Hello everyone! Another long awaited update for this blog. Time sure flies! Before I know it, the 3-months of internship has ended, I have another 3 months before I finish my final semester....and it's Esmond and my 3rd year anniversary! Three whole years feels like a great achievement to me, and to repeat that age-old cliché, it certainly did not feel at all like three years! Three minutes, more like XD. 
We went out on the April 11th for a meal and a movie; Rio 2 opened on the same day and coincidentally, we went for the first Rio that same day three years ago. 
I'd heard a lot about Plan B and the atmosphere really drew me in. The food was disappointingly so-so; there wasn't as much variety as I'd wish and the sandwich I ordered seemed to be put together in a slapdash way despite its generous portion. The ambiance was lovely though. It was a fun day full of warm chats and recollections.

To the people who know me, I think they can agree that I'm not the most romantic of persons- I tend to get embarrassingly awkward discussing these things. I will say this: it's been an awesome three years- and it can only get better from here :) .

On a side note, I've been busy working on my final project for the final year exhibition looming just 6 weeks away. Will share some progress soon- right now it's just endless cups of coffee and doodlings. 

Happy Saturday, everyone!