G05 With Envy

Ohai everybody. Another week of busyness, followed by another and another and another. I'm looking forward to kicking my feet up and chilling, but for now I shall plump up my pillows and....put them behind my back as I work hard :D.

Anyway, I was just reading Marianne Walker's new Copic blog post and I think it's such a wonderful idea to use Copic codes in colour-related idioms. Awesome way to show off your Copic pride.

I Like Markers
I've read some really witty comments with all sorts of different idioms being Copic-fied. What do you think you can come up with?


A Comfy, Cosy Christmas

1. Lambswool sweater , Uniqlo
2. Chrome nail polish, Stargazer
3. Joy To The World, Pink Martini | North, Matchbox Twenty
4. Pewter glitter shoes,  Payless
5. Turquoise sparkle ankle socks, American Apparel

Hello everybody! Sorry for the mini hiatus. The month is passing by so quickly it's almost annoying, lol. I have been far too busy these past two weeks, trying to get everything perfect for the mid-semester submission fever. It's almost half-over, well the worst is over, anyway, so I have a bit of a breather right now. After sleeping at regular hours for months, it's a bit of a shock to start pulling late nights again. My face has gotten spotty and I've drunk far too much caffeine in the past weeks :P.

Anyway, the weather on average these days have just been magical. When you're not going out, of course. With all the cool wind and rain, it feels like everyday is stay-in-and-snuggle day :D. End of years are always so cool and nice, but then when Christmas comes the sun will pop out of its hiding place and scream "HERE I AM!!! :DDD".

The Christmas of my imagination is nice and cool, though. Perfect for cosy sweaters and blankets! And I somehow always imagine velvet to be one of the most wonderfully festive fabrics. And lots  of glitter to make up for no snow! Of course, chilling in won't be complete with good music. Right now I'm overly attached to Matchbox Twenty's new North album. Their songs just fit perfectly with the gray rain around me. It's so strange, since not two years ago I barely stepped out of the circle of rock music I jammed around myself :P. I'm mellowing, I'm telling you. Soon I will be pottering around in an oversized black sweater and velvet skirt with nineteen cats at my heels.

Oh, by the way, my dear friends made it to the next round in the Canon Legria competition! So if you voted and you're reading this, thank you so much for your help! Let's hope they win the regionals and do Malaysia proud :D.

Next update coming just round the corner. TGIF everybody ^_^.


Flight of Fancy

Hello everybody! It's the weekend for me again, and what's more, I have the whole of next week off! Really nothing much to that though, because the whole week shall be spent finishing assignments, overcoming frustrations and trying frugally to live on the last bits of food I have until Tuesday comes. But anyway, yes! A holiday! :D.

Something fun for everyone to do when they're feeling a bit down during the assignments-overload. I discovered this beautiful site called Fancy when I was looking for useful apps for my phone. Fancy is a website very like Pinterest, whereby you can browse tonloads of pretty and inspiring things. It's wonderful how there is just so many pretty things to find here!

The Fancy
What really sets Fancy apart is that it's not just a pool for pretty ideas and pictures. Almost all the items come with prices, or links to places that you can purchase them. And I think this is just fantastic because a lot of the time the most annoying thing about finding something beautiful online is the question "Omg, where can I get one? Where can I buy something like that?" With Fancy, you can even check the price out of the item before you even think about "hey...I should get that". 

Of course, most of everything is in USD, but it's still a simple, no-fuss website with a gorgeous array of delectables. And sometimes it's just nice to go window shopping and not buy anything =). 

There are hundreds and hundreds of things to look at, with more coming in every day. Here are some of the few I really fell in love with!

This is a USB Turntable. LOVE IT!! It reminds me of Simon's birthday gift to Cassandra in I Capture The Castle. I feel like crying with joy just at the sight of it. The colour is lovely, and it looks so beautifully made. To own something as beautiful as this! I even love the pretty bunch of flowers in the mason jar beside it! ^O^.

This wall of suitcase-shelves is such a quirky centrepiece! I especially love the turquoise one. It seems such a shame that all these pretty suitcases are being cut and mounted to a wall, but hey, it's pretty- AND functional! 

 Look at the gorgeous turquoise tiles! I'm falling in love over and over again. Maybe it's just a bit too much; I would probably prefer either a dark wood wall or table. Even so, this is just fantastical.

And look at this! Such a neat way to have some green on your desk when it's too cluttered for potted ferns of a vase of flowers. There's a tutorial here that shows you how to prepare your lightbulb to house little green thingies. I'd love a group of five or more hanging in a sunny corner of my patio. Ah!

That's all for tonight folks! You can sign up to Fancy for free, so why not whip yourself an account and start fancyin' things! You could share your favourites here too if you like =). Till next time!


Wedding Dress

 Aaaand it's October!

Hello everybody :D. Just to clear things up between you and me, no, I am not getting married. Neither is this post about Taeyang (sorry Kpop fans). I can, however, include a little gif of smexy Taeyang for your benefit anyways:

I liked his song a lot. And the whole album was entertaining. But Wedding Dress was a very nice song indeed. And his dancing! Hwhoah. Wait. I've already said that this post wasn't about Taeyang. I digress.

Anyway, I happened to just be browsing the Inturnetz and stumbled upon some very pretty wedding photography sites. And I think it's a shame, how in Malaysia a lot of wedding photographers are still very generic and, well, 'old-fashioned', if I may dare say. Note I say some. I did see a few pretty amazing photographs by people like Jon Low, Edmund Tham and Anna-Rina Photography. But somehow, I get a feeling of distance, between the photographer and the client. Is it just me? In some photos from Malaysian photographers, I feel as if the bride/bridegroom is a bit too conscious of the photographer, or the fact that they are being photographed. The photos look a bit too staged and unnatural. And then there are some photographers that are creative, to the point you ask the question: 'is that even a wedding photograph?!'. I mean, seriously. Some photographs look like the bride is lounging with stacks of newspapers- very well done, but wth why would a bride pose with paper bundles on her wedding? And then another gorgeous photograph- that looks like a car ad. I focused on the Ford way before I realized the bride and groom were on the other side of the photograph. I'm not giving names, I'm just saying, some photographers need to toe the line so that the wedding photographs look and feel gorgeous, not confusing.

Okay. Maybe it's just me. Who knows.

These gorgeous wedding photographs are so professional, and yet they still possess and certain personal appeal, as if the photographer had managed to capture a bit of the bride's charm in each photograph. And I like how the makeup is kept to a minimum. In Malaysia it seems to be a long-lasting tradition of inch-thick makeup despite the weather being scorching. 

Another thing that caught my eye are the wedding dresses! Gone seem to be the days of long trains, miles of ivory lace and tulle. Short, flouncy numbers are doing the wedding march more often than not these days. Not that I'm complaining, haha. If I had to have a wedding, I'd love a gorjas knee-length dress with lots of poof and swish. So I can run around- in awesome HI-TOP SNEAKERS!!! 8D. Allow me to illustrate my ideal outfit. Lol.

(Note: Please remember, I am not getting married. I am just...fantasizing. Lol.)

1. diana chrome: railblazing | 2. short wedding dress:  wedding wire | 3. reebok x uslu airlines: sneakers actus
 It will be glittery, shimmery, and absolutely magical 8D.

A few other very dreamy dresses (for those of you who may just be planning a wedding and would like to beat the heat in a short summery number) :

Don't you just love soft back lighting like this? It really enhances the soft fabric of the skirt.

Aha! Poofy-ness! Every fairy-princess-wedding girl's dream :D.

What kind of wedding do you dream of? The whole peacock-train, full veil and red roses kind? Or something completely wild and out of it, like a paintball party? Or how about a gold-and-white beach bikini theme? :D. Feel free to share your dreams, no matter how traditional or extraordinary.

It's time for me to take my leave. Thank you for your time. I shall leave you with another smexy Taeyang gif: 

Have a nice day everybody :D.