It really takes $k!LlZ

to be able to perform live, don't you think?

Some artistes have really supaaa awesome voices, really smexy and makes you tingle all over XD. But then suddenly they get up on stage and they lose everything. Wonder why, though? Maybe open spaces and loudspeakers don't do justice to the smexiness of their voices. Or something. But I've got to say, the one guy who can really rock out at live performances is, no, not Gackt, but Satoshi, vocalist of Girugamesh. Perhaps it doesn't have all the clarity of the studio recordings, but he somehow still manages to keep up with the energy of the songs, and that's something to applaud considering the kind of songs he sings.

Gackt doesn't do too good on stage, at least that's what I think. But he did pretty awesome during his Requiem et Reminiscence II, especially for Jesus (the song, not the internationally-recognized idol) which is quite a hard song to sing on a normal day. And then we have Ayumi, who sometimes conveniently forgets the lines to -her own- songs. Well, it's no surprise, really. When you've written at least 150+ songs, there's really no blame in forgetting some words here and there. Haha.

Okay, this was really pointless. Off I go.