of bad apples somewhere, but I haven't met those yet *touches wood* and really, the great guys totally outnumber them shadowy dudes. The only two (2) things that irk me in LUCT is 1: Almost three quarters of the campus population smoke like chimneys and 2: Almost half of the one quarter are Chinese-ed. Maybe more; I didn't really count. Mind you, I've nothing against these two kinds of people, but...goddamn~ LUCT is like the one place I've ALWAYS dreamt of being in ever since I'd heard of it, and now that the miracle of me getting in actually came true, it dawned on me that I'm surrounded by the two types of people I dislike the most. Hahaha. But I've more or less accepted it, so yeah. I'll live. Who knows, down the 4 years I might just end up as one of either- or both. Lol. TOUCH WOOD~~~ XD.

So, yeah, back for the weekend. Have to do research for a couple of classes, and buy art materials. There's a huge hole in my pocket already just buying paper. Haha. Downloading all the awesome new releases I missed out on. I'll say it again, d'espa's album is AWESOME!!!! I also downloaded Gackt's single for niceness' sake, and I suppose the song's okay...I watched the video and my heart stopped beating. My jaw dropped. In horror. *Sigh*. Whatever, I've given up on the man. Hope the rest of his fans don't stop supporting him. On a happier note, I listened to Sel'm's latest single, Arrow, and it's not too bad, so going to listen to their other singles/albums. So...yeah.

Okay, done for now. Back to staring at random parts of the screen XD.


190th Post

From the day I was born to the day I die, the only side I am on is my own.

And I'll be gone for now! Here's hoping I don't screw up this part of my life, lol.

Bye bye for now, everybody!!! *waves hands madly*


Oh. Almost Forgot.


And I just realized I'm approaching my 200th post...in about 20 more posts. Lol.


It really takes $k!LlZ

to be able to perform live, don't you think?

Some artistes have really supaaa awesome voices, really smexy and makes you tingle all over XD. But then suddenly they get up on stage and they lose everything. Wonder why, though? Maybe open spaces and loudspeakers don't do justice to the smexiness of their voices. Or something. But I've got to say, the one guy who can really rock out at live performances is, no, not Gackt, but Satoshi, vocalist of Girugamesh. Perhaps it doesn't have all the clarity of the studio recordings, but he somehow still manages to keep up with the energy of the songs, and that's something to applaud considering the kind of songs he sings.

Gackt doesn't do too good on stage, at least that's what I think. But he did pretty awesome during his Requiem et Reminiscence II, especially for Jesus (the song, not the internationally-recognized idol) which is quite a hard song to sing on a normal day. And then we have Ayumi, who sometimes conveniently forgets the lines to -her own- songs. Well, it's no surprise, really. When you've written at least 150+ songs, there's really no blame in forgetting some words here and there. Haha.

Okay, this was really pointless. Off I go.

Here's hoping no one shall miss me when I'm gone =D.

Yes, swanky blog header FINALLY done XD. It took me ages, and I'm still not quite satisfied with it...bleh. I'd like to start over, but I'm far too lazy now =P. Yaay! At least I can now celebrate the official opening of my brand new blog outlook *pops champagne bottle*.

So...yeah. I'm going away! Real soon! Man, everyone hope I get really great housemates that I can click with. Can you imagine just how epic things would be (for them, not me XD) if I can't? Lol. And honestly, I've so many things to bring up with me you wouldn't believe. Though my parents insist otherwise, I think I've really surpassed myself in overpacking this once XD.

Off I go nao~



And I passed my driving exam!!! =D =D =D.

Phear me, ladies and gentlemen, for I shall now become the Highway Terror Of Absolute Lemony Doom. Insert maniacal BWAHAHAHA here XD.
It was actually pretty shitty. The bloody exam car's handbrake refused to go down and I forgot to release said brake on another car when I had to go on the road. Thankfully that was only at the beginning and I was allowed to continue (though the engine dieded twice XD).

On lighter news, I believe my header will soon be done, and I've packed some books/random art materials (not the markers/pens though) into a nice big box. I was considering on getting a heavy duty safebox to store my markers...but...nah. Not practical, lol.

Oh, and this is a little something I made for ex-Lit teacher:

The little bits and bobs are based on the scenes in the drama we studied, The Lion and The Jewel. I believe I owed her one of these since two years ago. Yes, my procrastinating $k!LlZ and I rule the world over, haha.

So, that's all for now~



Still haven't packed art materials, still haven't made blog header, still haven't lived my life to the fullest.

What have I been doing? You ask. Oh~~nothing much. Just downloading the episodes of GS and watching them all over again. I can't believe it; it's like watching a new anime altogether, I can't seem to remember much of the episodes. There're 50 altogether, currently downloading the 23rd one. Go me. XD.

Surprisingly enough, the drawing, though somewhat lacking, is a lot more consistent compared to the two other series that come after it. Now how odd is that? Here's hoping Gaiden greatly surpasses them all, Burial included. I don't think I can live through another disappointment from the entertainment world T__T.

All that said, I shall now leave you all with this:



*It's Time To Start The Countdown*

5 MOAR DAYS!!! O__O;;

And I haven't even completed my drawings DX. I planned to do so before I leave (because I'll probably not be able to enjoy the comforts of my desk for a long, long while) but by the looks of it I don't think I'll be able to.

Gosh, all them pencil lines D=. I never did like leaving my pencil sketch too long, because it tends to be harder to erase later. You'll still have a faint shadow of graphite on places you especially don't want graphite to be.

Goddang, what happened to my colour-coordination $k!iLlz, eh? I believe it's out of whack (has it ever been in sync? XD). Phail, utter phail.

Oh, driving exam on Thursday. Holy cow.

Farewell nao~


Sub-Maintainer Post ver >1.03

Yo yo yo XD.

Expect quite a few posts from me this week. Making use of the internet connection while I still have full access to it.

Going up to KL this Sunday!!! My days of freedom are drastically numbered *dies*.

Anyways, my parents made this a couple of days back...

Lemon cakee~

I actually made one the night before for a potluck with friends, and my mum was so excited because it was our first time baking a cake in a broiler-oven. The cake turned out far better than we expected so my parents robbed me of my last lemon the very next day and made another cake XD.

Today was EPIC PACKING DAY, whereby I packed up clothes/buckets/hangers/toiletries/food/random bits and bobs to drag along with me to uni. And while I was at it I decided to give my faithful shoes a wash. I actually don't remember washing them ever since I first got them (2+ years back, LOL). They were so dirty I doubt anyone could've discerned them as Nikes XD. But they came out a superb white after a good scrub.

At this rate, I won't be needing a new pair of shoes XD. Though they do have some minor cracks at the sides...oh well. I haven't quite found my dream shoes yet, though I've searched everywhere in Melaka and KL...perhaps I'm not searching at the right places T__T. Anyone know where I can find a pair of awesome looking sneakers? I'm currently setting my sights on Reebok Freestyle Hi, though not the solid-coloured ones, and/or Reebok Women's Top Down. Actually just looking for a pair of red hi-tops, but they're either extinct or really good at hiding =_=.

Oh yeah, excuse the funny-looking photos. I just don't happen to have a camera with customizable aperture settings, apparently. What I do have, however, are a tablet and a powerful photo editing program that I can wield to fake aperture. And even then I didn't do a too good job. Lol. I was in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't pay much attention to the teeny details XD.

So, yeah. More or less done for now. Off I go, then. Bye bye! *waves*


Sub-Maintainer Post ver >1.02

Haha, here's another random post specially for random ol' you =).

So Zero-Sum (Japanese monthly serial comic that publishes Saiyuki Reload/Gaiden/Reload Blast)just reached their 100th issue (omedetou gozaimas'! *pops balloons and flings confetti*) and they released a whole load of goodies to snag. Damn, I take back what I said about sometimes liking Malaysia. I don't care what kinda floods they have up there in the land of the rising sun, but I wanna go there. Naow. Lol.

...A keyboard + mouse set!!! Awesome, right?? Okay, even if you don't think so, just pretend to be excited, dangit. Lol. Picture courtesy of Minekura-san's official blog.

And and and! Check this awesome pic out! I don't even know what this is for!!! 8D 8D 8D. The boys look so cute, all wrapped up like that. Lol.

So, uhm, yeah. This has been a waste of time. Off I go. Again. Farewell~

Maintainer Post ver -1.02

If you haven't noticed, then I'll just mention it right here, right now.

I've stopped loving Gackt No, that's not it. I've changed the blog url. So you might wanna change the link you have on your own blogs/sites sometime soon or you'll never be able to follow up with the awesome randomness that is I.

...And just in case any of you were wondering, yes, I'm still stupidly sad.

Sub-Maintainer Post ver >1.01

No, I'm not actually done with revamping my blog. Still have the header to go, which will probably take a while longer.

Is this place a twee bit too red? I can't quite tell, because I like the colour red a lot and too much is never enough. But it'll be nice to hear opinions from people reading.

Not sure why I'm blogging right now, but while I'm here I'll just say that I read all my nonsensical ramblings over yesterday; right from the first post. I actually burst out laughing at some of the odd phrases I used. And I can't quite digest all the insane happenings that, well, happened. Yeah, reading back also made me remember just how much I loved Gackt. Past tense wholely intended T____T.

It's a nice cloudy day today. Someone must've forgotten to stoke the fires of hell, lol. It rained a lot in the morning, but stopped now. The birds are all perched on the telephone wires looking like large, ruffled balls of fluff. Very very very cute. I wanted to take a picture of them but they flew off when I slid the window open. Guess they're camera shy *shrug*.

I think I'll go back to drawing now. Will be back.


Probably my first and last post...

...about Gackt.

...I mean COME ON WHAT ON EARTH IS UP WITH HIS LATEST IMAGE???? Who the hell is he trying to be, Michael Jackson?! It's too soon for a new Michael; he probably hasn't even bio-degraded yet (no offense MJ). But seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY. Jesus!! Gackt-sama, you were unbelievably hot as you were, it wasn't neccessary at all for you to try to get a 'new' look. Bah. What's up with the sparkly line of silver down the cheek, the braid in the hair, the fedora, the shitastic MJ-esque (again, no offense. After all, only MJ and MJ alone can pull off something like that, believe you me) pose???!!! His latest song isn't at all nice either. How come it's starting to sound so stereotypical? If you were to listen to his earlier tracks and compare them with the latest ones, you'd notice the huge difference yourself. His songs are just...losing the Gackt-ness of it. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, I love his voice, I love his everything. But maybe that should all be in past tense. Ah.

...Is this how some people feel when they break up? Lol.

Joking aside, whoa. Come ON, people. You should know from my countless, endless rambling posts with the frequent usage of the alphabets G-A-C-K-T (maybe that's why my G key is starting to be less responsive. Hm.). When I was feeling the worst of feelings, I listened to Gackt's sexy voice and somehow manage to feel better. How I gushed over all the little bits of eccentricity that puts the G in GACKT. I think I irritated almost everyone around me 24/7 with "Gackt this" and "Gackt that". And remember just how excited I was when the Jesus video came out? I improved my side reading trying to play Last Song. I WROTE AN ESSAY ABOUT HIM IN A MID-YEAR TEST FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Gackt wasn't just an idol to me; he was my GOD.

Maybe it's because my love for him was just that intense, hence the reason why I got horribly disappointed by the new him.

I'm sorry if I actually made the other Gackt fans raging mad (and probably one or two MJ fans as well). Forgive me; but Gackt has let me down this time. I hope he hasn't for anyone else. In fact I'm hoping he reaps a million more fans with his new image. Because, without a doubt, this fan over here is burying the fangirl within her until he makes some sort of miraculous comeback.

Yes, I'm still hoping. I love him just too damn much.


...The hell. My dad just commented "Is this man worth shedding tears for?" And when I replied YES, he walked away saying "Go ahead and start crying then. But don't use the tissue papers....I paid for those."


Maintainer Post ver -1.01

Good evening family and friends,

Goddamn, who am I blogging for anyway?! No one reads my shit >.>.*

So, right, just going to happily announce that I'm getting married going to re-design this place, so until I come up with something really fancy, this place shall not be updated.

There isn't much for me to say, anyways. Only that ima gonna go for my driving exam this coming Monday and I'm leaving for uni in approximately 2 weeks (and I haven't started packing) *dies*.

Farewell nao~

*The answer to that pretty obvious question is myself, of course.


To follow up with previous post...

Fancy picture courtesy of otakureview.net~


Man, I totally cannot remember the last time I was THIS excited over an upcoming anime.

...Oh wait. Maybe I do. Junjou. Season 2. Right.

*Squeals madly* Saiyuki Gaiden!! Coming out! Animated pixels! Squeesqueesquee.

That's all. Goodnight XD.



Went and read Gaiden from beginning to end. The tears were rolling all over again.

Yes, it appears that I've been doing less and less "berfaedah" things in my life as of late.

Bleh, I need to re-design this blog all over again. All them little bits and pieces hanging out and around. Gotta stuff them back into their places *prod prod*.

I've been listening to a lot of FLOW lately. Yeah, totally out of sync with the hardcore JRock I'm accustomed to. But then, FLOW appears to specialize in happy tunes. And no one can say no to happy tunes =D.

'Oly Akito-sama, Adam Lambert has a new MV?! If I Had You. One of those happy songs. Oh noes, Gackt-sama, stop slacking! Come out with something new! Go Gackt-sama GOOOO!!!!

...I'm rambling. I'll stop right now. Farewell.



To tell you the truth, I'm actually feeling kinda pissy right now. One cause I've just come to realize the fact that my phone camera isn't quite as good as I thought it was (yeah yeah, I'm hiding behind that- the plain truth is that I'm a sucky photographer =_=), two because I can't colour hair with Copics. Phail.
Number one on my Improve Copic $k!Llz list: Hair. And good lordy, I don't seem to be making much headway in improving. I'm an absolute failure.

Anyway, I made this for breakfast today~~:

What better way to start a lovely summer morning than with fluffy pancakes drenched in golden orange syrup? Yeah, I've been doing a lot of rocket science in the kitchen these days. It's that or being stuck in a game. Haha. Anyway, I was just wondering how to make syrup, so I boiled equal parts sugar and orange juice along with some orange zest, and ta-da~. I actually had plenty of doubts of the taste at first (it's -really- sweet. Period.) and it smelled funny when I left it to cool. But now that's it has cooled off completely overnight, it has this supaaa awesome orangey-gold colour and it smells of a thousand lost Sunkist orange souls XD XD XD XD. It tastes just as good, so boo-yeah. What can I say? I've beginner's luck. It'll probably explode the next time I attempt it XD.

I have this sudden urge to re-read the entire Saiyuki manga. That or return to practicing my phailing Copic $k!lLz. Farewell now~


Sometimes I like Malaysia~

Underline the word like, mind you. It's one of the few times I really mean what I say.

Anyways, yes. Sometimes when the weather becomes hotter than hell down here in the inferno of the world (call me a hypocrite, not knowing enough to know just where the world's furnace of hell really is. A girl should be allowed to exaggerate dramatize sometimes, yeah?), when the temperature reaches its climax (XD) and everyone goes screaming "IT BURNS! IT BURNNNNSSS!!!!!", you tend to yearn for something cold to beat the heat.

Hai, soba des' =D

Cold soba!! =D. Honestly, it tastes really good, even better on hot summer-forever days. I have to say, apart from grilled saba, cold soba has got to be one of my ace favourite Japanese foods.

Okay, to the less-fortunate, soba is a kind of Japanese noodle, one of the three popular kinds you find in Japan, at least (the other two being ramen and udon). It's made of buckwheat, hence its unique, speckled brown colour (Useless information=> Copic freaks, I have reason to believe the colour matches Copic marker E71 XD XD XD). In summer the Japanese eat it cold; the cooked soba lying on a bed of ice, then each mouthful dipped into a special sauce made out of soy, chopped spring onions and a raw egg (yes, raw. It's usually a quail's egg but for the eggier people a regular chicken egg does much justice). In the winter it's served in hot broth, if I'm not mistaken. Whatever the case, I'm for once just glad it's always shining here in good ol' Malaysia, cause that just means I get to eat cold soba all year round =D.

Oh, in case you're wondering where you can get your hands on some of these yummy noodles, you can get them at most major supermarkets, but your chances are better at the Japanese based ones (e.g Jusco/Isetan). For me, I got mine at the new Daiso over at Aeon. Yes, yes, 5 bucks for a pack of soba!! Another 5 bucks will get you the soy sauce for the dip. Awesome, I know. Haha.

Anyways, I haven't much else to say. Lol. I haven't been seeing much of my random happeh acquaintances lately. I'm sorry for being such a bad friend DX. I honestly don't mean to not attend your meetings and to not accept your invitations. It's just that...well, I guess it's no surprise when I say I tend to do the wrong things at the wrong times. Bleh. And trust me, I'm not as great a conversationalist as you might think me to be. I'm bewildered at how my sister can find so much to talk about when she's hours on the phone. Though I suppose that'll be because she's had 10+ years (and counting) of experience spending hours on the phone. Whoa O_o;. Long story short, I'm sorry for being almost-completely-useless to all those whom I consider (and hope to be considered as) friends, and that I promise to try better. Hey, maybe I'll just make a Facebook account after long last =D.

Hah. Scratch that last one.

In this shot, it actually looks like it's sparkling. Lol.



Oh Lol

Hello again!!

Yeah, I pretty much abandoned this place, didn't I? XD Can this get any more retarded? Back in the olde skool days I blogged as if there was no tomorrow, even during periods when I shouldn't be blogging. Now that I (kinda, more or less) have all the time in the world I drop by and leave a nonsensical entry every month =P.
Anyways, it might just interest you all that I've broken up with Gackt. LOL. Kidding kidding. I'm waiting as patiently as I can for his latest single, Ever. Whooo~~~ Gackt-sama is finally going to release something new! =D. Uhm, I haven't been doing much with my life, really. Driving lessons and the Prince of Persia trilogy have been taking up all my time this past weeks, more on the latter, of course XD. To think I'd wasted all those good brain cells trying to solve ridiculous puzzles and pulling off retarded acrobatic stunts. But it's more or less over; I've finished the 2008 game and I actually did not bother to play The Two Thrones because I was a bit fed up with the storyline by then.
So...uhm, I made more lemon curd! Gave it away to as a birthday present. Bought a fancy jar and even made swanky labels to go with it. I'm telling you, it was dang pro-looking, haha.

Curd of lemons. Lol.

I went on a lemon curd making spree that one day, because my sister was going away to Sarawak for a week and she wanted to give curd to her friends. Which was a bit stupid, because lemon curd is sure as hell not part of the local flavour, and besides she'd already bought an overload of kaya. But, oh well. Oh, and I watched Prince of Persia, Shrek and Toy Story 3. TS3 was AWESOME I tell you. Mainly because I've been a fan since I was a kid. I think my sister and I were the only ones in tears at the end, haha. Can't help that. When you've been brought up knowing your toys are real, voice-acting them and making up endless adventures for them, it's no surprise you'd end up crying at the end of the movie XD. That's what is called a heart, so there.

Oh, oh, Saiyuki fans!!! I was reading the omake of Saiyuki Reload Blast, and big LOL. Cliche as the personality switch is, I bet plenty of Saiyuki fans would be eager to read the omake. I mean, come on!!! In all my 9+ years of knowing and loving Saiyuki, I never thought I'd live to see this:

Behold, the great Sanzo-sama, reloaded (lol, pun wholely intended)
Now would you fancy that, he actually looks good with that happy beam XD.

Hm...other than that, I guess I've nothing else to ramble about. I'll be off then. Farewell for now~ <3


Why hello there~

Boom. Yeah, back again, babeh.

To tell you the truth, I'm not actually bouncy happy now, but I decided that May's done in enough of its days already, and this blog is in need of some updating.

So, yeah, two days after the previous post (XD), I went off to the comic store up on Aeon's 2nd floor during my break. Originally I intended to buy the set of Saiyuki Reload (but I didn't in the end- it was only up to the eighth volume) but ended up spending many minutes debating on whether I should purchase the Saiyuki Reload Original Reproduction Picture Collection instead. It must've looked pretty odd, me walking round the store deep in thought XD.

Didn't ponder for long, not after the salesgirl told me they only had one in stock.


I'd actually expected it to be a graphic book like the Salty-dog series and Sugar Coat, but man was I deluded. It turned out to be this awesome awesome awesome set of 24 37cmX25.7cm glossy pictures *insert fangirl squeal here*

The 24 sides of Saiyuki awesomeness~

And the great part is that I've only seen a couple of them, so it turned out as a nice surprise. Man, Minekura-sensei's $k!Llz are just gawd-awesome, haha. And dang! Goku is totally showing signs of growth; in earlier pictures he looked all happy kiddy- now he's supaaa yummeh XD XD XD. I realize Minekura-sensei tends to give him the more dynamic poses, perhaps it's because he's just hawt. Lol.

(Holy crap when was the last time I fell for a nonexistent character again?! Was it Dante/Nero? Or Iori Yagami? Oo;;)

Anyway, a couple of days later after that, I went ahead and practiced my anatomy/Copic $k!Llz after long last. Haha, no, the real reason I went a-drawing was that I found some new human models to draw. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Ah Choy- the servant the Loo family wished they had =D.
Sibling love~

That's Ah Choy on the right. No, that's not his girlfriend, it's his younger sister. It all started when my dad and I started ordering around this (imaginary) servant to the jobs we were supposed to be doing, i.e sweeping, mopping, the dishes. I'd actually imagined Ah Choy to be one of them old-fashioned Chinamen with the braid and cap and brown samfu and little round glasses. Then one night (while doing the dishes, I'd like to add) I couldn't help but let my imagination wander and I thought, "What if Ah Choy wasn't the old-fashioned Chinaman we thought he was?...". Sketch-hour later produced a handsome young man with six-pack and sexy hair and I could only grin and think "Yup, that's Ah Choy, all right." Between my dad and I, we got Ah Choy's story all planned out and sounding like some awesome action-packed manga XD. Technically the plot's classified (Loo family members only, sorry XD) but we've agreed that Ah Choy's a handsome dood with kickass kung fu up his brown sleeves disguising as a common house lizar- I mean, servant (XD) in order to escape his 'dark past'. He's also in search of his younger sister whom he was separated from, and he found her eventually. Yeap yeap.

Riight...after doodling Ah Choy out, I went and made myself some lemon curd! Traditionally lemon curd is meant to be eaten with scones, hence the need to purchase scones from Coffee Bean the next day after work.

I made the curd at 12am...round there. Lol. I did it on the spur of the moment, really. The recipe's easy-peasy; eggs, lemons and sugar. It's the process that took absolute ages- stirring the mixture non-stop over the fire (to prevent the egg from cooking and you end up with a lemon omelette). The results, however, were very satisfying, when you pour out this wonderfully thick, custardy lump of golden lemony goodness. Man, it was as if the sun was shining at one in the morning when I was finally done with it XD. And it tasted awesome too- all sour-lemony though I think it was a bit eggy, must remember to put one egg less the next time I make it.

Afternoon tea, anyone?

Went up to KL on the 7th to get my sister back and and and~~~~~~

*holy music*
(Ignore the cluttered background by the way)

Bwahahahahaha. Yes yes, it's salty-dog VI, babes XD. I haven't spent at all this May; making up for the crazy load I splurged on this (and Reload volumes 3 and 4- English version, mind you. The Kinokuniya guys must've thought me a mad fan). But anyhow I'm glad I did because the book's AWESOMEEE~~~~~!!!! There're a couple of images from Bus Gamer, more on Saiyuki Reload, and a pretty decent amount from Gaiden. Though I don't quite approve of Minekura-sensei relying on CG more compared to older drawings. It's not that I don't support CG and technology, but...let's just say I'm old-school, yeah?

This is an unnecessarily long post, isn't it? =P You must be bored by the load of crap I'm rambling. Okay, let me just finish it off with my latest drawing, completed just today:

Blue Horse

Has anyone heard of SaDingding? She's this awesome fusion-folk singer of Chinese-Mongolian descent. She has an amazing vocal range and an even more amazing music-style. She seamlessly blends traditional instruments, Buddhist scriptures and mantras together with dance-electro beats and electric guitar. I was inspired to draw this picture after listening to her song of the same name from her 2nd album, Harmony. I'm not quite sure how Dingding imagined her blue horse, but, well, this is how I imagined mine =D.

To those totally unfamiliar (and perhaps many of you would be), the pattern on the horse is called willow-pattern! It's actually from Chinese ceramic-ware, where the design is painted on vases/pots/crockery with cobalt dye, if I'm not mistaken. These blue pieces were very popular with the Dutch, so much so that the Dutch actually came to produce their own sets of 'delft blue' ware, greatly inspired by the original Chinese pieces.

Personally speaking I never actually had an overly-obsessed liking to the willow-patterned ware, simply because I found the blue and white a bit too boring (hence the reason why I prefer the more bright colour combinations of traditional Nyonya-ware) but somehow when I tried to visualize the 'Blue Horse', I couldn't think of anything better-suited than this. I suppose, having grown up living and breathing together with antiques, the patterns have been set deeper into my mind than I thought they would =D.

Anyway, I've typed far too much, therefore I shall stop now. Oh, news! I'm going to stop working in Papa John's end of the month, so if you want to catch a last glimpse of me running madly in a green shirt, hands laden with pizza paddles, plan your trip to these last weeks =3.

Off I go nao~


Next graphic book (this is a Saiyuki ramble post)----->

Minekura-sensei's Salty-dog VI =D.

Gah, what on earth have I been doing with my life away from the Saiyuki world eh? XD I remember how I got totally bowled over by the awesomeness of Gensomaden when it first came out on AXN back in 2000/01. Gosh, is it ever easy to forget your first love? Saiyuki was the first anime that drew me into a whole new (then very under-populated) world. It also drew me into the deep dark netherworld of yaoi *coughcough* but let's not go further than that. Haha.

Anyway, completed the reading of Gaiden yesterday, and DANG was it stupidly sad. Should've expected it but my little mind with half a brain actually thought that there would be a happy ending. Crap, I should've known Minekura-sensei will never shy away from dramatic-climatical scenes. Bah.


Oh, rumours have it that Gaiden's going to be made into an OVA or something. Holy cows, Saiyuki fans rejoice! For now we shall have the sun-gold (pun wholely intended) opportunity to view the sad scenes all over again, now in 100% technicolour animated pixels!!! XD. Though sad or not, I am sure as hell not going to miss out on this one. I've missed out enough, dangit. Next up: I shall leap up onto Hakuryuu's back and fly to Kinokuniya and get Saiyuki Reload 9. When's the 10th coming out I wonder? =_= Hurry up, dangit.

...By the way, I hear that Form 6's starting up soon, huh? May 10th or something? Hehe. Have fun, Form 6-ers! I myself have uncertainties of when I'll be going off. All I know vaguely is that it'll be somewhere in June. I think. Oh lols, my future suddenly seems all black and misty.

Anyways, working at 4 today so I shall now go amuse myself by watching Saiyuki Burial on YouTube. I LOVE how the animation turned out for this latest installment; the drawing is amazing and everyone looks consistently hot. Haha. Right, I'll stop rambling. Off I go now.

P.S: Happy Labour Day everybody! Labour Day, May Day, whatever you call it. Anyone read Howl's Moving Castle? May Day being the day where all the young ladies get courted by young men or something. Lol. Ja~