190th Post

From the day I was born to the day I die, the only side I am on is my own.

And I'll be gone for now! Here's hoping I don't screw up this part of my life, lol.

Bye bye for now, everybody!!! *waves hands madly*


Oh. Almost Forgot.


And I just realized I'm approaching my 200th post...in about 20 more posts. Lol.


It really takes $k!LlZ

to be able to perform live, don't you think?

Some artistes have really supaaa awesome voices, really smexy and makes you tingle all over XD. But then suddenly they get up on stage and they lose everything. Wonder why, though? Maybe open spaces and loudspeakers don't do justice to the smexiness of their voices. Or something. But I've got to say, the one guy who can really rock out at live performances is, no, not Gackt, but Satoshi, vocalist of Girugamesh. Perhaps it doesn't have all the clarity of the studio recordings, but he somehow still manages to keep up with the energy of the songs, and that's something to applaud considering the kind of songs he sings.

Gackt doesn't do too good on stage, at least that's what I think. But he did pretty awesome during his Requiem et Reminiscence II, especially for Jesus (the song, not the internationally-recognized idol) which is quite a hard song to sing on a normal day. And then we have Ayumi, who sometimes conveniently forgets the lines to -her own- songs. Well, it's no surprise, really. When you've written at least 150+ songs, there's really no blame in forgetting some words here and there. Haha.

Okay, this was really pointless. Off I go.

Here's hoping no one shall miss me when I'm gone =D.

Yes, swanky blog header FINALLY done XD. It took me ages, and I'm still not quite satisfied with it...bleh. I'd like to start over, but I'm far too lazy now =P. Yaay! At least I can now celebrate the official opening of my brand new blog outlook *pops champagne bottle*.

So...yeah. I'm going away! Real soon! Man, everyone hope I get really great housemates that I can click with. Can you imagine just how epic things would be (for them, not me XD) if I can't? Lol. And honestly, I've so many things to bring up with me you wouldn't believe. Though my parents insist otherwise, I think I've really surpassed myself in overpacking this once XD.

Off I go nao~



And I passed my driving exam!!! =D =D =D.

Phear me, ladies and gentlemen, for I shall now become the Highway Terror Of Absolute Lemony Doom. Insert maniacal BWAHAHAHA here XD.
It was actually pretty shitty. The bloody exam car's handbrake refused to go down and I forgot to release said brake on another car when I had to go on the road. Thankfully that was only at the beginning and I was allowed to continue (though the engine dieded twice XD).

On lighter news, I believe my header will soon be done, and I've packed some books/random art materials (not the markers/pens though) into a nice big box. I was considering on getting a heavy duty safebox to store my markers...but...nah. Not practical, lol.

Oh, and this is a little something I made for ex-Lit teacher:

The little bits and bobs are based on the scenes in the drama we studied, The Lion and The Jewel. I believe I owed her one of these since two years ago. Yes, my procrastinating $k!LlZ and I rule the world over, haha.

So, that's all for now~



Still haven't packed art materials, still haven't made blog header, still haven't lived my life to the fullest.

What have I been doing? You ask. Oh~~nothing much. Just downloading the episodes of GS and watching them all over again. I can't believe it; it's like watching a new anime altogether, I can't seem to remember much of the episodes. There're 50 altogether, currently downloading the 23rd one. Go me. XD.

Surprisingly enough, the drawing, though somewhat lacking, is a lot more consistent compared to the two other series that come after it. Now how odd is that? Here's hoping Gaiden greatly surpasses them all, Burial included. I don't think I can live through another disappointment from the entertainment world T__T.

All that said, I shall now leave you all with this:



*It's Time To Start The Countdown*

5 MOAR DAYS!!! O__O;;

And I haven't even completed my drawings DX. I planned to do so before I leave (because I'll probably not be able to enjoy the comforts of my desk for a long, long while) but by the looks of it I don't think I'll be able to.

Gosh, all them pencil lines D=. I never did like leaving my pencil sketch too long, because it tends to be harder to erase later. You'll still have a faint shadow of graphite on places you especially don't want graphite to be.

Goddang, what happened to my colour-coordination $k!iLlz, eh? I believe it's out of whack (has it ever been in sync? XD). Phail, utter phail.

Oh, driving exam on Thursday. Holy cow.

Farewell nao~


Sub-Maintainer Post ver >1.03

Yo yo yo XD.

Expect quite a few posts from me this week. Making use of the internet connection while I still have full access to it.

Going up to KL this Sunday!!! My days of freedom are drastically numbered *dies*.

Anyways, my parents made this a couple of days back...

Lemon cakee~

I actually made one the night before for a potluck with friends, and my mum was so excited because it was our first time baking a cake in a broiler-oven. The cake turned out far better than we expected so my parents robbed me of my last lemon the very next day and made another cake XD.

Today was EPIC PACKING DAY, whereby I packed up clothes/buckets/hangers/toiletries/food/random bits and bobs to drag along with me to uni. And while I was at it I decided to give my faithful shoes a wash. I actually don't remember washing them ever since I first got them (2+ years back, LOL). They were so dirty I doubt anyone could've discerned them as Nikes XD. But they came out a superb white after a good scrub.

At this rate, I won't be needing a new pair of shoes XD. Though they do have some minor cracks at the sides...oh well. I haven't quite found my dream shoes yet, though I've searched everywhere in Melaka and KL...perhaps I'm not searching at the right places T__T. Anyone know where I can find a pair of awesome looking sneakers? I'm currently setting my sights on Reebok Freestyle Hi, though not the solid-coloured ones, and/or Reebok Women's Top Down. Actually just looking for a pair of red hi-tops, but they're either extinct or really good at hiding =_=.

Oh yeah, excuse the funny-looking photos. I just don't happen to have a camera with customizable aperture settings, apparently. What I do have, however, are a tablet and a powerful photo editing program that I can wield to fake aperture. And even then I didn't do a too good job. Lol. I was in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't pay much attention to the teeny details XD.

So, yeah. More or less done for now. Off I go, then. Bye bye! *waves*


Sub-Maintainer Post ver >1.02

Haha, here's another random post specially for random ol' you =).

So Zero-Sum (Japanese monthly serial comic that publishes Saiyuki Reload/Gaiden/Reload Blast)just reached their 100th issue (omedetou gozaimas'! *pops balloons and flings confetti*) and they released a whole load of goodies to snag. Damn, I take back what I said about sometimes liking Malaysia. I don't care what kinda floods they have up there in the land of the rising sun, but I wanna go there. Naow. Lol.

...A keyboard + mouse set!!! Awesome, right?? Okay, even if you don't think so, just pretend to be excited, dangit. Lol. Picture courtesy of Minekura-san's official blog.

And and and! Check this awesome pic out! I don't even know what this is for!!! 8D 8D 8D. The boys look so cute, all wrapped up like that. Lol.

So, uhm, yeah. This has been a waste of time. Off I go. Again. Farewell~

Maintainer Post ver -1.02

If you haven't noticed, then I'll just mention it right here, right now.

I've stopped loving Gackt No, that's not it. I've changed the blog url. So you might wanna change the link you have on your own blogs/sites sometime soon or you'll never be able to follow up with the awesome randomness that is I.

...And just in case any of you were wondering, yes, I'm still stupidly sad.

Sub-Maintainer Post ver >1.01

No, I'm not actually done with revamping my blog. Still have the header to go, which will probably take a while longer.

Is this place a twee bit too red? I can't quite tell, because I like the colour red a lot and too much is never enough. But it'll be nice to hear opinions from people reading.

Not sure why I'm blogging right now, but while I'm here I'll just say that I read all my nonsensical ramblings over yesterday; right from the first post. I actually burst out laughing at some of the odd phrases I used. And I can't quite digest all the insane happenings that, well, happened. Yeah, reading back also made me remember just how much I loved Gackt. Past tense wholely intended T____T.

It's a nice cloudy day today. Someone must've forgotten to stoke the fires of hell, lol. It rained a lot in the morning, but stopped now. The birds are all perched on the telephone wires looking like large, ruffled balls of fluff. Very very very cute. I wanted to take a picture of them but they flew off when I slid the window open. Guess they're camera shy *shrug*.

I think I'll go back to drawing now. Will be back.


Probably my first and last post...

...about Gackt.

...I mean COME ON WHAT ON EARTH IS UP WITH HIS LATEST IMAGE???? Who the hell is he trying to be, Michael Jackson?! It's too soon for a new Michael; he probably hasn't even bio-degraded yet (no offense MJ). But seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY. Jesus!! Gackt-sama, you were unbelievably hot as you were, it wasn't neccessary at all for you to try to get a 'new' look. Bah. What's up with the sparkly line of silver down the cheek, the braid in the hair, the fedora, the shitastic MJ-esque (again, no offense. After all, only MJ and MJ alone can pull off something like that, believe you me) pose???!!! His latest song isn't at all nice either. How come it's starting to sound so stereotypical? If you were to listen to his earlier tracks and compare them with the latest ones, you'd notice the huge difference yourself. His songs are just...losing the Gackt-ness of it. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, I love his voice, I love his everything. But maybe that should all be in past tense. Ah.

...Is this how some people feel when they break up? Lol.

Joking aside, whoa. Come ON, people. You should know from my countless, endless rambling posts with the frequent usage of the alphabets G-A-C-K-T (maybe that's why my G key is starting to be less responsive. Hm.). When I was feeling the worst of feelings, I listened to Gackt's sexy voice and somehow manage to feel better. How I gushed over all the little bits of eccentricity that puts the G in GACKT. I think I irritated almost everyone around me 24/7 with "Gackt this" and "Gackt that". And remember just how excited I was when the Jesus video came out? I improved my side reading trying to play Last Song. I WROTE AN ESSAY ABOUT HIM IN A MID-YEAR TEST FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Gackt wasn't just an idol to me; he was my GOD.

Maybe it's because my love for him was just that intense, hence the reason why I got horribly disappointed by the new him.

I'm sorry if I actually made the other Gackt fans raging mad (and probably one or two MJ fans as well). Forgive me; but Gackt has let me down this time. I hope he hasn't for anyone else. In fact I'm hoping he reaps a million more fans with his new image. Because, without a doubt, this fan over here is burying the fangirl within her until he makes some sort of miraculous comeback.

Yes, I'm still hoping. I love him just too damn much.


...The hell. My dad just commented "Is this man worth shedding tears for?" And when I replied YES, he walked away saying "Go ahead and start crying then. But don't use the tissue papers....I paid for those."


Maintainer Post ver -1.01

Good evening family and friends,

Goddamn, who am I blogging for anyway?! No one reads my shit >.>.*

So, right, just going to happily announce that I'm getting married going to re-design this place, so until I come up with something really fancy, this place shall not be updated.

There isn't much for me to say, anyways. Only that ima gonna go for my driving exam this coming Monday and I'm leaving for uni in approximately 2 weeks (and I haven't started packing) *dies*.

Farewell nao~

*The answer to that pretty obvious question is myself, of course.


To follow up with previous post...

Fancy picture courtesy of otakureview.net~


Man, I totally cannot remember the last time I was THIS excited over an upcoming anime.

...Oh wait. Maybe I do. Junjou. Season 2. Right.

*Squeals madly* Saiyuki Gaiden!! Coming out! Animated pixels! Squeesqueesquee.

That's all. Goodnight XD.



Went and read Gaiden from beginning to end. The tears were rolling all over again.

Yes, it appears that I've been doing less and less "berfaedah" things in my life as of late.

Bleh, I need to re-design this blog all over again. All them little bits and pieces hanging out and around. Gotta stuff them back into their places *prod prod*.

I've been listening to a lot of FLOW lately. Yeah, totally out of sync with the hardcore JRock I'm accustomed to. But then, FLOW appears to specialize in happy tunes. And no one can say no to happy tunes =D.

'Oly Akito-sama, Adam Lambert has a new MV?! If I Had You. One of those happy songs. Oh noes, Gackt-sama, stop slacking! Come out with something new! Go Gackt-sama GOOOO!!!!

...I'm rambling. I'll stop right now. Farewell.