It's All In The Stars...

So I entered a competition held by Puma recently, and I was selected to be one of the 30 finalists! 
We had to come up with a design based on 'Future' of the Puma Suede. This is all in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of the Puma Suede shoe! 

This is my design right here. It's based on the starry starry sky :)

All the finalists were given a pair of shoes each to work our final design on. My design being pretty simple, I managed to keep the costs (fairly) low by getting some pretty spiffy 3D fabric paint and glow in the dark paint! That was about all I used, really.

It looks a leeeetle bit boring during the day, but come night time and the black light come on...


The fluorescent orange and glow in the dark really went boo! I am pleased with the outcome. I didn't win, though. But ESMOND DID 8D. His was all spiffy with EL lights and shyt. For a guy he did a pretty darn good job sewing for the first time. Hehe. 

Tune in till next time when I eventually post something about the prize-giving ceremony, on April 5th! Have a blinky Toosday night everybody :D.


Sugar Scrub Spa!

Today's morning activity: Lemon sugar body scrub!
Early this year my sister sent me off on a complimentary 2-hour spa treatment. During the first half, the masseuse used a thick salt scrub to clean off the dead pores from my body. It smelled wonderfully of lavender. Since then I've been wanting to do some DIY spa-treatment, minus the costs ;).

There are plenty of lemon scrub recipes all over the internet, but I really just went ahead with it, not really following any particular one. I used 3 tablespoons of olive oil, juice and zest of a lemon, and brown sugar. I lost count on how much sugar exactly, because I simply added to the mixture until I got the thick paste consistency I wanted. The end result is about a half a jar...or three cups? (it looks a bit like 150ml- and I'm bad with measurements). 

I think one of the nicest things ever is the smell of fresh lemon in the morning :). I've yet to try this, but I've read online that lemons are a natural remedy to whiten skin. Let's see if I turn fair and charming after a few scrubs! :D. Long weekend ahead of me, so it's assignments and fun times. Hope it'll be lemony fun for everyone else as well! 


Mid-evening Daydream

There are some random moments in my life when I suddenly wish to have children, just so I can furnish their childhood with rich colours and finger painting and glitter and fun times. And even a beautiful, no-sew teepee so they can play games and read and enjoy life.

no sew teepee via the handmade home
And then I think: "hey, who needs kids? I wouldn't mind one of these for myself 8D"


Out of the blue...

I've been silent, silent, silent. The new semester has commenced, and I have to say things are being busy even before I can get my mind used to the idea. Soon enough I'll be so bored I'll blog 3 posts consecutively in a day. 

Anyway, Chinese New Year has come and gone, and it was a fairly fun one for me. How did yours go? Was it filled with red packets, red clothes, red decorations, and crazy big-booming firecrackers? Whatever it is, hope the Snake year 2013 will bring everyone much luck and love :). Cheerio~!