May Day

Happy first of May everybody! This post shall have adorable pictures of kittens simply because I can 8D. My roommate and I found the little critter at the back of her cupboard. For some strange reason cats seem to find the dusty crevice an ideal place to deposit their newborns. Just the other day I fished one out and returned it to its home (hole in the balcony wall).
This one is the offspring of Jessica, who used to belong to Gerald and is now living a life of freedom and promiscuity =P. Her previous litter were born premature and died at birth. I hope this new brood will live and be healthy. Fingers crossed. Because honestly it's a sin for such cute, helpless lives to leave the earth.
I realized the difference between street cats and cats that have chosen to live on the streets though. The other cat that had her litter in the hole in the balcony wall was awfully independant, stalking about silently and stealthily entering the hole to feed her kittens without making so much of a sound. And if you peek into the little nest she glares at you and bares her teeth in a warning hiss. Jessica on the other hand, makes an awful racket and doesn't mind if you go really close to her kittens. My roommate touched the little one (as is obvious from the photos =P) and we were worried that Jessica wouldn't accept it anymore, but she looked as if it was the most normal thing in the world to have a bunch of humans returning your newborn baby to you. Haha. 
She needs parenting classes, though. Seriously. Inexperienced as I am about felines I know it isn't right to be holding your kitten by the entire neck and not just by the back of the neck. I imagine it to be something like having your mother putting you into a half-nelson instead of a warm embrace. 

Anyway, look and smile at the little sleepy kitten! I hope to be able to take more photos of their growth soon enough. For now Jessica is in a cardboard box in the kitchen, nursing her children and meowing everytime the door opens. She sends you her love and kisses =D.