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Hello! I've been so quiet these days, lol. Mainly because I am too busy wrapping things up and prodding them into their right places in time for the end of semester. Only two weeks left to do all of that, so you'll probably not see me for a little while.

Not to say that my life has been incredibly uneventful, no. Despite the insanity that end-of-semester brings, I still find time to unchain myself from the computer and go out and do stuff. Like attend Mr Farid's wedding! Prettiest wedding yet, if I may say so myself. I also had a full day in the studio on Toosday working off my fail photography $k!lLz. It only led me to realize just how much harder I need to work to improve my photography. 

Anyway, I'm going out again tomorrow for a very belated birthday celebration with Esmond & Co, with the VGL afterwards. Which means I have to work hard tonight so I won't hang myself on Sunday. Work hard, everybody! Work hard now so that we can enjoy ourselves silly later! :D

If all else fails, jump about and scream the way we did! Have a happy weekend!



Went a-googling for pictures of Puffins for my assignment when a sudden epiphany struck me:

Puffins are goddamn adorable.

Wallpaper HD

I mean just look at it! LOOK AT IT! It's so cute!!! At one glance the markings around its eyes give you the impression that it has this sorrowful, anxious look that makes you just want to pick it up and give it a big hug and make everything better for the little feathered thing. 
I think I read somewhere puffins have awfully sharp beaks so I don't think I'd ever have the chance of hugging one. Unless, of course it was dead or just a plushie. And why on Earth would I want to hug a dead puffin. 

Apparently puffins only have colourful beaks during mating season. They shed the outer, colourful part later and there's a dull coloured beak underneath. It's as if they were putting on Nature's lipstick to attract their partners, and then they wipe it off later XD. And people actually eat puffins. In Iceland, it is a delicacy to eat raw puffin hearts. 

There you go, some random information about one of the cutest birds I've ever seen! XD. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everybody!

Everyday I'm puffling~ imgur



It's funny how I think up of random titles to name my blog posts. Most of the time I think about what I'm blogging about, and if there are more than one topics I try to link them together and come up with a snazzy post title. It entertains me somewhat, and I hope it entertains you too.

I was suppose to make this post yesterday night but I was busy with something else so I couldn't. This is what I had for dinner! No, it's not your usual brown rice with sesame seeds. It's PORRIDGE!!! 8D.

I never really liked porridge. Do you? I especially hate plain white porridge because it just reminds me of being sick. I hate the bland, boring taste. And I don't like porridge that has too much ginger or cilantro. And fish porridge. Oh god. Fish porridge. Seriously the person who decided that 'Hey, why don't we take fish and put it into porridge?' needs to get shot. For something so soft and meant to be swallowed, why in God's name did you have to go put something with little bones into the mush? It's so goddamn annoying, when you're going *slurpslurpslurp* and you have to pause and pull fishbones out of your mouth, or worse. You go *gulp* and suddenly there's a foreign object stuck in your throat that promises you hours of endless torment and anguish. 

I liked my porridge though. It was non fussy, savoury, and very yummy :D.

My housemate Pearlyn found me in the kitchen furiously stirring half a stock cube in a bowl. And she was shocked that I planned to make porridge with the stock (she says people usually just use plain water). I was shocked, lol. I had the impression that everyone made porridge with a stock base, which was why I purposefully purchased stock cubes at the supermarket. Even Esmond said he'd never heard of people doing this. Oh well. My chef instincts told me that I had to make the porridge with stock, and I did. And ooooh I ain't regretting, yo XD. The porridge came out flavoured; I barely needed to do anything else with it. Buuuuut, I bought MUSSELS from the supermarket as well, so I stir fried some bright green veggies with those and had that as a side dish with the porridge. Absolute heaven :D.

And then....


I went to Mid Valley yesterday for reasons you need not know about and...well...yes. I got them babies \^O^/. Next time you see me please whack me across the head and make me solemnly swear I will not buy another pair of shoes until the next year.

Ooooh that's gonna be hard XD. But it has to be done.

They are so gorjas tho :'D. All that cream and little dots of red and green. I shall take photos of me wearing them soon enough, more for my own pleasure than yours. Lol. 

A question I'd like to pose to all the girls: how hard does PMS hit you? And how do you cope with it?? =P. I'm curious because all I can do is sit and rage and make the lives of people around me miserable. Any better way to handle this? You hafta admit, I'm more or less a gentle person on normal days (hah), but during the odd week in the month I go rabid, lol. Feedback and comments are much appreciated! :D

Happy Saturday everyone!


Head in the Game

It's that time of the month again, folks. The time of...you know. Stuff. =P.

Anyway, there's the whole hype with Diablo 3 and all the guys have turned into girls and the girls have turned into guys...ahh..the things video games do to you =P. I'm actually probably going to be just as testosterone-filled when Assassin's Creed 3 and DMC: Devil May Cry come out later in the year. Laawd, give me the strength! Give me the strength to not trip, yo. 

I've been watching a twee bit too much of Gabriel Iglesias these days. Excuse me.

Video Games Indonesia

The younger, new and improved Dante is badass in his own way, I guess. I did feel a whole lot of disappointment when I watched the first trailer though. I thought he was just fugly, lol. But subsequent trailers and gameplay videos show that there's a whole lot more to this scruffy, black haired punk. 
I see redesigned Ebony and Ivory, or is this pair of dual guns different from the classic pair we've all come to love? The long coat is too reminiscent of Nero for me, though. Now they look like brothers of the same wardrobe, lol. 


I am very, VERY hyped for AC3 though. What with the new protagonist, Connor aka Ratonhnhaké:ton. The updates of gameplay by Ubisoft read like something from Skyrim. Skinning bears and wolves and shyt. Lol. I don't know just how they plan on topping the gloriously detailed world of Renaissance Italy, but I can bet this game is going to be biiiig. 
Connor has dual pistols. Just like Dante. Lol.
I found the trailers a tad bit disappointing though. Compared to the past 3 trailers, the cinematics for AC3 is just...not at all up to par. Is it because the game's still in development? Will they release a shyt awesome trailer later or something? Because, seriously, I can't see how this trailer can stand up to its past brothers (see what I did there? Lol.). When I first watched the Brotherhood and Revelations trailers I was just blown over completely. I thought that shyt was real! O^O Anyway, I shall not judge games by their trailers and just wait...and pray. Haha.
I wonder how the soundtrack will be like. Really. And I'm hoping that The Glitch Mob will be having a hand in DMC's soundtrack. That'd be the icing on ze cake!!

It's Friday tomorrow, yay! Plenty of things to do, and I hope I won't lose my cool doing them. Have a great weekend everybody!


Dear Momma

Big shoutout to all the hot sexy mommas! :D. The Google Doodle of the day is absolutely adorable! I love it when the two o's run out and glomp their g mother XDD.

I think everyone has heard their mother complain about how hard it is to be a mother at least once (at least being the key words. Because we all know for women saying something once is never EVER enough =P). Does the sentence 'when you become a mother/parent, you'll understand' sound familiar to you? But since it's obvious we're all not going to be parents anytime soon (touchwood), we shall take today as one of the gentle reminders of the single atomic force behind us all. For without this woman, where would we all be? 

I might not be able to be there in person with my mother today, but I hope everyone else will be able to! If you're not with your momma right now, why not write a letter to her? Or a note. And put it somewhere she will see. I'm going to put mine right here =).

"  Dear Momma, 

   Hello! I'm sorry I can't be there to wish you Happy Mother's Day and give you muaks muaks, but I hope that the father or sister will read this to you so that you can hear all the speeches I won't usually tell you in person =P, and then give you muaks muaks on my behalf.

Firstly, big big BIG thank you for ALL the things you've done for me! From conceiving me then pushing me out into the world, then it's a never-ending decrease of your savings to feed me and buy me clothes and books and toys and almost everything I want and need. I know a lot of times you must have sacrifice the things you wanted for yourself just so that you could buy me things when I asked. And although I don't say it enough, I do appreciate and know that!

Also for all your advice and comfort when I needed them! I think if I didn't have your advice and encouragement I would be a depressed homeless drug addict by now. Without your teaching (and nagging), I don't think I'd ever have the strength to face this world. It's true that you have made me what I am today! Maybe not ALL of it (credit to Dad too la, okay =P), but you helped to lay the foundation of ME! :D. Without you I would never have been able to write or draw or read the way I do, so THANK YOU for that!

I know there are a lot of times when you look at other mothers, and you wish that you could dance, or hang out or drive your daughters around and do crazy things with them. I know you feel very sad that you can't do all the normal things properly; we do too. But I want you to know that because you put in triple the effort to be our mother, that makes you the BEST and we LOVE you all the more for it! Don't push too hard or stress yourself out so much. You should relax more and know that we appreciate all that you have done for us.

To me you are the best mother the way you think your daughters are the best daughters in the whole world. And I would never want to have any other mother. Even if I was given the chance to choose again, I would choose you! And Dad too, of course. Because both of you together make the best parents for me! :D.

Love you and hope that you will have a very Happy Mother's Day!

Muaks muaks from your daughter,

Joanne a.k.a SK2, N2, P.P, BK, LKK, PPU, NK, NZK, 'Girl'.   "


Midnight Shoe Post: Part Two!

Don't ask me why I have so much time to go about blogging about shoes. I don't know why either. It's a female thing, ya know? We are attracted to fancy footwear the way a horse would be to shiny metal horseshoes. Not sure if they ARE attracted to U-shaped pieces of metal being nailed into their feet but....okay. Nevermind.
I like shoes, you like shoes, we ALL like shoes! \ ^O^ /

I like T-bar flats! There I've said it. Haha. I love how it reminds me of Enid Blyton characters and daisies with yellow centres and brilliant green grass and bright blue skies. Storybook childhood, that's the very two words I'm looking for. Yes. 

Love the little hearts on this one! It looks like something Alice would wear to the Queen of Heart's tart party or afternoon tea with her imaginary friends :D.
This one is simple and no-nonsense. Perfect to girly up any outfit :D. Any friends from Indonesia wanna help me buy this? Lol. The store is based in Indonesia, but I don't know how they charge for international shipping. I know it's 60rm for this pair, but hey, it's full leather so I've no complaints :D.


I tried on an awful lot of shoes yesterday in Mid Valley, lol. Simply because I was trotting after Esmond as he was in search of his futsal boots. But then we popped into one or two shoe stores for good measure ;). I tried these on in the new Mango Touch outlet and they were waaaaow. It's a statement pair without being obscenely loud or horribly uncomfortable! I love the dyed edge and the weave! It actually reminds me of those rattan balls they use for sepak takraw...maybe that's where MNG got their inspiration from? XD.

Funny how I remember that I once made a post about these moustache flats, though I can't seem to find said post anymore. But here they are again! I think these could make a simple holiday DIY project, along with those fancy glitter flats I've been wanting so much. Ooh, sudden inspiration! What if I made a stencil and had GLITTER MOUSTACHES on my flats??? :DDD. That's it. I'm so going to try that out. Lol.
Fashion Online

What kind of shoes do you like? Sky high stilettos? Holey pair of trainers? Flip flops? Whatever they are, I hope they are comfortable and make you happy every time you look down at your toes. Cheers~!

Strawberry Mob


These shoes by Vans  just screams adorable. I saw it on sale in Mid Valley yesterday and all I could do was go 'OH NOES I HAVE TO SAVE DON'T TEMPT ME SALES NOOOOO X.X'. Lol. It was RM199 with 40% off so...yeah. Still pretty expensive. I wonder if it'll still be available when they start putting up the 70% off tags, haha =P. 
But, really! It's so purdy!!! XD. Look at the adorable little red and green spots on the off-white canvas! It reminds me exactly of a dish of strawberries and cream ^O^. And the pretty neutral colours mean that it'd be great with almost everything, from jeans to a light cotton dress. Something casual with a just enough berrylicous twist to it. They are also very comfortable; it felt snug and a bit padded, unlike the stiff, flat feeling you sometimes get with plimsolls. I tried the one on display (it was my size! Oh God the temptation! XD) and I fell in love with the feeling of it on my foot, seriously. Haha. 

I'll prolly just have to add this to my wishlist, because May is the month where I solemnly swear I shall not spend on any unnecessary items. Which seems to me awfully hard because apparently May is the time of mega sales and final assignments. I have a bad feeling I'm going to go broke simply by printing and whatnot. At least I have a semi-full larder, so I needn't be to worried about starving. 

Starving. Haha. Yeah, right Joanne. The day you starve is the day you decide to go on a diet XD. 

Anyway, it may interest you that Esmond got me into listening to this awesome Dubstep trio called The Glitch Mob. 

The Glitch Mob

I don't know why it took me so long to blog about them, haha. It's been a long while since I've come across an album that pleases me almost 99%. Somehow their musical style comes off as unique to me. Because most of the time when I listen to Dubstep I can't tell one track apart from the other. Listening to Glitch Mob I visualize each track as individual droplets of carefully crafted jewels (wow, did I just overdo the imagery? =P). Wonderful melodies with something that feels almost cinematic, like what you'd expect from a blockbuster soundtrack. I was surprised that I could be so impressed with a Dubstep album, really.
*Edit: Esmond has corrected me to say that The Glitch Mob is not actually a Dubstep trio, but a glitch group. As their name implies, lol. I guess I can't quite tell the difference as I generalize the lot into electronic music. Which I shouldn't. I know that now. Amitābbha.
Oh, and did I mention just HOW awesome The Glitch Mob are? They have selected tracks on their website up for FREE download. Their latest is a half hour mixtape that features big names like Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Daft Punk. I can't think of anything but respect for them, yo. And to maybe purchase their next album when it comes out 8D.
I'm not sure how many of you have heard of their music, but there's no harm trying them out, especially if you're a Dubstep fan. One of their remixes was featured in the DMC: Devil May Cry trailer. Which reminds me that I have not rambled about my excitement of the game XD. Stay tuned for that!

Weather's awfully sunny. Time to work hard at being productive! What are your plans for the weekend? Hyped up for the Mother's Day celebration? Unfortunately I can't be home for that, but I hope everyone else will have a good time celebrating with their mothers this weekend =).

Simply Delicious



I've been so unproductive this week D=.

I feel so emo right now. Lol. Not kill-myself-emo, but just moody emo. I don't know why. Maybe I slept too long. It's a rare moment to be emo and yet have no reason why. Maybe it's the fact that I've been so unproductive. Or maybe I've just strayed from my determined path to glory. Or maybe....maybe it's Maybelline. 



Blaargh. I don't know what's wrong anymore. 

On the plus side, I had a super yummy Indian lunch today with Shamiel and Esmond! Was happily bloat after that. Esmond and I split another order of mutton biryani and potato naan, with an additional cheese naan. Shamiel had a chicken tandoori set. The chicken was deliciously succulent. It's so hard to come by decent tandoori; quite a lot I've had in the past were awfully dry and tough. The biryani and potato naan was just as delicious, though the cheese naan was quite boring and plain. We also had a lime and mint drink. It came in a glorious emerald green colour and was a very refreshing accompaniment to the spices.

The restaurant is called Indian Kitchen by the way! The only reason why there're no photos as promised is because my sister took my compact to the magical realm of Sabah and we were in a bit of a hurry to get back in time for the men's (note how I didn't say boys =P) afternoon class so I couldn't fuss about with DeeDee. Oh well. That's another promise for a return!

I guess I did sleep too long. Bleh. Well, there are happy phases, and then there're not so happy phases. I guess this is just one of the latter. 

Enough staring at fuzzy Pattinson. Here's a Totoro for you!



Wow, Fantastic Baby.

Odd KPop post. I don't even know why I'm doing this, lol. You've been warned.

Fantastic Baby! Wow. Haha. I watched the mv on Luke's iPhone then I went and downloaded the song (arrrr...) and then I realized that THIS was the song I kept seeing on my timeline, in the form of Boom Shakalaka's and OMG-TOP-IS-SO-HAWT-*SQUEEEEEE* 


I still crack up every time I watch the video clip. Mr G-Dragon is half techno-Rapunzel, TOP's blue hair reminds me of the blue bits I see in my soap powder ("T-O-P: TOOOOP!!!!" Sorry, couldn't help myself. I do it every time someone says TOP XD), Taeyang looks like my scrubbing brush, and I never knew the other two doods existed.

...Yeah, I guess that's about how big a fan I am of Kpop. Haha.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not dissing Big Bang or anything. I actually listen to a bunch of their albums, and I actually like some of their songs. This Fantastic Baby song was awfully catchy too! Before you know it you're shaking your ass to it and trying to say 'Boom Shakalaka' with as straight a face as TOP did.

It gets to me. Seriously. Who says Boom Shakalaka with a straight face? Who? WHO? I can't get it out of my head @_@

the prophet blog
Here. This is the culprit, bloo hair and all.
AND THEN RIGHT! I realized one of the doods I never knew existed sported an industrial piercing. Whaddaheck. Why didn't I just go ahead and do it and not tell my parents? Now if I do go ahead and do it and not tell my parents, I'll have Kpop fans saying 'omg, you copied Seungri!!!' I should just go gangsta and get a cage instead. Though I believe my ear would pop out if I do, lol.

anal bleach
Yes, I went and Googled his name for my and your benefit. Google is nice that way.

Anyways that's enough for one night. Haha. Off I go.


Contentment v.1.1

Hello everybody, and a happy belated Wesak day to all of you! Lord Buddha is indeed the wisest of the wise; He knows just what to say, like the quote I've decided to put here today. Sometimes in our struggle to rise to the top, we overlook the simpler, yet more important goals we should achieve in life. It all sounds easy, but I believe it is like design: the simpler it is the harder to achieve. 
When I read some of Buddha's teachings, I'd imagine Him to be something of a Saint Obvious (apologies for the crass comment!). He states the obvious, and if everyone were already practicing what He preached, you'd imagine millions of people going 'ya don't say?' at Him XD. But that's just it. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what should come with our priorities. Not constant nagging or heavy, monotonous droning stuffed into our ears. It's more like a gentle whisper of a breeze, or the pattering of raindrops, or a friendly nudge from a good friend. Thoughtful words that make us go, "oh yeah, I should pay more attention to that, too".

It's so easy to stray from the path of contentment, what with all the temptations around us. I guess as long as we remember to feel content with what we already have, then we would all be happy. For me, I think feeling content is the key to happiness and I try to remember all the nice things that have happened to me. It's not worth it, comparing and feeling bitter or resentful. I admit I do feel that too, sometimes. But hey, we're all not perfect. It's important that we acknowledge that we feel that way, and then try to curb it. That's winning half the battle already =).

Monday tomorrow! Lots of things to do this week! Have fun! 


May Day

Happy first of May everybody! This post shall have adorable pictures of kittens simply because I can 8D. My roommate and I found the little critter at the back of her cupboard. For some strange reason cats seem to find the dusty crevice an ideal place to deposit their newborns. Just the other day I fished one out and returned it to its home (hole in the balcony wall).
This one is the offspring of Jessica, who used to belong to Gerald and is now living a life of freedom and promiscuity =P. Her previous litter were born premature and died at birth. I hope this new brood will live and be healthy. Fingers crossed. Because honestly it's a sin for such cute, helpless lives to leave the earth.
I realized the difference between street cats and cats that have chosen to live on the streets though. The other cat that had her litter in the hole in the balcony wall was awfully independant, stalking about silently and stealthily entering the hole to feed her kittens without making so much of a sound. And if you peek into the little nest she glares at you and bares her teeth in a warning hiss. Jessica on the other hand, makes an awful racket and doesn't mind if you go really close to her kittens. My roommate touched the little one (as is obvious from the photos =P) and we were worried that Jessica wouldn't accept it anymore, but she looked as if it was the most normal thing in the world to have a bunch of humans returning your newborn baby to you. Haha. 
She needs parenting classes, though. Seriously. Inexperienced as I am about felines I know it isn't right to be holding your kitten by the entire neck and not just by the back of the neck. I imagine it to be something like having your mother putting you into a half-nelson instead of a warm embrace. 

Anyway, look and smile at the little sleepy kitten! I hope to be able to take more photos of their growth soon enough. For now Jessica is in a cardboard box in the kitchen, nursing her children and meowing everytime the door opens. She sends you her love and kisses =D.