I've been so unproductive this week D=.

I feel so emo right now. Lol. Not kill-myself-emo, but just moody emo. I don't know why. Maybe I slept too long. It's a rare moment to be emo and yet have no reason why. Maybe it's the fact that I've been so unproductive. Or maybe I've just strayed from my determined path to glory. Or maybe....maybe it's Maybelline. 



Blaargh. I don't know what's wrong anymore. 

On the plus side, I had a super yummy Indian lunch today with Shamiel and Esmond! Was happily bloat after that. Esmond and I split another order of mutton biryani and potato naan, with an additional cheese naan. Shamiel had a chicken tandoori set. The chicken was deliciously succulent. It's so hard to come by decent tandoori; quite a lot I've had in the past were awfully dry and tough. The biryani and potato naan was just as delicious, though the cheese naan was quite boring and plain. We also had a lime and mint drink. It came in a glorious emerald green colour and was a very refreshing accompaniment to the spices.

The restaurant is called Indian Kitchen by the way! The only reason why there're no photos as promised is because my sister took my compact to the magical realm of Sabah and we were in a bit of a hurry to get back in time for the men's (note how I didn't say boys =P) afternoon class so I couldn't fuss about with DeeDee. Oh well. That's another promise for a return!

I guess I did sleep too long. Bleh. Well, there are happy phases, and then there're not so happy phases. I guess this is just one of the latter. 

Enough staring at fuzzy Pattinson. Here's a Totoro for you!