JELLY!!! ^O^

...How come things I cook up always end up weird in some way? =/

Okay, so I made jelly from a packet yesterday. And from previous times making jelly, I always remembered them...firmer. Not as firm as the agar-agar or konnyaku varieties, but just...well...they seem to hold themselves up a little bit more, and with less wobble.

This one I made was jiggling and wobbling like nobody's business...

...I wanna try making another one, using konnyaku powder. I shall infuse it with fresh lime juice and rose water because I can 8D.

Oh, and since the previous post I've not begun on my assignments *cracks knuckles*. IT'S CRUNCH TIME.

Monday Morning Adventure~! =D

Well, so after the previous realization of silly me getting the films all mixed up, I set off with me dad to go develop the right rolls of films (the mixed up one and one -finally- completed roll off the Yashica) this beautiful cloudy morning. What with the previous experience of developing in Melaka, I expected to receive the completed rolls at least by the end of the day, but surprise surprise the man said to return in 2 hours, aka 12pm. Of course, I nagged my dad to just hang around for a couple of hours instead of returning in the evening as he planned. He was going on and on about wasting time doing nothing here and there was no way the other errands he had to run would take more than 2 hours. And then, he put the key into the ignition and started the car...

Only to realize the car could and would not start.

Before anyone asks, yes, I got my wish.

But not before we (well, my dad did, I just tagged along beside him giving him moral support) lugged the car battery to the workshop across the street, had brunch in the nearby vegetarian shop (well, he ate, I just watched him and had a mouthful of some oddly salty dish =/), and walked around some of the shoplots. Then we finally went to collect the films! And, hm, I believe I will not attempt to manually unload any more films, lol. The roll of film from the Diana was overexposed and there were still plenty of light leaks despite me having covered up the whole dang thing. I believe I need to not only tape the inside but also the outside. Anyway, despite my parents' best efforts to talk me out of using the Diana again (and just sell it off at 50 bucks- can you imagine?), I have decided that I shall do another sealing off the frame counter window, load a new roll film, and go gangsta again. Here's hoping things turn out happy this time 8D.

The film from the Yashica, however, turned out incredibly well (as expected =P). Well exposed shots except for the last two frames when the batteries for the Yashica's exposure meter ran out and I had to check the exposure with the DSLR before shooting. Me sees fun times ahead with the dear Yashica- my dad actually suggested I sell off Diana and go lomo with the SLR. But, no, I shall not give up so easily. When there's a will, there's a way! Tally forth, Joanne and you shall soon succeed! =D.

Oh, and after scrutinizing the films for awhile, me dad and I ambled over to the bus stop where we promptly sat for 45 minutes until we managed to get a town bus back home (the car being dead still- who knew that charging a car battery would take 3 hours? O^O). Me dad says he couldn't even remember the last time he'd sat a public bus in Melaka- heck he couldn't even remember having taken a bus in Melaka at all. Old people these days...

That's all for nao. Have a good day folks! Tis beeooteefool weather now; nice and cool and cloudy. I believe it'll rain soon. Just hope Thursday to Saturday will be nice for outdoor shooting *crosses fingers*. For now, tis assignments time!



I've done what I've been wanting to do for an insanely long time.

I've been dying to get my artwork printed on my spare style up cover (the shop I bought my W508 from didn't give me the orange style up that should've came with me red model- I had the bloody white one with butterflies on it =___=). I don't know why I kept putting it off. Just got too busy with other shyt that I pushed this little whim to a little corner of my mind.
Now that whim has been pulled right out into the limelight, and huzzah. Awesome phone just got awesomer.

Ignore the terrible patch of reflection. All I wanted to share was the fact that the image is right over the screen as well T_T.

I'm honestly really really happy with it ^O^. Tis so pwetttyyyy, really it's what I've been wanting for so long. The print is slightly translucent, and given the white background of the original cover, the pattern of butterflies and flowers show through just a bit. Not that I mind, really. It gives a sort of odd, confused underlay. And when the cover buttons illuminate at a call or message it just goes fhweeee~

Tis the holidays now! One week, and man do I have a LOT to do O_o. Need to spend these three days completing my Illustrator and Photoshop assignments before I work on my photography after Wednesday. And speaking of photography...owh man can Joanne get any more messed up lol. Me sends an unused film to develop while insisting it was the used film XD. Seriously, it's amazing how my mind works. I was SO SURE OF MYSELF, right to the point that I was willing to swear an oath and cut my little finger off...but logical facts are facts and the fact is that my brain is completely losing it T_T. Perhaps it's just as well; no need for me being a digit less =P. Moral of the story: hold your brain together Joanne. Or don't attempt to remove the damn film and just take the whole camera to the shop =P. Anyways the happy used film, plus another that shall be used up soon enough, will be sent to the developers on Monday so...let's all cross our fingers and hope to everything that all is well >< *crosses fingers and toes*

Anyways, tis been an enjoyable day indeed. Tune in next time for the next update folks.


Blogging Offline

Powered by Qumana

It never occured to me to blog offline. Heck, I never actually thought I'd live to see the day when I'd have to blog offline. That was back during those moments when I took my high-speed connection at home entirely for granted, of course. Now in the life of uni and slow broad band speeds and limited quota, the idea of blogging offline crept into my desperate mind and slowly, I searched, I read reviews, and finally (with the help of the internet at home, of course) I downloaded Qumana, a free offline blog editing program that will, I hope, serve me well in times of need.

It makes sense, really. Seeing as I've more or less stopped journalling my thoughts down onto paper, I'd have to rely more on my blog for the spilling of my many rants and rambles. But it's safe to say that the urge to blog will come at any unexpected time in many unexpected ways, and unfortunately it is quite apparent that high-speed internet connection/ connectivity is a gift from the gods where I am. So...here it is. My first offline post, powered by Qumana. I've yet to see the powers of it, but for now I see the layout as simple and direct to point, thought I just found out that I can't insert images from my computer beforehand. Owh well.

Not quite in the best of moods now but I will swallow the feelings of disappointment now and concentrate on completing that nagging Photoshop assignment of mine. There should be many a time for emo rants in the near future, seeing as plans are not going according to, well, planned.

It's a nice, cloudy day today. Cool and peaceful. If only the future was as calmly simple as this.



Every time I came back, the first I'd do even before I stepped into my house was run to the back to see you padding up to me.

Everytime I left, before I go into the car, I'd go to the back to pat you and wish you goodbye; to tell you to take care of the house in my place.

Every time I go to the back window, I'd peer out and call you, watch you as you wander around in your twilight freedom, remember that once upon a time, we were young together and I could hold you in my arms.


I don't know why, but it's just so hard for me to get over you. I still can't believe you're gone.

Every time I look out of the window, I still expect you to be there. I still expect you to be there to welcome me back; for me to say goodbye to before I leave.



Back then, I didn't want to blog about it.

I don't want to blog about it now either.