To tell you the truth, I'm actually feeling kinda pissy right now. One cause I've just come to realize the fact that my phone camera isn't quite as good as I thought it was (yeah yeah, I'm hiding behind that- the plain truth is that I'm a sucky photographer =_=), two because I can't colour hair with Copics. Phail.
Number one on my Improve Copic $k!Llz list: Hair. And good lordy, I don't seem to be making much headway in improving. I'm an absolute failure.

Anyway, I made this for breakfast today~~:

What better way to start a lovely summer morning than with fluffy pancakes drenched in golden orange syrup? Yeah, I've been doing a lot of rocket science in the kitchen these days. It's that or being stuck in a game. Haha. Anyway, I was just wondering how to make syrup, so I boiled equal parts sugar and orange juice along with some orange zest, and ta-da~. I actually had plenty of doubts of the taste at first (it's -really- sweet. Period.) and it smelled funny when I left it to cool. But now that's it has cooled off completely overnight, it has this supaaa awesome orangey-gold colour and it smells of a thousand lost Sunkist orange souls XD XD XD XD. It tastes just as good, so boo-yeah. What can I say? I've beginner's luck. It'll probably explode the next time I attempt it XD.

I have this sudden urge to re-read the entire Saiyuki manga. That or return to practicing my phailing Copic $k!lLz. Farewell now~


Sometimes I like Malaysia~

Underline the word like, mind you. It's one of the few times I really mean what I say.

Anyways, yes. Sometimes when the weather becomes hotter than hell down here in the inferno of the world (call me a hypocrite, not knowing enough to know just where the world's furnace of hell really is. A girl should be allowed to exaggerate dramatize sometimes, yeah?), when the temperature reaches its climax (XD) and everyone goes screaming "IT BURNS! IT BURNNNNSSS!!!!!", you tend to yearn for something cold to beat the heat.

Hai, soba des' =D

Cold soba!! =D. Honestly, it tastes really good, even better on hot summer-forever days. I have to say, apart from grilled saba, cold soba has got to be one of my ace favourite Japanese foods.

Okay, to the less-fortunate, soba is a kind of Japanese noodle, one of the three popular kinds you find in Japan, at least (the other two being ramen and udon). It's made of buckwheat, hence its unique, speckled brown colour (Useless information=> Copic freaks, I have reason to believe the colour matches Copic marker E71 XD XD XD). In summer the Japanese eat it cold; the cooked soba lying on a bed of ice, then each mouthful dipped into a special sauce made out of soy, chopped spring onions and a raw egg (yes, raw. It's usually a quail's egg but for the eggier people a regular chicken egg does much justice). In the winter it's served in hot broth, if I'm not mistaken. Whatever the case, I'm for once just glad it's always shining here in good ol' Malaysia, cause that just means I get to eat cold soba all year round =D.

Oh, in case you're wondering where you can get your hands on some of these yummy noodles, you can get them at most major supermarkets, but your chances are better at the Japanese based ones (e.g Jusco/Isetan). For me, I got mine at the new Daiso over at Aeon. Yes, yes, 5 bucks for a pack of soba!! Another 5 bucks will get you the soy sauce for the dip. Awesome, I know. Haha.

Anyways, I haven't much else to say. Lol. I haven't been seeing much of my random happeh acquaintances lately. I'm sorry for being such a bad friend DX. I honestly don't mean to not attend your meetings and to not accept your invitations. It's just that...well, I guess it's no surprise when I say I tend to do the wrong things at the wrong times. Bleh. And trust me, I'm not as great a conversationalist as you might think me to be. I'm bewildered at how my sister can find so much to talk about when she's hours on the phone. Though I suppose that'll be because she's had 10+ years (and counting) of experience spending hours on the phone. Whoa O_o;. Long story short, I'm sorry for being almost-completely-useless to all those whom I consider (and hope to be considered as) friends, and that I promise to try better. Hey, maybe I'll just make a Facebook account after long last =D.

Hah. Scratch that last one.

In this shot, it actually looks like it's sparkling. Lol.



Oh Lol

Hello again!!

Yeah, I pretty much abandoned this place, didn't I? XD Can this get any more retarded? Back in the olde skool days I blogged as if there was no tomorrow, even during periods when I shouldn't be blogging. Now that I (kinda, more or less) have all the time in the world I drop by and leave a nonsensical entry every month =P.
Anyways, it might just interest you all that I've broken up with Gackt. LOL. Kidding kidding. I'm waiting as patiently as I can for his latest single, Ever. Whooo~~~ Gackt-sama is finally going to release something new! =D. Uhm, I haven't been doing much with my life, really. Driving lessons and the Prince of Persia trilogy have been taking up all my time this past weeks, more on the latter, of course XD. To think I'd wasted all those good brain cells trying to solve ridiculous puzzles and pulling off retarded acrobatic stunts. But it's more or less over; I've finished the 2008 game and I actually did not bother to play The Two Thrones because I was a bit fed up with the storyline by then.
So...uhm, I made more lemon curd! Gave it away to as a birthday present. Bought a fancy jar and even made swanky labels to go with it. I'm telling you, it was dang pro-looking, haha.

Curd of lemons. Lol.

I went on a lemon curd making spree that one day, because my sister was going away to Sarawak for a week and she wanted to give curd to her friends. Which was a bit stupid, because lemon curd is sure as hell not part of the local flavour, and besides she'd already bought an overload of kaya. But, oh well. Oh, and I watched Prince of Persia, Shrek and Toy Story 3. TS3 was AWESOME I tell you. Mainly because I've been a fan since I was a kid. I think my sister and I were the only ones in tears at the end, haha. Can't help that. When you've been brought up knowing your toys are real, voice-acting them and making up endless adventures for them, it's no surprise you'd end up crying at the end of the movie XD. That's what is called a heart, so there.

Oh, oh, Saiyuki fans!!! I was reading the omake of Saiyuki Reload Blast, and big LOL. Cliche as the personality switch is, I bet plenty of Saiyuki fans would be eager to read the omake. I mean, come on!!! In all my 9+ years of knowing and loving Saiyuki, I never thought I'd live to see this:

Behold, the great Sanzo-sama, reloaded (lol, pun wholely intended)
Now would you fancy that, he actually looks good with that happy beam XD.

Hm...other than that, I guess I've nothing else to ramble about. I'll be off then. Farewell for now~ <3