Merry Christmas

To you, and you, and you.

Almost time to get out there and meet and mingle. Nothing much a-doing in the morning and afternoon. Presents, pictures, lunch and afternoon snoozle. If it wasn't for the presents it'd have been pretty much like any other day. Not that I minded. In fact, it's a lot easier on myself and everyone to have a perfectly relaxed day and not come up with fuss and parties and bigass celebrations and whatnot.

I'll take piccies of me pressies for loading eventually. And wow whee, when will I ever begin to do this blog makeover I've been talking about since forever eh?

The day is drawing nearer to a close, and soon it'll be the 26th and my sister's birthday and another year before the next season of giving and receiving.

This is probably the coldest Christmas I've ever had. Cold and very wet indeed. Kept raining on and on the whole day, on and off. Sometimes little drizzles; little droplets, sometimes bitter showers that threatened to never stop.

I hope it won't rain next Christmas. I hope it wouldn't ever have to rain again.


Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to youuuu~

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody! Here's hoping you'll be surrounded with your loved ones and everything that is dear to you all this holiday season. And may the year 2012 be awesome for everyone, whether it is the last year for all of us or not.

I'm in the mood for rock all of a sudden. I realized that I started the year really hardcore, and then it slowly mellowed out to oldies and slow rhythms and stuff. It's good to know I still appreciate the goodness of J-Rock and whatnot. Red by Gazette is an amazing song for me (and named after my favourite colour too =P), but I still think D'espairsray is the best JRock band I've listened to yet. Why must the good ones all disband? Why oh why.

2011. How has it been? Looking back, it felt like an awfully long year. So so many new experiences, so many things accomplished, and yet even more are still undone. Most nights I'm lying in my bed trying to recall all the things I did this year, everything that happened. I'll try piecing them a bit better and prepare a nice long post about it as a 2011 wrap up. Pinky promise.

For now, it's Christmas Eve, and it's so cold it feels as if it could snow. No sun, cloudy, a hint of drizzle here and there. I went out to the garden in the morning with DeeDee to take a couple of shots of the raindrops hanging on the passionfruit vines and the large leaves.

I can't remember the last time I went out into the garden during a shower. It's still my favourite kind of weather though. When it's cool and the world outside is full of raindrops and grey, and the inside is warm with yellow lamps and soft pillows and fluffy slippers. Plus the lighting is just right for nice photography, in my opinion. The only problem would be avoiding raindrops from plopping on the camera and your head.

Just that right about now things are a bit too cold and empty to be comfortable. Or maybe it's just me.

About an hour more to go. Merry Christmas everybody.



Less than a week away. Gift-shopping, hm..70% done? Wrapping=0%. Lol. Christmas cards and whatnot=0%. At least the Christmas tree is up and about today. My family reached a unanimous agreement that the tree has growing capabilities and has turned into a giant after being incarcerated in the storeroom for so long. Moral of the lesson= put Christmas tree up every year.

What can I say about Christmas? Lots of invitations, lots of celebrations, lots of places to hop around to for plenty of feasting and merrymaking. So many people to see, so many things to gush about, so many things to do. I honestly have no idea how the day's schedule would be like. All I know is it's going to be packed tighter than Santa's sleigh and before you know it it'll be midnight and end of Christmas hello Boxing Day.

Let's not dwell on sad sorry thoughts. It's all meant very well, and it's suppose to be a day of great joy and good tidings. Maybe not my idea of great joy and good tidings but it's the idea of many supposedly lovely people who love the day as much as I did. Maybe I'm just too selfish on a day when giving is better than receiving. I should just suck it up and have fun with it the best I can. Yeah. That's what I should do.