Sub-Maintainer Post ver >1.02

Haha, here's another random post specially for random ol' you =).

So Zero-Sum (Japanese monthly serial comic that publishes Saiyuki Reload/Gaiden/Reload Blast)just reached their 100th issue (omedetou gozaimas'! *pops balloons and flings confetti*) and they released a whole load of goodies to snag. Damn, I take back what I said about sometimes liking Malaysia. I don't care what kinda floods they have up there in the land of the rising sun, but I wanna go there. Naow. Lol.

...A keyboard + mouse set!!! Awesome, right?? Okay, even if you don't think so, just pretend to be excited, dangit. Lol. Picture courtesy of Minekura-san's official blog.

And and and! Check this awesome pic out! I don't even know what this is for!!! 8D 8D 8D. The boys look so cute, all wrapped up like that. Lol.

So, uhm, yeah. This has been a waste of time. Off I go. Again. Farewell~