It has happened

I am now packing in time for registration on Jan 3 *dies*.

It's the year 2011 now. Last year news have been piling up waiting to be penned down before time erases their finer points and eventually erodes them from my memory. When I intend to write them all I have no idea. It's bad discipline, I know. I don't push myself enough to do many things. Updating my journal is one thing. Abandoning contacts is another.

Friends, I apologize for my lack in keeping in touch. Now you know that I am not as awesome as you thought I was. I won't make any excuses for myself, I just hope you will accept my sincerest apologies and that I'm thinking of you all despite my lack of efforts in meeting up with you.

So now I return to begin my second semester. Let's hope we all do our best and focus on our priorities! We shall all work hard in our own way to achieve the things we want most. Yes we shall.

2011 shall be wealthy, healthy and full of positive fun and opportunities. Barriers and hurdles we shall clear with minimal effort and zero-stress.

Ikimashou ka?