Malaysia Day!

Hibiscus tea. How very patriotic, Joanne.

I was born and raised to become the twisted person you all know and love right here in Malaysia. Never went anywhere else except on holidays. I sing the anthem, I pledge the oath, I study the history. I don't go all way out to keep myself updated on the country's activities, but when there are news that should be known I try to know it, and know it right.

18+ years in Malaysia, folks. And for the first time in my life, I attended the Merdeka celebrations.

And, I'll be absolutely honest. If it wasn't for the sole fact that I went only to fulfill the requirements of my photography assignment, I wouldn't have bothered. I wouldn't even watch the live feed on tv. I'd be mouldering in the corner of a court watching a bunch of boys run after a ball and get all hot and sweaty.
The boys, I mean. Not me =P.

But I went to the celebration. And no, I've no regrets for going at all.

Not even when I had to wake up at 4.45am (and though I said I'd 'sleep earlier' the night before, 'sleeping earlier' technically meant turning the light off slightly before 12, and even then I was bludgeoned by odd calls by odd people at the obviously odd hour), and wrestle through the crowd and oppressive heat (I read the weather report the night before and it said plainly= showers throughout the day in Kuala Lumpur. Lies, all lies. Well, it was a lie for the first part- it did rain later in the afternoon, but still. I digress.). I had so much fun! The place was packed with locals and tourists alike, all in the mood for celebration and merry-making. Even the participants of the parade were cordial- they didn't mind the photos and even struck poses for us when we asked. I didn't pay much attention to the delegates and important people up there, though. Was too busy hunting and shooting (lol) the people who really made the event happen- the rakyat, yo.

Twas odd, really. Everyone appeared to put their differences aside, to come together and celebrate on this one day. I was really impressed by the people who were really into the whole celebration, waving their flags and singing in entirely wild abandon, young and old.

I'll probably post one or two shots up here later- right now the cameras are tucked away in their bag after a long day under the sun and their owner is too brain tired to even get her fat ass off the floor and go downstairs to fetch them =P.

Anyway, I shall return with more updates soon enough. I'm sleepy and I'm in Melaka and I'm going shopping tomorrow and I'm planning to attend next year's celebration not as a photographer, but as a celebrator, if such a word even exists. Peace out, and salam Satu Malaysia, folks.