Let The Blind Lead The Blind

So we have this Black Dot project and my concept technically revolves around signage/communication methods for the visually impaired. I've done some mini extensive research (now that's an oxymoron in it's own right, lol) on Braille and tactile symbol system, and I have to say, there is a lot more to communicating than what is already there. Imagine designing something for someone that can't actually see your design O^O. Of course, as of now my target audience have their visual organs intact and in full working order, but I'd like my design to incorporate existing methods of communicating for blind individuals.
I've come up with several ideas, and I quite like them. But whether my lecturers like them is a completely different topic, a topic which will be further explored in the near future.

*crosses fingers*

P.S: I purposefully separated my rambles into two today. So you'll have the serious ramble here. The next post is shoed with gushings, pictures and the colour turquoise. Don't say I didn't tell you.