Disco Fish...

So apparently after crafting these gorjas pair of shuz:

Reebok actually collects the scrap material/what is left after creating a gorjas pair of shuz and makes another not-so-but-still-gorjas-pair of shuz:


No, I'm actually sad for no good reason whatsoever, all because I happened to type retro pop into ebay's search engine and come up with listings to the first shoe (the moar gorjas one) when there wasn't one before that.

RM360, shipping included. If I saved one ringgit a day for almost a year, I'd be able to afford them 8D. But by then I'd probably come across some other pair of gorjas shuz and/or die so, yeah. Lol. I so need to get a job during sem break. I don't care if I actually do get them gorjas shuz (I lie: I do care XDD) but heck, I wanna earn some monehs so that I won't be quite so stupidly penniless. So unless some rich fatass donates me some money/them shuz or them shuz go *sparklysparklydropfromskiez* the plan remains that I must bubble bubble toil and trouble and earn my soles...puns wholely intended.

I wonder how my English got to be so degraded. My spelling is atrocious O^O.

Anyway, random shoe post. Thank you for your time, folks.