Flight of Fancy

Hello everybody! It's the weekend for me again, and what's more, I have the whole of next week off! Really nothing much to that though, because the whole week shall be spent finishing assignments, overcoming frustrations and trying frugally to live on the last bits of food I have until Tuesday comes. But anyway, yes! A holiday! :D.

Something fun for everyone to do when they're feeling a bit down during the assignments-overload. I discovered this beautiful site called Fancy when I was looking for useful apps for my phone. Fancy is a website very like Pinterest, whereby you can browse tonloads of pretty and inspiring things. It's wonderful how there is just so many pretty things to find here!

The Fancy
What really sets Fancy apart is that it's not just a pool for pretty ideas and pictures. Almost all the items come with prices, or links to places that you can purchase them. And I think this is just fantastic because a lot of the time the most annoying thing about finding something beautiful online is the question "Omg, where can I get one? Where can I buy something like that?" With Fancy, you can even check the price out of the item before you even think about "hey...I should get that". 

Of course, most of everything is in USD, but it's still a simple, no-fuss website with a gorgeous array of delectables. And sometimes it's just nice to go window shopping and not buy anything =). 

There are hundreds and hundreds of things to look at, with more coming in every day. Here are some of the few I really fell in love with!

This is a USB Turntable. LOVE IT!! It reminds me of Simon's birthday gift to Cassandra in I Capture The Castle. I feel like crying with joy just at the sight of it. The colour is lovely, and it looks so beautifully made. To own something as beautiful as this! I even love the pretty bunch of flowers in the mason jar beside it! ^O^.

This wall of suitcase-shelves is such a quirky centrepiece! I especially love the turquoise one. It seems such a shame that all these pretty suitcases are being cut and mounted to a wall, but hey, it's pretty- AND functional! 

 Look at the gorgeous turquoise tiles! I'm falling in love over and over again. Maybe it's just a bit too much; I would probably prefer either a dark wood wall or table. Even so, this is just fantastical.

And look at this! Such a neat way to have some green on your desk when it's too cluttered for potted ferns of a vase of flowers. There's a tutorial here that shows you how to prepare your lightbulb to house little green thingies. I'd love a group of five or more hanging in a sunny corner of my patio. Ah!

That's all for tonight folks! You can sign up to Fancy for free, so why not whip yourself an account and start fancyin' things! You could share your favourites here too if you like =). Till next time!