I kinda like afternoon classes. Besides the fact that you have an extra few hours before class to rush your assignments and get them over and done with *coughcough*, there are many nice things to be thankful for when your classes are a bit later on. You get to wake up later, hence not feeling as sleepy as you would if you wake up at a god-forsaken hour. You can also plan your hours out, so that you have a nice time relaxing and preparing to head out instead of rushing through things and having to stick to a minute-by-minute schedule; from the time you open your eyes until your feet are out of the door. So that means a nice lounge around, a lazy breakfast over a book or blog, and some more time to figure out what to wear later.

Did I mention you get to sleep more? XD.

My tummy feels funny. It's going through that funny-tummy-that-doesn't-get-less-funny-after-you've-done-a-massive-poop-funny =/. I sure hope I don't have to spend these last few lazy minutes in the toilet (again). Gah.

...I have a strong suspicion that it was the tom yam from yesterday's dinner =/.