Next graphic book (this is a Saiyuki ramble post)----->

Minekura-sensei's Salty-dog VI =D.

Gah, what on earth have I been doing with my life away from the Saiyuki world eh? XD I remember how I got totally bowled over by the awesomeness of Gensomaden when it first came out on AXN back in 2000/01. Gosh, is it ever easy to forget your first love? Saiyuki was the first anime that drew me into a whole new (then very under-populated) world. It also drew me into the deep dark netherworld of yaoi *coughcough* but let's not go further than that. Haha.

Anyway, completed the reading of Gaiden yesterday, and DANG was it stupidly sad. Should've expected it but my little mind with half a brain actually thought that there would be a happy ending. Crap, I should've known Minekura-sensei will never shy away from dramatic-climatical scenes. Bah.


Oh, rumours have it that Gaiden's going to be made into an OVA or something. Holy cows, Saiyuki fans rejoice! For now we shall have the sun-gold (pun wholely intended) opportunity to view the sad scenes all over again, now in 100% technicolour animated pixels!!! XD. Though sad or not, I am sure as hell not going to miss out on this one. I've missed out enough, dangit. Next up: I shall leap up onto Hakuryuu's back and fly to Kinokuniya and get Saiyuki Reload 9. When's the 10th coming out I wonder? =_= Hurry up, dangit.

...By the way, I hear that Form 6's starting up soon, huh? May 10th or something? Hehe. Have fun, Form 6-ers! I myself have uncertainties of when I'll be going off. All I know vaguely is that it'll be somewhere in June. I think. Oh lols, my future suddenly seems all black and misty.

Anyways, working at 4 today so I shall now go amuse myself by watching Saiyuki Burial on YouTube. I LOVE how the animation turned out for this latest installment; the drawing is amazing and everyone looks consistently hot. Haha. Right, I'll stop rambling. Off I go now.

P.S: Happy Labour Day everybody! Labour Day, May Day, whatever you call it. Anyone read Howl's Moving Castle? May Day being the day where all the young ladies get courted by young men or something. Lol. Ja~