Beautiful Tonight

Today I went a-searching for a colour palette generator to come up with a colour scheme for my blog when I get round to giving it the makeover it deserves. I came upon Colorspire, which is a free online generator that allows you to fill up a palette of 5 swatches, with choices of a gradient slider, colour wheel or RGB/Hex to select your hues. There is even a preview of a basic layout just so you'll get a rough idea of how your colours will turn out together.

Here is the colour scheme I came up with:

Beige, Celeste, Coral Pink, Navajo White

I know I still want red in my blog (not too much as it is now of course =P), but I also want room for my next ace favourite colour, turquoise. Trying to go easy on the eyes by selecting softer, pastel shades but I think it's a bit too pretty pretty for when I go gangsta with my emo posts and/or ramble about metal/Jrock =P. But it is a pretty dreamy palette, yes it be ^O^. I might love this scheme for now, but who knows tomorrow I'll want to go drown my blog in the colours of a nonexistent neon rainbow and blind everyone who visit it XD. Now I want to think about how my new fancy header will look like 8D.

For those who were wondering, the Black Dot thingamajiggy went fairly well, I believe. I just need to think up strategies and expand my horizon and become spankingly awesome and I should be good to go =D. For now, I'm done playing with colours so I shall return to researching for Design History like the good student I wish I could be. Haha. Farewell.