Poetic Aromatic

This goes out to a very dear friend of mine.

A companion who has been with me in the hour when everyone else shuts their eyes.

A dear soul that sits by me during my all-nighters, my sacrifices of naps and sleeps for the sake of completing assignments and work.

He cheers me up when I feel lonely. During those quiet hours by myself when I play the music loud enough to drown my own singing, he is by me to sooth my throat when I've sung one note too many.

When I'm happy, he puts me in an even better mood when I hold him and sniff him. Inhaling his deep scent just makes the world feel like a better place.

The ups and downs, the thick and thin, we've held hands and crossed it together.

And now, we celebrate a joyous occassion together.


Happy Coffee Day everybody 8D.

And that is all that's left of my coffee. Me needs MOAR!!! ^O^




In the height of all this mess and mayhem of busy everyday lives, don't forget to stop and breathe, everyone. It'll do each and every one of us a whole lot of good. It did for me, anyway.


Disco Fish...

So apparently after crafting these gorjas pair of shuz:

Reebok actually collects the scrap material/what is left after creating a gorjas pair of shuz and makes another not-so-but-still-gorjas-pair of shuz:


No, I'm actually sad for no good reason whatsoever, all because I happened to type retro pop into ebay's search engine and come up with listings to the first shoe (the moar gorjas one) when there wasn't one before that.

RM360, shipping included. If I saved one ringgit a day for almost a year, I'd be able to afford them 8D. But by then I'd probably come across some other pair of gorjas shuz and/or die so, yeah. Lol. I so need to get a job during sem break. I don't care if I actually do get them gorjas shuz (I lie: I do care XDD) but heck, I wanna earn some monehs so that I won't be quite so stupidly penniless. So unless some rich fatass donates me some money/them shuz or them shuz go *sparklysparklydropfromskiez* the plan remains that I must bubble bubble toil and trouble and earn my soles...puns wholely intended.

I wonder how my English got to be so degraded. My spelling is atrocious O^O.

Anyway, random shoe post. Thank you for your time, folks.


Midnight Visitor

Okay, so the cat be super cute, but come on!!! It's getting irritating to have you sneaking up on me like a ninja and trooping into the dustiest part of my room aka under my BED T_T.
First you sprawl in front of the toilet as you were Queen of the place, then you troop into the room and think yourself the next Christopher Columbus exploring unchartered lands, next you pwn MY throne.

...But, damn, kitty you sure now how to strike a pose =P. Now I know what Gee was up to all that while when he had you. It's that or you were watching America's Next Top model over his shoulder in the wee hours of the morning.

I'M ALMOST REACHING MY 300TH POST!!!! Should I make it a point to get a makeover by then?...

...I see a great change heading my way. Trolling will soon reach my blog XD.


It seems that I have forgotten to blog about something...


All that childhood memories of how I fangirled over Westlife just came pouring back to me when I heard that they were coming to KL on their Gravity tour. And it helps wonderfully that their Gravity album holds a very dear spot in my heart, having been playing in my ears full blast during a certain tender confessing moment ^O^.

Omgomgomgomgomg I'm going to see Westlife for real!!! *spins around in joy*

I mean, I don't think I'll actually be able to SEE see them.
..what with the seat being faaaaaaaar away from the stage- as far as distance can go from far to stage, whatever that means, lol. Anyways, yes me be going to the Westlife concert October 7th wheewheeWHEE!! 8D.

Anyway, the other reason why I be blogging (yet again) is to show off some film shots! =D. Which brings me to the realization that I've never quite introduced the little bugger....

That's Yashi-chan and Pika-pika Domo-kun. They be very good friends =3.

Anyway, finally got the first roll of film printed and dear Esmond scanned them all into the computer. I wanted to upload them on FB but for some ungodly reason I can't seem to upload pics and/or create albums now (*shakes fist at Maxis towerpoint*). So I shall present a few of them here:

I LOVE how the colours came out! I know, you'd probably be able to get just the same with a DSLR+Photoshop, but really, nothing beats seeing the results of your shots right in your hand. A roll should have 36 shots, but somehow or other 38 shots were produced XD. So apart from a few underexposed ones, it's a full roll =3.

I believe I've been blogging a twee bit too much these days =P. Don't worry, I've no plans of stopping, not yet, lol. Farewell folks. Tomorrow is going to be a happy day out <3


I kinda like afternoon classes. Besides the fact that you have an extra few hours before class to rush your assignments and get them over and done with *coughcough*, there are many nice things to be thankful for when your classes are a bit later on. You get to wake up later, hence not feeling as sleepy as you would if you wake up at a god-forsaken hour. You can also plan your hours out, so that you have a nice time relaxing and preparing to head out instead of rushing through things and having to stick to a minute-by-minute schedule; from the time you open your eyes until your feet are out of the door. So that means a nice lounge around, a lazy breakfast over a book or blog, and some more time to figure out what to wear later.

Did I mention you get to sleep more? XD.

My tummy feels funny. It's going through that funny-tummy-that-doesn't-get-less-funny-after-you've-done-a-massive-poop-funny =/. I sure hope I don't have to spend these last few lazy minutes in the toilet (again). Gah.

...I have a strong suspicion that it was the tom yam from yesterday's dinner =/.



I thank Akito-sama I went all gangsta on the watermelon the earlier half of the month. I slurped my way happily through countless slices and cubes of that fresh, juicy fruit, deliciously cool in contrast to the oppressive afternoon heat. Ah, to have a slice of that sweet, red goodness after a day of feeling hot and sweaty is indeed one of the simplest pleasures of life.

Twas just a really good thing I ate all of it while I did, really. Cause right now all I want is a hot drink and biscuits, lol.

Tis time to put away the shorts and summer dresses and don some comfy sweaters and jeans *rummages for oversized hoodies*

Beautiful Tonight

Today I went a-searching for a colour palette generator to come up with a colour scheme for my blog when I get round to giving it the makeover it deserves. I came upon Colorspire, which is a free online generator that allows you to fill up a palette of 5 swatches, with choices of a gradient slider, colour wheel or RGB/Hex to select your hues. There is even a preview of a basic layout just so you'll get a rough idea of how your colours will turn out together.

Here is the colour scheme I came up with:

Beige, Celeste, Coral Pink, Navajo White

I know I still want red in my blog (not too much as it is now of course =P), but I also want room for my next ace favourite colour, turquoise. Trying to go easy on the eyes by selecting softer, pastel shades but I think it's a bit too pretty pretty for when I go gangsta with my emo posts and/or ramble about metal/Jrock =P. But it is a pretty dreamy palette, yes it be ^O^. I might love this scheme for now, but who knows tomorrow I'll want to go drown my blog in the colours of a nonexistent neon rainbow and blind everyone who visit it XD. Now I want to think about how my new fancy header will look like 8D.

For those who were wondering, the Black Dot thingamajiggy went fairly well, I believe. I just need to think up strategies and expand my horizon and become spankingly awesome and I should be good to go =D. For now, I'm done playing with colours so I shall return to researching for Design History like the good student I wish I could be. Haha. Farewell.

Love and Loafs

Be warned: This be a post of shoe+love rambles.
You have been warned.


Don't they be the prettiest shoes evar? XD.
I've been (quietly) in search of loafers for a long time now. I just love how comfy they look- laid back and just a little bit dressy, but not as casual as sneakers. I've seen bright red pairs around and was quite keen on them, but after coming across this pair (through a random stumble into a random shoe shop), I knew that these were the shoes I'd get.

Beautiful dusty turquoise colour!! I believe it's called seafoam, and I can very well imagine a walk on the beach in this pair. The dark brown tasselled bows and stitching at the side just adds to its rustic charm. Being new shoes, they rub a bit, but a bit of running around in them should do the trick =D. Better rub the insides with a bit of lubricant first though. Don't want to end up with mega-blisters through no fault of my own.
Omeegawsh, I've never been this excited over a pair of not-sneaker-shoes. Wait, just wait till I get those Reebok Retro PopxUslu Airlines sneakers...

Wait, did I say a pair of not-sneaker-shoes?...

Yes, I have two pairs of shoes in the same colour =P *gets shot*.
Well, it isn't my fault my mother agreed that the colour was oh so gorgeous =P. Can't blame me for good taste now, can you? XD. This pair is a lot softer compared to the loafers. They're a bit more feminine, with the bow and cookie-cutter seams. I sense an approaching need to go for a wardrobe makeover *sinister laugh*. Someone stop me before I turn into a twisted feemale of epic proportions, please and thank you.

Today...oops, sorry, it's been today for almost two hours. Yesterday there was another bazaar in campus, and dear sweet Esmond bought me this:

Isn't it adorable? And it's red too! ^O^ I wasn't expecting it at all, so it came as a very touching surprise. I am more grateful for his thoughtfulness than the actual gift. Not too much, of course. I love the little thing =D. Almost but never-quite-as-much as I love Esmond ^O^.

Okay, end rambles for now. Enjoy the rest of the week, folks! I'm plodding along as best as I can, hope you are too =D.


Let The Blind Lead The Blind

So we have this Black Dot project and my concept technically revolves around signage/communication methods for the visually impaired. I've done some mini extensive research (now that's an oxymoron in it's own right, lol) on Braille and tactile symbol system, and I have to say, there is a lot more to communicating than what is already there. Imagine designing something for someone that can't actually see your design O^O. Of course, as of now my target audience have their visual organs intact and in full working order, but I'd like my design to incorporate existing methods of communicating for blind individuals.
I've come up with several ideas, and I quite like them. But whether my lecturers like them is a completely different topic, a topic which will be further explored in the near future.

*crosses fingers*

P.S: I purposefully separated my rambles into two today. So you'll have the serious ramble here. The next post is shoed with gushings, pictures and the colour turquoise. Don't say I didn't tell you.


Snoogle Boobles

So I return with another blog post.

Maigawd the whole day was spent in front of Ai, to the point that the whole thing started lagging something chronic. So much more to do, I'm going to be busy busy busy the whole of the week. Month. Two months. The busyness appears endless right now, so I'll just go with the flow and enjoy myself while I'm at it.

Anyways, weekend in Melaka and I went a-shopping on Saturday (twas stress-relief! Though the stress piled right on today anyway, lol). Was actually in search of a certain pair of shoes but no luck. I did, however, buy a couple of completely random and completely nonsensical items =P


Got this little fella from Daiso. They stocked up on Halloween and Christmas decorations already, and this is suppose to be some sort of aerial decoration. It's so cute!! Simple and a bit rustic-looking, I think. A bell or two will make this just perfect.

Froggy notebook from S&J! I got another one for a friend's birthday present, only that one was a Totoro one. There were other designs and colours too. Wished I could collect them allllll XD. The little butterfly pegs I got from Daiso as well. I love the vintage flower fabric patterns! These make for really useful gifts for people who like keeping their lives organized with whimsical accessories =D.

Aaaand, the prize of the day! =D. Saw this at the counter when I was paying up at S&J:

Mini Domo-kuns!!! And they come in so many different designs!! =D. These depend on your luck though- you get a random design in each box you buy. But I fell in love with the one already on display, so I bought that one instead...

Oh come on, you know you love him too.

A Super Glitter Domo-kun!!! He is sparkly and shiny and shimmery splendid ^O^. I want to put a hook into his head and make him into a keychain, but I think I'd be heartbroken if he popped out and was lost D=.


I suppose I'll just use him as a lucky mascot for now. He's been sitting on my laptop keeping me company with his shiny-ness all day when I was pegging away at the typography assignment, then he gave me a rawr when I was frustrated over the good-for-nothing laghang.

That's all for my shopping excursion =D. In the morning I shall return to the hills and re-immerse myself in me assignments. For now my brain is dying, my eyes are woozy, my whole body aches, and I have the urge to pee.
Oh, and I still have not uploaded the pics from the merdeka celebration. I didn't do that because I shot in RAW and I'll have to convert+edit them before I post them up. And I know you know how we all know just how unproductive I want to be in every activity but sleeping right about now =3=. Tune in for more updates folks. For the time being, a happy Monday to everybody.


Malaysia Day!

Hibiscus tea. How very patriotic, Joanne.

I was born and raised to become the twisted person you all know and love right here in Malaysia. Never went anywhere else except on holidays. I sing the anthem, I pledge the oath, I study the history. I don't go all way out to keep myself updated on the country's activities, but when there are news that should be known I try to know it, and know it right.

18+ years in Malaysia, folks. And for the first time in my life, I attended the Merdeka celebrations.

And, I'll be absolutely honest. If it wasn't for the sole fact that I went only to fulfill the requirements of my photography assignment, I wouldn't have bothered. I wouldn't even watch the live feed on tv. I'd be mouldering in the corner of a court watching a bunch of boys run after a ball and get all hot and sweaty.
The boys, I mean. Not me =P.

But I went to the celebration. And no, I've no regrets for going at all.

Not even when I had to wake up at 4.45am (and though I said I'd 'sleep earlier' the night before, 'sleeping earlier' technically meant turning the light off slightly before 12, and even then I was bludgeoned by odd calls by odd people at the obviously odd hour), and wrestle through the crowd and oppressive heat (I read the weather report the night before and it said plainly= showers throughout the day in Kuala Lumpur. Lies, all lies. Well, it was a lie for the first part- it did rain later in the afternoon, but still. I digress.). I had so much fun! The place was packed with locals and tourists alike, all in the mood for celebration and merry-making. Even the participants of the parade were cordial- they didn't mind the photos and even struck poses for us when we asked. I didn't pay much attention to the delegates and important people up there, though. Was too busy hunting and shooting (lol) the people who really made the event happen- the rakyat, yo.

Twas odd, really. Everyone appeared to put their differences aside, to come together and celebrate on this one day. I was really impressed by the people who were really into the whole celebration, waving their flags and singing in entirely wild abandon, young and old.

I'll probably post one or two shots up here later- right now the cameras are tucked away in their bag after a long day under the sun and their owner is too brain tired to even get her fat ass off the floor and go downstairs to fetch them =P.

Anyway, I shall return with more updates soon enough. I'm sleepy and I'm in Melaka and I'm going shopping tomorrow and I'm planning to attend next year's celebration not as a photographer, but as a celebrator, if such a word even exists. Peace out, and salam Satu Malaysia, folks.


Emo post

I'll admit, this was suppose to be an emo post. I planned, as I turned my laptop on, to release my pent up frustration over myself in the form of a blog post. I wanted to let out all those stupid thoughts, thoughts that creep up to me and pounce like dark robbers of all that is good. And just as I was in this mad delusion of dark thoughts, more problems come up, clamouring for attention. It was about all I could stand. It was just one of those moments in my life when I felt as if everything I did and am doing are all hopelessly wrong, that the world around me is moving forward constantly with me just standing still. A moment when I feel completely lost with no sense of direction. No knowledge of where I'm going, where I was now, what I was then. I was quite ready to take a flying leap over the balcony, headfirst just to make sure the cavern in which all evil from within me resides reaches the hard ground first. All jokes aside.

But then a call came. A call with a warm voice; gentle despite its own exhaustion, kind regardless of its own tired needs.
And suddenly, the world and I seem to be moving forward together again.

I don't think even God knows how much I love you Esmond. No, I don't think He does.



Ho-hum, here's a blog post =3.

Went for Animangaki day 1 with dear friends. I must say, the more I go to all these cons, the less I enjoy them. I remember just how excited I was when I went to my first one (GACC- it was so long ago I was actually using a film Kodak to take pictures O^O) and my sister and I were squealing over all the cosplayers. Now I just wander around feeling as if I've seen it all and am seeing it over and over again. I did get to see the wonderful friends I was lucky enough to meet along the way, but other than that nothing about the con particularly interested me. Oh well. We went late and left early, adjourning to Sunway Pyramid after that for meandering around and window/grocery shopping. After that we went back home and I did nothing of particular importance (aka sleep) till the next day. It's been a well spent day today so far- did some domestic chores around the place =P.

I feel the urge to go shopping. I believe the Fee in my female is growing as the days go by. Me saw a pair of gorgeous turquoise loafers yesterday (along with a couple of other pretty things =P) and it was only the price tag upon it that stopped me from buying it on the spot. Maybe when I've saved up enough money I'll go back for it. If I haven't forgotten about it and/or spent the savings on something else, that is, lol.

There's nothing better on a hot, sunny day than cold, juicy watermelon. But it rained yesterday night, making it nice and cool today so all I want now is a cup of hot coffee, haha.

This blog is in need of a makeover. Soon.



...If only it was possible to see the 360 of each and every scenario. There'll be no doubts, no suspicions, no unnecessary thoughts. The world would be a better place really. I wish I knew all the sides to all that has happened to me, the way I do now for one. It really changed my views on certain issues completely. If I had known what was going on then, I wouldn't have been such a whiny retard weeping and feeling sorry for myself, completely oblivious to the pain and worry I'm causing my loved ones. I would have forced myself to be stronger, regardless of what was thrown at me. But, I swear. I really didn't know then. I was completely clueless about what they thought, what they felt, what they said, what they feared. All I cared about then was my own pain and fears. More painful than my own anguish, however, is the suffering of those I love and cherish the most. I feel somewhat ashamed of the way I used to feel and think now. How I allowed my emotions to be controlled by such selfish thoughts. It's all good now, though, and I'm glad to have done what I did, no regrets. With the discovery came knowledge and understanding. And repentance and forgiveness from my side. I know now that I love and trust you more than ever. And if there would be anyone I'd want to spend the rest of my life with, it'd be you.