Sub-Maintainer Post ver >1.03

Yo yo yo XD.

Expect quite a few posts from me this week. Making use of the internet connection while I still have full access to it.

Going up to KL this Sunday!!! My days of freedom are drastically numbered *dies*.

Anyways, my parents made this a couple of days back...

Lemon cakee~

I actually made one the night before for a potluck with friends, and my mum was so excited because it was our first time baking a cake in a broiler-oven. The cake turned out far better than we expected so my parents robbed me of my last lemon the very next day and made another cake XD.

Today was EPIC PACKING DAY, whereby I packed up clothes/buckets/hangers/toiletries/food/random bits and bobs to drag along with me to uni. And while I was at it I decided to give my faithful shoes a wash. I actually don't remember washing them ever since I first got them (2+ years back, LOL). They were so dirty I doubt anyone could've discerned them as Nikes XD. But they came out a superb white after a good scrub.

At this rate, I won't be needing a new pair of shoes XD. Though they do have some minor cracks at the sides...oh well. I haven't quite found my dream shoes yet, though I've searched everywhere in Melaka and KL...perhaps I'm not searching at the right places T__T. Anyone know where I can find a pair of awesome looking sneakers? I'm currently setting my sights on Reebok Freestyle Hi, though not the solid-coloured ones, and/or Reebok Women's Top Down. Actually just looking for a pair of red hi-tops, but they're either extinct or really good at hiding =_=.

Oh yeah, excuse the funny-looking photos. I just don't happen to have a camera with customizable aperture settings, apparently. What I do have, however, are a tablet and a powerful photo editing program that I can wield to fake aperture. And even then I didn't do a too good job. Lol. I was in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't pay much attention to the teeny details XD.

So, yeah. More or less done for now. Off I go, then. Bye bye! *waves*