And I passed my driving exam!!! =D =D =D.

Phear me, ladies and gentlemen, for I shall now become the Highway Terror Of Absolute Lemony Doom. Insert maniacal BWAHAHAHA here XD.
It was actually pretty shitty. The bloody exam car's handbrake refused to go down and I forgot to release said brake on another car when I had to go on the road. Thankfully that was only at the beginning and I was allowed to continue (though the engine dieded twice XD).

On lighter news, I believe my header will soon be done, and I've packed some books/random art materials (not the markers/pens though) into a nice big box. I was considering on getting a heavy duty safebox to store my markers...but...nah. Not practical, lol.

Oh, and this is a little something I made for ex-Lit teacher:

The little bits and bobs are based on the scenes in the drama we studied, The Lion and The Jewel. I believe I owed her one of these since two years ago. Yes, my procrastinating $k!LlZ and I rule the world over, haha.

So, that's all for now~