Snoogle Boobles

So I return with another blog post.

Maigawd the whole day was spent in front of Ai, to the point that the whole thing started lagging something chronic. So much more to do, I'm going to be busy busy busy the whole of the week. Month. Two months. The busyness appears endless right now, so I'll just go with the flow and enjoy myself while I'm at it.

Anyways, weekend in Melaka and I went a-shopping on Saturday (twas stress-relief! Though the stress piled right on today anyway, lol). Was actually in search of a certain pair of shoes but no luck. I did, however, buy a couple of completely random and completely nonsensical items =P


Got this little fella from Daiso. They stocked up on Halloween and Christmas decorations already, and this is suppose to be some sort of aerial decoration. It's so cute!! Simple and a bit rustic-looking, I think. A bell or two will make this just perfect.

Froggy notebook from S&J! I got another one for a friend's birthday present, only that one was a Totoro one. There were other designs and colours too. Wished I could collect them allllll XD. The little butterfly pegs I got from Daiso as well. I love the vintage flower fabric patterns! These make for really useful gifts for people who like keeping their lives organized with whimsical accessories =D.

Aaaand, the prize of the day! =D. Saw this at the counter when I was paying up at S&J:

Mini Domo-kuns!!! And they come in so many different designs!! =D. These depend on your luck though- you get a random design in each box you buy. But I fell in love with the one already on display, so I bought that one instead...

Oh come on, you know you love him too.

A Super Glitter Domo-kun!!! He is sparkly and shiny and shimmery splendid ^O^. I want to put a hook into his head and make him into a keychain, but I think I'd be heartbroken if he popped out and was lost D=.


I suppose I'll just use him as a lucky mascot for now. He's been sitting on my laptop keeping me company with his shiny-ness all day when I was pegging away at the typography assignment, then he gave me a rawr when I was frustrated over the good-for-nothing laghang.

That's all for my shopping excursion =D. In the morning I shall return to the hills and re-immerse myself in me assignments. For now my brain is dying, my eyes are woozy, my whole body aches, and I have the urge to pee.
Oh, and I still have not uploaded the pics from the merdeka celebration. I didn't do that because I shot in RAW and I'll have to convert+edit them before I post them up. And I know you know how we all know just how unproductive I want to be in every activity but sleeping right about now =3=. Tune in for more updates folks. For the time being, a happy Monday to everybody.