Wallpaper Wednesday: Cirrus

Hello everyone! My posts of June are so rare it feels as if the first Wallpaper Wednesday was only just yesterday. But here we go again with another pretty wallpaper, brought to you by yours truly :D.

Are any of you familiar with Bonobo? Not the primate pan paniscus, but Bonobo the musician. His recently released album entitled North Borders had a track in it named Cirrus. It was from there that I was inspired to create this pretty pattern. Bonobo's Cirrus was light and easy to listen to, absolutely perfect to cool down a hot afternoon. It reminded me of a tropical rainfall, and that was what I tried to capture through this pattern. I'm not sure about you, but the colour pattern just works for me. What do you think? Would a more sunset pink  be better? Or something more fluffy sky blue?

You can listen to Cirrus over here, on Bonobo's official Youtube. You won't regret, trust me :).

Click here to download the wallpaper size of your choice! You may have noticed that I've prepared a wallpaper for iPhone 5 now. Hope it floats your boat!

Nokia Lumia

Oh, and did you know, pan paniscus is also otherwise known as the pygmy chimpanzee. You learn something new everyday, eh?

Happy Wednesday!


Rush Hour

Hello everybody!

It's a busy busy week, and will probably be busy for the next two weeks. Yes, it's that time of the year again: the mad rush of end-of-semester! :D. It's all about wrapping things up and tying the last knots now. Yet again E3 is happening during the peak of stress levels; I only got to watch the Microsoft Briefing; and a few videos from the Ubisoft conference off Youtube. I haven't a side for the consoles, but the games lined up look interesting. What do you think? Is Assassin's Creed Black Flag anything to shout about? I found the E3 cinematic trailer a real disappointment, compared to the glory of AC3. Watchdogs looks interesting, and so are a few other titles. 

arrr, tis a pirate's life for me
via ubisoft
When I watched the trailer and they were announcing the 'greatest pirates that ever lived' I couldn't help but wonder...where's Jack Sparrow?

via tumblr
Another surprise is EA's announcement of Mirror's Edge 2, a prequel to the original story. I just played the game earlier this year, and I enjoyed it very much. One good thing about playing games way pst their release date is that you don't have to wait as long as the hardcore gamers for the next game! ;D. I hope they do away with the vector- cartoon cutscenes; although it was interesting, I didn't think it suited the flow and concept of the game. And hopefully EA has outgrown abrupt endings- that last one really ticked me off :P.

via the awesomer
I have a project or two planned up for the semester holidays, so probably no chance of playing any new games. I realize I need to seriously buck up and build an outstanding portfolio now. There are also so many things I want to do in terms of making some spare cash for later this year, so hopefully all that can come to being. The semester was fun while it lasted, but I think I'm just about ready to take a break and focus on something more personal, before the next semester comes about.

This may be the last post I push up for the month, but stay tuned to some random updates! And check back next Wednesday when Wallpaper Wednesday comes back with something new for your devices :D. TGIF everybody!


Wallpaper Wednesday: Summer Popsicles!

Hello again, folks! I'm back with happy news. I've been dabbling in pattern making (it's fun, try it sometime!) and really, I can't explain the happy feeling I get when I come up with something that looks pretty, over and over! It's a bit of a hit-and-miss thing right now, as I'm just trying out whatever I fancy, but I'm still loving the results.

I've also just recently discovered the magical paint/pencil/blob paint tool in Adobe Illustrator, which is mad because I've been using AI for many a semester and I've only found the tool now. I guess we all learn something new everyday :D. The best part of the tool is that I can now use my tablet a lot more, and still produce happy vector lines with a more personal touch. Yay!

So because I am happy with the results of my recent playing at patterns and my discovery of the paint tool in AI, I've decided to make a regular segment here on my blog (a first!). I think it's a good way to encourage me to not slack off blogging, even during my busier moments. Wallpaper Wednesday will start off bi-weekly (ever first and last Wednesday of the month), where I will post up device-ready wallpapers for YOU! 8). You can now have burst of happiness every mid-week or so ;).

This fun and cheerful pattern is exactly what you need for your device! Perfect for the incredibly hot weather these past few days. Have it on your desktop, your mobile phone, or even print it out on paper and tape it to your wall, or wrap up summer gifts for friends! The possibilities are endless 8D.

If you like it enough to share, please do so! But do link back here and give credit where it's due, eh? ;).
Do you have a particular resolution you'd like to have? Let me know and I can whip it up nice and easy :D. Have a happy happy Wednesday!


Greeting Cards by Dear Hancock...

dear hancock
Absolutely gorgeous greeting cards by Dear Hancock. I am so in love with their style! And there are heaps of designs, it's so so hard to choose a favourite. Is it possible to love them all? ;).

Adorable Animals Ad!

If you're having a rough start to the week, watch this advertisement from New York Lottery Sweet Million. I have no affiliation to the lottery, neither do I agree to rudely waking adorable Corgis, but this is just cute!
Don't you just want to hop into your jim-jams and cuddle up with the adorable animals?

It's a new month, with new things to do and new things to look forward to! Happy Toosday everybody!