Hello everyone! Another long awaited update for this blog. Time sure flies! Before I know it, the 3-months of internship has ended, I have another 3 months before I finish my final semester....and it's Esmond and my 3rd year anniversary! Three whole years feels like a great achievement to me, and to repeat that age-old cliché, it certainly did not feel at all like three years! Three minutes, more like XD. 
We went out on the April 11th for a meal and a movie; Rio 2 opened on the same day and coincidentally, we went for the first Rio that same day three years ago. 
I'd heard a lot about Plan B and the atmosphere really drew me in. The food was disappointingly so-so; there wasn't as much variety as I'd wish and the sandwich I ordered seemed to be put together in a slapdash way despite its generous portion. The ambiance was lovely though. It was a fun day full of warm chats and recollections.

To the people who know me, I think they can agree that I'm not the most romantic of persons- I tend to get embarrassingly awkward discussing these things. I will say this: it's been an awesome three years- and it can only get better from here :) .

On a side note, I've been busy working on my final project for the final year exhibition looming just 6 weeks away. Will share some progress soon- right now it's just endless cups of coffee and doodlings. 

Happy Saturday, everyone! 


Wonderland ACEOs by Vera Ma

About a month ago, I joined a giveaway contest hosted by Singaporean illustrator Vera Ma, more commonly known as Lemon Shortbread. I was pleasantly surprised when she contacted me on facebook during a boring internship afternoon announcing that I'd won a set of three Wonderland ACEOs :).

I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, and an even bigger fan of Vera's amazing pop-art style. You can imagine my excitement when I unpacked the ACEOs when they arrived! The endearing characters of Wonderland are given a psychedelic makeover with Vera's signature vibrant colours and cute faces! What makes the ACEOs even more special is that they are printed on felt with a white stitched border. I've never collected ACEOs myself, but this set of three- along with two extra cards Vera added to the parcel as a gift- make a wonderful first-time experience.

If you want to snag something wonderful of Vera's for yourself, why not visit her etsy shop? You can also visit her blog and website for more visual eye candy (Note: this post is not a paid advertisement, I just love her work so much it seems a waste not to spread the joy!)

Thank you for the giveaway, Vera! Looking forward to seeing more beautiful works! Have a good weekend, everyone :).


Wallpaper Wednesdays: Double Peachiness

Welcome to the first post of Wallpaper Wednesdays of 2014! The end of this week brings us a special double event: Valentine's day of the western world and the eastern Valentine's, also known as Chap Goh Mei. Both lovely events fall on February 14th this year.

In conjunction with the double Valentine's, I came up with two lovey-dovey wallpapers to grace your devices! No, it doesn't come with hearts and cupids with shiny buttcheeks. I drew my inspiration from peaches as they are the perfect epitome of Valentine's day: soft, fuzzy, and oh-so-sweet! Also, peaches symbolize longevity and immortality in Chinese culture. So here's to a celebration of long lasting love and friendship all around! *throws confetti*. 
imac template by Jozef Mak
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imac template by Jozef Mak
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iPad | 2048x1536
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Lumia | 480x800

There hasn't been a conditions for use in the previous wallpapers, but just for the record, you may use the wallpapers on this 'ere blog, past and future, for personal use only. If you like them enough to want to share them with your friends and family, thank you! But please only send them links to pages on my blog, do not repost onto your own sites. Please don't claim them as your own work, alrighty? And if you've any special wish to use the wallpapers for other purposes, don't hesitate to comment back or email me (of course, let me know before you actually do the deed and not after). Thanks for taking the time to read all the boring stuff!

Stay tuned to the next Wallpaper Wednesday, and hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's day :).


Chinese New Year Memories: Nga Ku

When preparations for Chinese New Year comes around, there are always recurring things on the to-do list: cookies and tidbits for the onslaught of guests, spring-cleaning, and decorating to name a few. But one of the tasks demands planning ahead; that is, in order for it to step up onto the stage when the big day comes, it has to be dressed and rehearsed a good while before.

This task, which my parents are excellent directors of, is the planting and cultivating of the arrowhead plants. To green-thumbed aficionados and botanists, this plant is called the sagittaria latifolia, to most laymen over here on this side of the world it is called 'nga ku'. In order to plant them, one has to place bulbs into shallow water. According to my parents, the bulbs have to be placed in sunny areas until they began to sprout shoots, which is a sign that they need to be taken away from direct sunlight or the leaves burn.

What my sister and I are assigned to is 'dressing' the 'nga ku', which obviously occurs after the 'nga ku' has reached its optimum beauty (glossy, bright leaves and strong stems that insist on reaching for the stars). We pinch off itty-bitty bits of red paper, wind them around the stems of the 'nga ku' and glue them to place. The result is a gorgeous contrast of bright green and red, perfect for jazzing up a living room corner or as a centre piece on the dining table.

I think the sight of a pot of 'nga ku' all decked in its red finery is one of the nicest sights of Chinese New Year. And like how the pointed leaves represent growth and continuous improvement, I hope this year will be better than the last for everyone! :) Have a happy Monday.



Happy 2014 everybody! The merry month of January has already passed us by, and I hope that it was a wonderful month for everyone! For my part, the first month of the year brought me more experience as an intern in an ad agency. There were fun times and there were hard times, so I guess I hit 2014 off well ;) .

The Lunar New Year of the Horse is in full swing and ye gods, has it been busy! I had a time of it; yearly visits from family friends and relatives, constant house cleaning, and snacking on yummy homemade cookies! Will upload photos soon, so do look out for them. I'm also in the midst of preparing some double happiness for the much missed Wallpaper Wednesdays. It's going to be absolutely peachy!

See you in the next post, friends! Have a groovy Saturday night.


Internship Hiatus

I've been on a great deal of hiatuses this year, but I suppose that's a good thing, yes? Because that means real life has been eventful. Not working out the way I expected, maybe, but eventful nonetheless.
It may interest on or the other that I am interning at TBWA for 3 months (that's December to end of February next year). I've been here for two weeks now, and so far it's been a very learning experience, a sneak peak into the working world that was previously clandestine to me. I've met a lot of nice people, though I think my social awkwardness from years of being a recluse is now showing to be my Achille's heel. That being said, training from living frugally on campus has helped me to survive (lol).

Anyway, to all my other classmates who are now interning, good luck and stay healthy! Don't forget to drink lots of water and suck lots of mints, because the dry air in the office is akin to sandpaper to your poor throats. To everyone else, have a happy happy holiday season and see you soon!


Home Love

clockwise from top left: peacock bedhead peach, double carved timber bedhead, love chair mint

Have you ever experienced that heart-wrenching ache in your chest when you find something that is just so, so pretty? I know I have! And the rattan furniture from Family Love Tree gives me that one such feeling. Family Love Tree is an Aussie company that works with skilled craftsmen from Java, Indonesia to create wonderful pieces of furniture in the most gorgeous colours. They look just right for lounging in this tropical weather. Rattan furniture is fairly common in this part of the world, but I don't think I've quite seen anything this beautiful! Take a few minutes from your lunch break (or more, it's worth it!) to gasp and fall in love with all the pieces on their website. Have a happy Friday!