Poetic Aromatic

This goes out to a very dear friend of mine.

A companion who has been with me in the hour when everyone else shuts their eyes.

A dear soul that sits by me during my all-nighters, my sacrifices of naps and sleeps for the sake of completing assignments and work.

He cheers me up when I feel lonely. During those quiet hours by myself when I play the music loud enough to drown my own singing, he is by me to sooth my throat when I've sung one note too many.

When I'm happy, he puts me in an even better mood when I hold him and sniff him. Inhaling his deep scent just makes the world feel like a better place.

The ups and downs, the thick and thin, we've held hands and crossed it together.

And now, we celebrate a joyous occassion together.


Happy Coffee Day everybody 8D.

And that is all that's left of my coffee. Me needs MOAR!!! ^O^