Dear Momma

Big shoutout to all the hot sexy mommas! :D. The Google Doodle of the day is absolutely adorable! I love it when the two o's run out and glomp their g mother XDD.

I think everyone has heard their mother complain about how hard it is to be a mother at least once (at least being the key words. Because we all know for women saying something once is never EVER enough =P). Does the sentence 'when you become a mother/parent, you'll understand' sound familiar to you? But since it's obvious we're all not going to be parents anytime soon (touchwood), we shall take today as one of the gentle reminders of the single atomic force behind us all. For without this woman, where would we all be? 

I might not be able to be there in person with my mother today, but I hope everyone else will be able to! If you're not with your momma right now, why not write a letter to her? Or a note. And put it somewhere she will see. I'm going to put mine right here =).

"  Dear Momma, 

   Hello! I'm sorry I can't be there to wish you Happy Mother's Day and give you muaks muaks, but I hope that the father or sister will read this to you so that you can hear all the speeches I won't usually tell you in person =P, and then give you muaks muaks on my behalf.

Firstly, big big BIG thank you for ALL the things you've done for me! From conceiving me then pushing me out into the world, then it's a never-ending decrease of your savings to feed me and buy me clothes and books and toys and almost everything I want and need. I know a lot of times you must have sacrifice the things you wanted for yourself just so that you could buy me things when I asked. And although I don't say it enough, I do appreciate and know that!

Also for all your advice and comfort when I needed them! I think if I didn't have your advice and encouragement I would be a depressed homeless drug addict by now. Without your teaching (and nagging), I don't think I'd ever have the strength to face this world. It's true that you have made me what I am today! Maybe not ALL of it (credit to Dad too la, okay =P), but you helped to lay the foundation of ME! :D. Without you I would never have been able to write or draw or read the way I do, so THANK YOU for that!

I know there are a lot of times when you look at other mothers, and you wish that you could dance, or hang out or drive your daughters around and do crazy things with them. I know you feel very sad that you can't do all the normal things properly; we do too. But I want you to know that because you put in triple the effort to be our mother, that makes you the BEST and we LOVE you all the more for it! Don't push too hard or stress yourself out so much. You should relax more and know that we appreciate all that you have done for us.

To me you are the best mother the way you think your daughters are the best daughters in the whole world. And I would never want to have any other mother. Even if I was given the chance to choose again, I would choose you! And Dad too, of course. Because both of you together make the best parents for me! :D.

Love you and hope that you will have a very Happy Mother's Day!

Muaks muaks from your daughter,

Joanne a.k.a SK2, N2, P.P, BK, LKK, PPU, NK, NZK, 'Girl'.   "