It seems that I have forgotten to blog about something...


All that childhood memories of how I fangirled over Westlife just came pouring back to me when I heard that they were coming to KL on their Gravity tour. And it helps wonderfully that their Gravity album holds a very dear spot in my heart, having been playing in my ears full blast during a certain tender confessing moment ^O^.

Omgomgomgomgomg I'm going to see Westlife for real!!! *spins around in joy*

I mean, I don't think I'll actually be able to SEE see them.
..what with the seat being faaaaaaaar away from the stage- as far as distance can go from far to stage, whatever that means, lol. Anyways, yes me be going to the Westlife concert October 7th wheewheeWHEE!! 8D.

Anyway, the other reason why I be blogging (yet again) is to show off some film shots! =D. Which brings me to the realization that I've never quite introduced the little bugger....

That's Yashi-chan and Pika-pika Domo-kun. They be very good friends =3.

Anyway, finally got the first roll of film printed and dear Esmond scanned them all into the computer. I wanted to upload them on FB but for some ungodly reason I can't seem to upload pics and/or create albums now (*shakes fist at Maxis towerpoint*). So I shall present a few of them here:

I LOVE how the colours came out! I know, you'd probably be able to get just the same with a DSLR+Photoshop, but really, nothing beats seeing the results of your shots right in your hand. A roll should have 36 shots, but somehow or other 38 shots were produced XD. So apart from a few underexposed ones, it's a full roll =3.

I believe I've been blogging a twee bit too much these days =P. Don't worry, I've no plans of stopping, not yet, lol. Farewell folks. Tomorrow is going to be a happy day out <3