It's funny how I think up of random titles to name my blog posts. Most of the time I think about what I'm blogging about, and if there are more than one topics I try to link them together and come up with a snazzy post title. It entertains me somewhat, and I hope it entertains you too.

I was suppose to make this post yesterday night but I was busy with something else so I couldn't. This is what I had for dinner! No, it's not your usual brown rice with sesame seeds. It's PORRIDGE!!! 8D.

I never really liked porridge. Do you? I especially hate plain white porridge because it just reminds me of being sick. I hate the bland, boring taste. And I don't like porridge that has too much ginger or cilantro. And fish porridge. Oh god. Fish porridge. Seriously the person who decided that 'Hey, why don't we take fish and put it into porridge?' needs to get shot. For something so soft and meant to be swallowed, why in God's name did you have to go put something with little bones into the mush? It's so goddamn annoying, when you're going *slurpslurpslurp* and you have to pause and pull fishbones out of your mouth, or worse. You go *gulp* and suddenly there's a foreign object stuck in your throat that promises you hours of endless torment and anguish. 

I liked my porridge though. It was non fussy, savoury, and very yummy :D.

My housemate Pearlyn found me in the kitchen furiously stirring half a stock cube in a bowl. And she was shocked that I planned to make porridge with the stock (she says people usually just use plain water). I was shocked, lol. I had the impression that everyone made porridge with a stock base, which was why I purposefully purchased stock cubes at the supermarket. Even Esmond said he'd never heard of people doing this. Oh well. My chef instincts told me that I had to make the porridge with stock, and I did. And ooooh I ain't regretting, yo XD. The porridge came out flavoured; I barely needed to do anything else with it. Buuuuut, I bought MUSSELS from the supermarket as well, so I stir fried some bright green veggies with those and had that as a side dish with the porridge. Absolute heaven :D.

And then....


I went to Mid Valley yesterday for reasons you need not know about and...well...yes. I got them babies \^O^/. Next time you see me please whack me across the head and make me solemnly swear I will not buy another pair of shoes until the next year.

Ooooh that's gonna be hard XD. But it has to be done.

They are so gorjas tho :'D. All that cream and little dots of red and green. I shall take photos of me wearing them soon enough, more for my own pleasure than yours. Lol. 

A question I'd like to pose to all the girls: how hard does PMS hit you? And how do you cope with it?? =P. I'm curious because all I can do is sit and rage and make the lives of people around me miserable. Any better way to handle this? You hafta admit, I'm more or less a gentle person on normal days (hah), but during the odd week in the month I go rabid, lol. Feedback and comments are much appreciated! :D

Happy Saturday everyone!