Love and Loafs

Be warned: This be a post of shoe+love rambles.
You have been warned.


Don't they be the prettiest shoes evar? XD.
I've been (quietly) in search of loafers for a long time now. I just love how comfy they look- laid back and just a little bit dressy, but not as casual as sneakers. I've seen bright red pairs around and was quite keen on them, but after coming across this pair (through a random stumble into a random shoe shop), I knew that these were the shoes I'd get.

Beautiful dusty turquoise colour!! I believe it's called seafoam, and I can very well imagine a walk on the beach in this pair. The dark brown tasselled bows and stitching at the side just adds to its rustic charm. Being new shoes, they rub a bit, but a bit of running around in them should do the trick =D. Better rub the insides with a bit of lubricant first though. Don't want to end up with mega-blisters through no fault of my own.
Omeegawsh, I've never been this excited over a pair of not-sneaker-shoes. Wait, just wait till I get those Reebok Retro PopxUslu Airlines sneakers...

Wait, did I say a pair of not-sneaker-shoes?...

Yes, I have two pairs of shoes in the same colour =P *gets shot*.
Well, it isn't my fault my mother agreed that the colour was oh so gorgeous =P. Can't blame me for good taste now, can you? XD. This pair is a lot softer compared to the loafers. They're a bit more feminine, with the bow and cookie-cutter seams. I sense an approaching need to go for a wardrobe makeover *sinister laugh*. Someone stop me before I turn into a twisted feemale of epic proportions, please and thank you.

Today...oops, sorry, it's been today for almost two hours. Yesterday there was another bazaar in campus, and dear sweet Esmond bought me this:

Isn't it adorable? And it's red too! ^O^ I wasn't expecting it at all, so it came as a very touching surprise. I am more grateful for his thoughtfulness than the actual gift. Not too much, of course. I love the little thing =D. Almost but never-quite-as-much as I love Esmond ^O^.

Okay, end rambles for now. Enjoy the rest of the week, folks! I'm plodding along as best as I can, hope you are too =D.