Wonderland ACEOs by Vera Ma

About a month ago, I joined a giveaway contest hosted by Singaporean illustrator Vera Ma, more commonly known as Lemon Shortbread. I was pleasantly surprised when she contacted me on facebook during a boring internship afternoon announcing that I'd won a set of three Wonderland ACEOs :).

I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, and an even bigger fan of Vera's amazing pop-art style. You can imagine my excitement when I unpacked the ACEOs when they arrived! The endearing characters of Wonderland are given a psychedelic makeover with Vera's signature vibrant colours and cute faces! What makes the ACEOs even more special is that they are printed on felt with a white stitched border. I've never collected ACEOs myself, but this set of three- along with two extra cards Vera added to the parcel as a gift- make a wonderful first-time experience.

If you want to snag something wonderful of Vera's for yourself, why not visit her etsy shop? You can also visit her blog and website for more visual eye candy (Note: this post is not a paid advertisement, I just love her work so much it seems a waste not to spread the joy!)

Thank you for the giveaway, Vera! Looking forward to seeing more beautiful works! Have a good weekend, everyone :).