Ho-hum, here's a blog post =3.

Went for Animangaki day 1 with dear friends. I must say, the more I go to all these cons, the less I enjoy them. I remember just how excited I was when I went to my first one (GACC- it was so long ago I was actually using a film Kodak to take pictures O^O) and my sister and I were squealing over all the cosplayers. Now I just wander around feeling as if I've seen it all and am seeing it over and over again. I did get to see the wonderful friends I was lucky enough to meet along the way, but other than that nothing about the con particularly interested me. Oh well. We went late and left early, adjourning to Sunway Pyramid after that for meandering around and window/grocery shopping. After that we went back home and I did nothing of particular importance (aka sleep) till the next day. It's been a well spent day today so far- did some domestic chores around the place =P.

I feel the urge to go shopping. I believe the Fee in my female is growing as the days go by. Me saw a pair of gorgeous turquoise loafers yesterday (along with a couple of other pretty things =P) and it was only the price tag upon it that stopped me from buying it on the spot. Maybe when I've saved up enough money I'll go back for it. If I haven't forgotten about it and/or spent the savings on something else, that is, lol.

There's nothing better on a hot, sunny day than cold, juicy watermelon. But it rained yesterday night, making it nice and cool today so all I want now is a cup of hot coffee, haha.

This blog is in need of a makeover. Soon.