A Comfy, Cosy Christmas

1. Lambswool sweater , Uniqlo
2. Chrome nail polish, Stargazer
3. Joy To The World, Pink Martini | North, Matchbox Twenty
4. Pewter glitter shoes,  Payless
5. Turquoise sparkle ankle socks, American Apparel

Hello everybody! Sorry for the mini hiatus. The month is passing by so quickly it's almost annoying, lol. I have been far too busy these past two weeks, trying to get everything perfect for the mid-semester submission fever. It's almost half-over, well the worst is over, anyway, so I have a bit of a breather right now. After sleeping at regular hours for months, it's a bit of a shock to start pulling late nights again. My face has gotten spotty and I've drunk far too much caffeine in the past weeks :P.

Anyway, the weather on average these days have just been magical. When you're not going out, of course. With all the cool wind and rain, it feels like everyday is stay-in-and-snuggle day :D. End of years are always so cool and nice, but then when Christmas comes the sun will pop out of its hiding place and scream "HERE I AM!!! :DDD".

The Christmas of my imagination is nice and cool, though. Perfect for cosy sweaters and blankets! And I somehow always imagine velvet to be one of the most wonderfully festive fabrics. And lots  of glitter to make up for no snow! Of course, chilling in won't be complete with good music. Right now I'm overly attached to Matchbox Twenty's new North album. Their songs just fit perfectly with the gray rain around me. It's so strange, since not two years ago I barely stepped out of the circle of rock music I jammed around myself :P. I'm mellowing, I'm telling you. Soon I will be pottering around in an oversized black sweater and velvet skirt with nineteen cats at my heels.

Oh, by the way, my dear friends made it to the next round in the Canon Legria competition! So if you voted and you're reading this, thank you so much for your help! Let's hope they win the regionals and do Malaysia proud :D.

Next update coming just round the corner. TGIF everybody ^_^.